The Globalist Plan to take-down the whole World, by Preston James, Ph.D

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

As you, my readers, well know, in spite of the fact that like everyone else, I want this insanity to end, I do not think President Putin should act as our liberator, as Gordon Duff has previously suggested and Preston James now does, as well. We clearly have the capability to liberate ourselves, but it seems we will not do it. I believe this is our problem, not Putin’s.

Putin has his hands more than full, as he works against great odds, while setting us an example along the way, to create a multi-polar world, a world in which one’s individual and national sovereignty is respected and one’s individual  and national needs are considered through diplomacy and dialogue, not force and control.

If President Putin were to set us free, what then? Try for a moment to envision the results. I also have to wonder down the line a bit what…

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