RELCAIM Earth, The Universe, And Personal FREEDOM


Where attention goes energy flows. In other words, humans are NOT powerless we are Powerful beyond measure. The master mind controlling Earth knows this and leverages our freewill choices to empower its agendas.

Master mind template

Create the problem [climate change], ramp up fear to get our attention [apocalyptic], introduce the solution [one world government/police] for human CONSENT to empower into reality. 

Pope Francis is very open about his belief that climate change is one of the greatest dangers currently facing our world, which may be, however what percentage of climate change is deliberate problem-reaction-solution deception? The Pope has 1.2 billion followers,which is a lot of energy[focused attention] to empower the UN one world government/police force.

Re-wind Shall We?

Frank O’Collins wrote: The Roman Cult considered all men and women, not members of the Cult, to be nothing more than animals and therefore property of…

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