Legalized Biometric Identity Management System: DANGER AHEAD!


The Refugee Crisis False Flag Will Usher In A UN Global Biometric ID System

Please help people to see through masterfully crafted false flag events that result in solutions masked as a benefit to humanity when in fact the solutions deceptively claw back more and more human rights and freedom.

Endless war for profit and population control exacerbated the refugee crisis, which conveniently sets the stage to legalize a universal ID system that will track humans like animals, and usher in a cashless society. We need a critical mass of humans to recognize this is a ‘manufactured’ crisis to further divide and conquer humanity, stand in our power together to dis-empower harmful agendas, and hold the perpetrators accountable. Doreen

The United Nations 2030 Agenda is partnering with a private company to offer a solution – a new “universal” identification system that will comply with the United Nations’ sustainability goal of…

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