Soros and The Gang . . . I know, I’m back, but in a very, very small way. This is too important not to post.~J

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Please read in full this very important post by Katherine Frisk at Veterans Today

If you read it carefully, you will see what I mean when I say it isn’t about Conservative or Liberal. . . it’s about enslaving all of humanity. It’s not about Muslims, either. Everyone should read this post. Everyone!!!

Maybe you will begin to understand that Obama is only a figurehead, and that it’s time we also consider conservative war hawks like McCain and Lindsey Graham, etc., who are also a part of the gang of thieves.

You will also learn that Romney is implicated in drug dealing, which was in the alternative news when he ran for President, and if I recall correctly from a post on my old blog, he also was not born in the United States and has no right, just like Obama, to be President.


When looking for video information on the…

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