Dear President Trump — April 25, 2018

From Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump,

It is a matter of record that the vast majority of men in the US Armed Forces have been conscripted under conditions of fraud and deliberate falsification of public records— and that they have been systematically defrauded out of pay and benefits that they are in fact owed, so much so that the [Territorial] United States is deeply in debt financially to the Officer Corps and General Enlisted.
This circumstance prompts us to take action to clean up our part of The Swamp.
Please tell Mr. Bolton that we are already sick of his bragging about “celebrating in Tehran” by the end of 2019 and all the swaggering around and threats and saber-rattling.  Ask him who is going to pay the Butcher’s bill?
Our sons and daughters aren’t going to.
We will have your Administration in the World Court quicker than you can tell Bolton, “You’re fired”.
Neither we nor the rest of the world are in support of any such plan of aggression in the Middle East, and since not a single man or woman born in this country is under any further moral or legal obligation to serve in the “US” military, we suggest that you look at your position as “Commander in Chief” with more circumspection.
We are issuing this direction to your Administration and to the “US Bankruptcy Trustees” named by Secondary Creditors of the British Territorial United States to cease and desist all presumptions against Americans currently serving in the US Armed Forces and against Americans generally.
Your job and the job of the US Armed Forces with respect to us is clearly and unilaterally described by the constitutional contract as “defense” of this country–not defense of British Commercial Feudalism.
It’s time for everyone to grasp that concept and stop the bully boy actions.  They are not undertaken in our behalf or for our direct defense and we forbid any further presumption that any Territorial U.S. war-making powers automatically include us or permit access to our funds.
We also instruct the bankruptcy Trustees to place our claims first and to get ready for a bureaucratic regime change in Berne, Switzerland.  This nonsense has got to stop.
It is also time for everyone, including the international banks, to realize that all their claims against the time and money of the people of this country are founded on nothing more or less than grossly self-interested fraud and breach of trust — null and void and legally unenforceable.
Please tell Secretary Bolton that nobody died and made him God.  There will be no “celebrating in Tehran” by the end of 2019.  We will pull every American-born man, woman, and child right out of the US Armed Forces and place them all under the command of new commanders and new generals before that happens.
Thank you very much for your service and your ardent, no-nonsense approach, but also be aware of your actual limitations and the limitations of your current office under our Public Law and the Law of Nations. The Swamp, including the Federal Reserve Swamp, has got to be cleaned up and cleared out.  And that will not be accomplished by making threats against Iran on our ticket.
                                                         James Clinton Belcher,
                                                         Head of State
                                                         United States of America (Unincorporated)
PS.  Instead of imposing yet again and still more upon our Officer Corps and General Enlisted, we suggest that the bankruptcy trustees and the OMS concentrate their efforts on paying what is already owed.
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