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The United States CONSCRIPTED — that is, borrowed — an interest in everything that we would ever do and create — a “usufruct” relationship where our interest and the ownership of every thing within our estate transferred over to them; and they never gave their control of our property back to us. They have no lawful right to any of it, and no valid claim to us, our land, our businesses, our children, or any other asset of ours.

These thieves are pretending that we consented to this circumstance and “volunteered” to subject ourselves to the United States jurisdiction “for the War Effort” in a war that has been over almost a hundred years.

The expenses that they are responsible for are the expenses of all the shill legal fiction entities that they have created and run “in your name” by abusing the right of usufruct. Those expenses include…

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Putting Police in Their Places : by Anna von Reitz

Maine Republic Email Alert

Here is a real gem to share with all the out of control corporate mercenaries pretending to be peace officers—– they have no public office, therefore, no public authority any different from any authority any of us have, no public bonds, and in most cases, no liability insurance. They just ASSUME that they have been elected to public office when they haven’t, and they ASSUME that their employer has bonded them and paid their liability insurance, but in all cases I have looked at, they haven’t. Money has gone out of the public treasury for liability insurance, usually tagged as “risk management”— but no bonds or insurance policies have been paid for employees.

Same thing with federal and federal “State” judges— such judges are required to have five credentials on record— 1) license, 2) certified oath, 3) surety bond, 4) liability bond, 5) renouncement of kol nidre/Masonic Oath—and none of…

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Precursors to the corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Maine Republic Email Alert

Look into how THE DUTCH EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY, and THE VIRGINIA TRADING COMPANY, conducted themselves in foreign lands, for these corporations are the precursors to the corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which has a long history of invading foreign lands to get rid of the rightful rulers/governors and leave in place corporate employees who masquerade as government to enslave the free peoples and rape both the peoples and their lands of wealth and virtue, for profit.

This literally is the system we are being subjected to at this very moment, a centuries-old crime spree.

Our de facto government has engaged in a long standing campaign, reorganized in the period 1778-1791, when THE VIRGINIA TRADING COMPANY set itself up as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to distort our perception of and understanding of everything which goes on around us as the corporation worked to covertly enslave us all and…

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Google: The Humans Arrive!

Maine Republic Email Alert

While Google has become notorious for spying on Internet users, when Alex Jones attempted to film inside the company’s headquarters in downtown Austin, he was immediately asked to leave.

Within seconds of entering the building for an event being held by Google, Jones and his film crew were told that the company didn’t allow video recording, despite the fact that a huge sign on the wall made it clear that Google was recording everyone in the vicinity.

When Jones pointed out that Google had secretly installed software on computers that can listen to people’s conversations without them knowing, Google reps became nervous.

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Today’s the Day . . .

Maine Republic Email Alert

The Publisher of this Maine Republic Email Alert, David E. Robinson, of Brunswick, Maine, has been ordered to surrender himself to FCI Berlin, New Hampshire, a medium security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp, TODAY (November 6, 2015), for a four month re-educational experience in the scenic White Mountains of New Hampshire, as a penalty for the feloneous crime of “Conspiracy to Impede the functions of the IRS” in regard to this agency’s collection of the individual “income” tax.

This might be the last posting on this website for some time.

They might let me continue posting as a ‘Community Service’. . . so,                         if you like what I have posted thus far, send an FRN via to

For more info about the publisher and the IRS see these two books:  …

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Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death — Notice to Sheriffs, Troopers, FBI, Militia

Maine Republic Email Alert

Anna von Reitz
Today, I learned that my Father, who has been dead for 34 years, has been paying nine mortgages—and still is.  To be exact, nine filthy rotten crooks have been plundering his trust accounts to pay THEIR mortgages when they are NOT his heirs and NOT his beneficiaries and when he never owed them a dime.  They did this by claiming that his trust accounts were “abandoned”, just like they claim all “foreclosed” homes are “abandoned” properties.
People, take this information to your local sheriffs and shove it down their throats.
These rotten, filthy, disgusting crooks have been allowed to run rampant by “members of Congress” and “Presidents of the United States” for 150 years and slowly the Sheriffs and the FBI and even some Federal Marshals have become like Pavlov’s dog, and are doing the bidding of the bankers and lawyers against the people…

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