Mission Galactic Freedom

isa rus planeUNITED States of America  –   It can now be reported that the alleged explosive that was smuggled onto the Russian plane at the Egyptian airport was a fake smoke bomb in a canister, and as previously reported by Sorcha Faal, the plane was actually taken down by a British surface to air missile.

isarel mock drill

As with 9/11, a drill reference U.S. and Israeli war games were taking place in the vicinity when the Russian plane was shot down.
russian plane down

Item: On the day of 9/11 NORAD U.S.-Canadian Red-Blue War Games simulating a hijacking event were taking place when then Vice pResident Richard Cheney aka Dick ordered a military stand down.

P.S. U.S. CIA-Mossad’s al Qaeda in Yemen has morphed and infiltrated into British Blackwater ISIS becoming caricatures of themselves aka “crisis actors”.

P.P.S. The CNN and Politico racist, tribalistic smear versus Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson was coordinated at the…

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