REBELLION: This State Just Voted to Ignore ALL Obama’s Executive Orders

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

These Conservatives are on the right track, but they seem stuck on the fact that the Constitution is a totally flawed document, and they are being made fools as they continue to try to work within it. I suggest they listen to Thomas Deenan’s wordsHERE. If they were to realize the truth, I strongly believe they would become a force with which to reckon! ~J

Thanks to R.
March 14, 2015

Barack Obama is not afraid to wield executive power to accomplish his agenda.  Whether he is ordering immigration officials to ignore deportation laws or mandating certain crimes not be prosecuted, Obama loves to run America by his own rules.

But one state just came up with a surprising plan to stop Obama’s end-run around democracy. This state’s move could prove to be first among many states rejecting Obama’s overreaching.

This week, Arizona…

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