Oh Sheriff….Wood County, West Virginia: Ken D. Merritt – Sheriff, an open Letter to Sherif Merritt

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth


(Two of Thomas Deegan’s supporters served a Writ of Habeas Corpus, and it was refused — and one might even say it was violently refused. Does West Virginia know what they are doing and what sort of a situation in which they really find themselves?  The correspondence is here for all to see.) I hope at least the people of West Virginia will pay attention and study up! 

West Virginia: URGENT NOTICE—CONSTITUTIONAL EMERGENCY! Impostors posing as the lawful government of the people of West Virgina—Obstructing justice! and supressing due process!

Scanned Retina

Sheriff Merritt,

Just expressing my opinions in the following commentary.  I am just an old man who loves America…and in reality I know nothing.

But…what I really do know…

I really resent folks who would take advantage of the trust and ignorance of the great unsuspecting people and do them wrong.  I get the impression that this is exactly…

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