Outmaneuver Force, Fraud, and Deceit


 Stolen Unalienable Rights

That which is unalienable cannot be taken away or denied yet unalienable rights of flesh and blood human beings are stolen by government through parental registration of newborn children at birth. Here’s the process:

Undisclosed Rights And Wealth Transfer At Birth

Hospital records of a registered birth are sent to government where a birth certificate is created using the given birth name, thereafter appearing in UPPER CASE letters on all official documents representing our straw man, a fictitious illegal corporation. The birth certificate is a foundational document from which other documents are created like social insurance number, health card, driver’s license, etc. to enslave humans until we withdraw consent to set our body-mind-spirit free. Meet your straw man:

In addition, governments photocopy hospital records and insert them into a ‘Statement of Birth’ template sent to the bank, to create a bond against the human being…

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