9/11 Truth Announcement is not President Putin’s Responsibility . . . Response to your comments by ~Jean

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

9/11 Truth has been available to the citizens of the United States and the entire planet for many, many years, although it has never been officially stated. It is all over the internet! Do you think it would really come as a surprise to anyone much beyond the borders of the United States? But now some of you believe Russia’s President Putin is THE ONE who must speak OUR official truth? I just don’t get it!

Two posts came in, one last night called It Is Too Late To Save America, Now You Better Prepare To Save Yourselves and one this morning, Anonymous Message Sent Via “An Open Letter To Donald Trump” that express my response to many of your comments. The first describes how we have been mind-controlled, and how long it takes to achieve it. (BTW, a huge topic of discussion might be how we are going…

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