Zerohedge: “There’s No Such Thing As ISIS”: Journalist Destroys West’s Terror Narrative, Warns Of Crackdown On “Dissidents”

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This was one of the first posts I made after the terrorist false flag in Paris (HERE). Zerohedge has now picked it up, and since many of you missed it, I’m posting it again tonight. Tyler’s article also adds important insights. If you missed it, take a look at this video! 

I would also like to refer you to the two important insights I published earlier today HERE.Please share them widely!

Let me also urge you to keep track of the now very rapidly moving news through ~J

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On Saturday, the day after the massacre in France which turned the streets of Paris into a war zone and left some 130 civilians dead, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had a message for the West.

While condemning the attacks and branding the perpetrators “savages”, he was also quick to note that Syria has been dealing…

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