The so-called ‘federal government’ is the Mother Corporation

INTRODUCTION – Lawfully Yours – Anticorruption
While most of us recognize that lobbyists for major
corporations seem to control Washington, few people know
that Washington, D.C. is a corporation itself.
The so-called ‘federal government’ is
the Mother Corporation of a
vast network of state and local governments and govern
mental ‘agencies’ that is actually a CORPORATE
franchise system. All of these so-called government
entities are for profit institutions and are listed on Dun and
Bradstreet in their corporate all caps names.

After the Civil War, Congress passed the
Reconstruction Act bringing all of the states under the authority of the
federal government. Then the Act of 1871 formed
a corporation called THE UNITED STATES.

The new corporation, owned by foreign interests, moved in and
shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin. With the
Act of 1871, the organic Constitution
was defaced — in effect
vandalized and sabotaged — the title was
capitalized and the word “for” was changed to
The Constitution for the united States became the
Then, during FDR’s administration in the 30’s,
maritime/Admiralty (statutory) law was introduced into our courts.
The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) “was originally
approved by its sponsors and the American Bar
Association in 1952, and was revised in 1958 to incorporate a number of changes that had been recommended by the New York Law Revision
Commission and other agencies.

amendments that were deemed
desirable in light of experience under the Code were
approved by the Permanent Editorial Board
in 1962 and 1966.”
By the middle 1960’s, every state had passed the UCC into law.
The states had no choice but to adopt newly formed
Uniform Commercial Code as the Law of the Land
. Washington D.C. adopted the Uniform
Commercial Code in 1963, just six weeks
after President John F. Kennedy was killed.

Today all courts (except the Supreme Court) are statutory
maritime administrative courts.

 This change in our legal system was not authorized by the American people.
It was created by stealth by the bankers and the BAR.
The BAR also instituted what is known as “case law”.

According to Justice John Molloy, the “case-law system is a
constitutional nightmare because it continuously modifies
constitutional intent. For lawyers, however, it creates
endless business opportunities. That’s because case law is
technically complicated and requires a lawyer’s
expertise to guide and move you through the system. The
judicial system may begin with enacted laws, but the
variations that result from a judge’s application of
case law all too often changes the ultimate meaning.”

The more people who understand what
our courts have become, the fewer will hire attorneys. Attorneys are
actually trained to implement this parasitic corporate-
government system upon the
unsuspecting public.
That is where their ‘expertise’ lies, as attorneys
Judge Dale, Melvin Stamper, and Karen Hudes
have revealed.
While good people are working to recover a truly
representative form of government (Of the people, By the
people and For the people), the current
corporate-government continues to attack the American population. The
UNITED STATES has imprisoned a higher
percent of its population than any other country on the planet. As
automation and robotization are rapidly advanced, the government
corporation has implemented many…

From Who’s Running America
(pg 21); a free download on

Excerpt from article by John Molloy, former superior court judge and author of
The Fraternity – Lawyers and Judges in

Author of
The Great American Adventure
The Matrix and the US Constitution
. Both works are available as a free
download from the home page of

Author of
Fruit from a Poisonous Tree;
available on Amazon

See: – “Former World
Bank Attorney Exposes the Bankers and the Bar”

A Robot Will Take Your Job
by economist Paul Craig Roberts;


Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the sale or barter for humans into slavery by other humans and non-humans.

Federal Laws define human trafficking as: Sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age; or the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

This is a massive epidemic on planet earth, and it also exists off planet earth and is referred to as Galactic Human Slavery. Generally, a person is culled for certain purposes and then abducted, captured from their families and sold or bartered for many purposes including manual slave labor, sex trade, organ harvesting, manufacturing and for blood sacrifice. The person is mind controlled under a system of threats, intimidation and torture to remain compliant and submissive to the acts they are forced to perform for their handlers, who may be human or non human entities.

Many of these Human Trafficking crime gangs work from lists of desired people to be obtained that have specific skills or physical descriptors. Children are considered valuable to both human and non human pedophiles, who place an order for the type of child they want to use as a sex slave. Those that recruit or find these slavery orders for profit may be elderly looking or professional people that appear normal and non threatening. Human trafficking organized crime operate in every country. Often children or women are abducted right off the street. In poverty stricken third world countries, children are grabbed from inattentive parents or offered a few hundred dollars to take the child. This level of human trafficking brings in many hundreds of thousands of people per year into the slave trade both on and off planet.

Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of children under the age of 18 years for the purpose of exploitation. The exploitation of children includes:

  • All forms of slavery or practices similar to slavery, debt bondage and serfdom, and forced or compulsory labor, including forced or compulsory recruitment of children for use in armed conflict.
  • The use, procuring, or offering of a child for prostitution, for the production of pornography, or for pornographic performances.
  • The use, procuring, or offering of a child for illicit activities, in particular for the production and trafficking of drugs as defined in the relevant international treaties.
  • Work which, by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to harm the health, safety, or morals of children.
  • Work done by children below the minimum age for admission to employment
  • According to the International Labour Organization’s 2012 estimate, 26% of victims who are forced into labor, including trafficking survivors, are under the age of 18.

Who Traffics Children

Many individuals can be involved in the trafficking of a child, including recruiters, intermediaries, document providers, transporters, corrupt officials, service providers, and employers. Trafficking operations can function as a corporation, small groups of well-organized criminals, or amateurs who provide a single service. These organizations service both on planet and some more covert organizations are involved with bartering with extraterrestrials who want human children as their plaything.

Off Planet Trade and Bartering

There is no currency or financial system that is used between space faring civilizations so everything is based on bartering. Some ET’s are interested in some of the Earth’s Art (again some of our most famous missing historical art pieces are in off world collections), Luxury Items like Spices/Chocolate, Animal and Plant Life while many others are interested in trading their technology and biological specimens they have obtained elsewhere for Human Beings. These Humans are used for many purposes including manual slave labor, sex trade, engineering/manufacturing (we are well known for the abilities some of us have with certain technical skill sets). There are some of the ET’s that use Humans as food resources in various ways.

The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates discovered that a large amount of humans were being taken off the planet by various ET’s anyway so they decided to find a way to profit from it and have control over which people were being taken. In prior arrangements they were made promises of receiving technologies and biological specimens for allowing groups to abduct humans but the ET’s rarely delivered on their promises. Once they had developed the advanced infrastructure (ICC) in our Sol System along with advanced technologies (that some of the thousands of ET groups traveling through our system were now interested in obtaining) and now had the ability to deter most unwelcome guests from entering Earths airspace the Cabal/ICC then decided to use human trafficking as one of their resources in interstellar bartering.[2]

Read more …

The children of this earth have a lot to contend with and need spiritually mature parents, teachers and counselors to help guide them through the incredible maze of confusion and interference that they are exposed to. The fourth strategy of the NAA enforcement of the Archontic Deception Strategy is Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice, with an emphasis on child sexual abuse. For this reason it is very important to teach your child, when age appropriate, to know their genital area is sacred to them, and to protect their sexual organs and sexual energy from predators. Many children grow into adults without parents to teach them this vital lesson. We must help our children grow to learn that no one should access their genitals but them, and they should be in control of every aspect of their sexuality without shame or guilt.

Therefore, it is extremely important that any adult with a functioning brain and heart that cares about the welfare of human children, be made aware of this most disturbing Archontic Deception Strategy, which is to specifically target human children for a range of NAA related bio-warfare strategies, such as –

World Humanism

Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and capacity of human beings to be able to act independently and to feel benevolence toward one’s fellow humans through practicing humanitarian values imparted by humane learning and in our interpretation, Consciousness development.

World Humanism is based in the re-education of human value which emphasize the importance of shifting anti-human ideological beliefs into humanist based ethics and related philosophical and egalitarian principles. All human beings deserve humane treatment in order to live upon the planet with dignity through having basic access to supply Fundamental Human Needs. Our goal is to apply humanistic ethical philosophy blended with the spiritual egalitarian principles of the Law of One to expand consciousness which inspires direct knowledge or “Gnosis” of direct Consciousness and Awakening experiences.

Main stream Humanism defines itself distinctly as the disconnection of the human being from its inherent spiritual-energetic intelligence or Soul in an attempt to remove the concept of Humanism away from the learned bias and divisive practices of Religion. There is no way to separate humanity from its Soul body, and practice Humanism. Once direct knowledge of the Soul is known as a reality, this fact is experienced without the need to control others through religious bias, nor conform to religious rhetoric or scientific atheistic judgments.

Ascension essentially encompasses an Universal perspective towards the compassionate practice of World Humanism and includes the entire spectrum of life, of all inhabitants of the world, no matter what race, religion, belief or creed, to be equally deserving of benevolence, Empathy and Compassion.

In the interpretation of the Law of One in Spiritual Ascension and Awakening context, it is a egalitarian philosophy for evolving humanity towards experiencing empathy and achieving humanitarian goals. Ascension study is made as an evolutionary model for our planet and humanity. The main focus is upon the inner spiritual study and reflection made upon the personal commitment to expand one’s Consciousness and benevolence towards life. As we expand our consciousness we shift perspective to feel our interconnection with all Life and become orientated to be of service (Service to Others) thus, reflecting inner truth. When we experience this all encompassing spiritual-energetic connection, we inherently desire to practice human kindness and seek to collaborate with developing higher structures that place value on human beings, a value system of a World Humanism.

Ascension study is made towards developing the spiritual self knowledge base for each individual to learn how to generate and experience feelings of peaceful benevolence towards the self and towards all human beings. Through one’s dedication to self study and Meditation, one can discover their personal microcosm to macrocosm consciousness interconnection with all intelligent and sentient beings on the planet, and throughout the Cosmos.

When we look at the larger Galactic picture of consciousness enslavement, we see the NAA’s many pronged agenda to target the brain, CNS and thought forms of every person on earth. Through the agenda of Transhumanism, we see the promotion of hybridization and synthetic integration with artificial neural networks for control over the CNS and Brain. What is starting to surface with more clarity is that our human Neurobiology is wired for empathy, which connects us to higher consciousness and has a spiritual function. The NAA and their minions of soulless AI infected synthetic beings do not have the bio-circuitry for empathy. We are in essence, in a struggle between human EMPATHS, and alien hybridized humans and extra-dimensional aliens that are NON-EMPATHS.

Therefore, the study of moral code and co-existing with others while feeling deeper Empathy for life, as well as placing value upon ethical and humane behaviors, is clearly required with imparting and experiencing deeper levels of truth. Accessing deeper truth requires Spiritual Maturity in order to learn how the planet became what it is today. The earth was invaded by the parasitic forces of other species, the NAA, who rely on the siphoning of the planetary quanta and the human soul energy for their survival and immortality. Many power abuses are easily unnoticed due to the warped thinking that has been programmed in the 3D Narcissistic society. All of this behavioral checkpoint to learn about how our mind actually works is our personal responsibility. When we agree that we will give it our very best every day, when we live from our heart and ask what we can do to be of Service to Others, with the goal of supporting World Humanism, we get the ego out of the drivers seat in our life. We begin to pay heed to the true teachings of the Christian based ethics without all the dogma, ego and judgment, and religious bias, as our behavioral guideline is genuinely clarified. In the Christ principle, how would the Christ Consciousness behave as a humanitarian? What is my responsibility in this moment to be true to my heart and to simultaneously live ethically and in harmony with Life?

The Law of One

The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of Christ Consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator, or God. Eternal Love consciousness embodied in a form is Unity intelligence, and simultaneously recognized as, the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and Unity consciousness ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected. Be At One with All, as One is All with God. Every soul is taking the same journey, but each soul has evolved at a different level. The teachings of the Law of One describe the spiritual laws that govern our spiritual evolution for each dimension. It is a single philosophical system of World Humanism, which merges cosmology, science, Human Rights and spiritualism.

Simply put, the Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. It is the Truth taught by Christ when he proclaimed, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” We are all direct expressions of the One Source God Source. The Law of One is an energetic reality as well as a creational covenant with the Founder Races. The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

1.     PRACTICE ONE: UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator, or God. Eternal Love consciousness embodied in a form is Unity intelligence, and simultaneously recognized as, the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and Unity consciousness ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected. Be At One with All, as One is All with God.

2.      PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love. As a manifestation of God’s eternal spirit of Love, one has the ability to choose to create personal freedom without harming others. Have courage to remove the obstacles of pain and fear to become embodied Love, as God’s spirit is always found within.

3.      PRACTICE THREE: LOVE OTHERS – As you learn to love yourself, love others. Acknowledge the precious life force in others by holding love, reverence and respect for others. Loving others as you love yourself, is the natural state of Self Sovereignty as you give others the same reverence for their life, as you give your own life. Through practicing self-love and loving others, no approval, worth or esteem issues come into question, as all is loved equally.

4.      PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE – Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings. Acknowledge the precious life force present in all of God’s creation, by holding reverence and respect for nature. Doing so restores balance and harmony to nature, and the intelligent energy of all of earth’s creations will respond to cooperate with humankind. Humans living in discord with nature create many events that are considered to be “at the mercy of” the untamed forces. As humans learn to live in harmony with earth and the nature kingdom, the natural creatures will align to be in harmony and cooperation with all inhabitants.

5.      PRACTICE FIVE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path, find methods to be of service to others that do not overstep personal boundaries of discernment. Being of service to others does not include consumptive modeling, such as victim-victimizer, parasitism or emotional vampirism. Being of service does not hold an ego perspective of entitlement, expectation or attachment. Practice being of service with unconditional love, and naturally flowing in the moment. The energy exchange made between participants being of service to others, amplifies and expands consciousness growth like no other method. The more you amplify the energetic field of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and gifts will be brought into your life. The more service you dedicate to Gods plan, the Law of One, the more spiritual support and spiritual presence one can exchange with God Force.

6.      PRACTICE SIX: CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION – Learn to develop inner clarity and spiritual integrity by intending to develop personal consciousness and/or spiritual identity. To embody one’s spiritual identity, one’s mind must be initiated and disciplined. If the ego is in authority of the body it will repel the spiritual identity from embodiment. If the mental body creates obstacles to the spiritual identity, the spiritual identity, therefore the consciousness, will not be experienced. The first step to consciousness expansion is becoming aware of mind control and the quality content of thoughts and belief systems. The second step is to cooperate with the process of mental and physical discomfort by having patience and waiting in the void of silence. Learn to quiet the mind, sublimate the ego and be still. Once stillness, mental discipline and ego sublimation has been achieved, listen to your inner spirit to receive guidance. Inner Guidance will always lead to the process of re-education to experience continual consciousness expansion free of fear and dogma. The Inner Christos always guides one towards choosing more love and peace via consciousness expansion of the spiritual identity.

7.      PRACTICE SEVEN: RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATION – As one becomes more infused with the eternal love of the spiritual identity, the intelligent blueprint activates the divine purpose of being as a co-creator with God. The spiritual identity and the intelligent blueprint of divine purpose are one and the same. Clarity of purpose and direction becomes clearer and clearer as one commits to live in service to the principles of All-ONE or Christ spirit. Knowing and Living our purpose brings joy, peace and fulfillment, even when facing adversity or challenges. Once we achieve “knowing”, we are responsible for that knowing, and practice responsible co-creation with the All-One. A responsible co-creator knows all manifestations are in partnership with the All-One. We do not possess or control anything, so needs, desires and superimposing will, should be avoided. We are stewards of God Spirit to Serve Others in responsible co-creation with All-One. From this knowing, and living this principle, we are eternally free of karmic exchanges.


For America to Survive, Google Must be Defeated

For America to Survive, Google Must be Defeated

Image: For America to survive, Google must be defeated

(Natural News) The radical Left — which now controls tech giants like Google and Facebook — can’t win any debate (or elections) based on facts or logic, so they resort to brazen censorship to silence all opposing views in the hopes of dominating the culture by cheating. “These activists want the playing field to be tilted in favor of their ‘politically correct’ worldview so that democratic outcomes like the 2016 presidential election can never happen again,” warns Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), a member of Congress. “Censorship like this undermines public discourse and trust in our institutions — and it is likely to get worse before it gets better.”

In fact, it’s now clear that Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have all decided to ban all the speech they oppose in the hopes of achieving a kind of “cultural coup” that silences any views they oppose, including biological science facts such as the fact that there are only two genders, not an infinite number of imaginary “gender fluid” delusions. This insidious censorship stunt is being pursued with the desire to banish all conservatives from the internet, but unless it is reversed, my analysis concludes it may actually lead to kinetic warfare that’s likely to involve tech giants’ headquarters being necessarily targeted by pro-human rights forces attempting to halt tyranny and restore freedom of speech, a basic human right that’s now being systematically violated by Google. (See more details below.)

How Google is deliberately driving America toward open warfare

Google, in other words, is driving America toward kinetic civil war, attempting to silence half the country by exploiting and abusing its position of near-monopoly power. As I write this, for example, YouTube continues to ban my entire video channel without any justification or logical reason. It’s now confirmed that Google actively censors natural health websites in order to protect the criminal interests of Big Pharma, and YouTube even shuts down entire channels for posting videos that tell the truth about CBD oil and the healing potential of cannabis medicine. In fact, YouTube actually told Natural News that CBD videos are “dangerous to society” just like bomb-making videos.

These censorship claims are not merely absurd, but dangerous to society. Online censorship, in effect, has become the single greatest threat to the future of our country. The free flow of speech is just as important to society as the free flow of commerce or electricity. For biased, dangerous corporations to selectively restrict the flow of speech only for those who hold conservative or libertarian views is wholly unacceptable and will not be tolerated by free people. Cutting off freedom of speech to certain targeted groups of people is essentially denying them the human right of expression, and that means Google has become a threat to human rights.

My belief on this is shared by millions of Americans: A “free society” cannot survive when the window of allowable speech is controlled by a malicious, radical, left-wing, anti-American corporate giant that colludes with Big Pharma (and communist activists) to silence free speech. Google has become, as we say, a “clear and present danger” to America. It must not merely be stopped to save America; it must be completely neutralized and stripped of all influence over the world of online speech.

Google, in effect, has become the authoritarian tyrants our Founding Fathers warned us about. In the 1700s, the greatest threat to our liberties was a rogue government. That’s why we have the Second Amendment, which was written as a national immune systemagainst government tyranny. The historical idea of the Second Amendment is that if the government tyrants get out of control, the citizens will take up arms against them and reestablish the proper level of humility in government, which only derives its power from We the People, after all. But today, the greatest threat to our liberty is a powerful, domineering corporation known as “Alphabet” (i.e. Google, YouTube, etc.). The First Amendment does not specifically restrict corporations from banning free speech, and the Second Amendment was not written for the people to take up arms against private corporations. Thus, we now face a new, grievous threat to our freedoms that our forefathers could not foresee, and for which no constitutional mechanism of defense exists.

It follows that the defeat of Google cannot be achieved through purely constitutional arguments. Google must be neutralized, defeated or disbanded through other means which are not specifically stated in the United States Constitution. The best option, as explained below, is regulatory control enforced by government to demand a level playing field when it comes to freedom of expression.

We must defeat Google or lose our country forever

In my analysis, if Google’s vindictive censorship is not halted, it will eventually escalate the divide in America to the point of actual civil war (i.e. kinetic warfare between political factions). I don’t condone this outcome and don’t wish to see it occur, but when the tech monopolists crush the freedom of speech of half the country, denying them the right to speak, debate or engage in public discourse, sooner or later that half of the country will tire of living under tyranny, and they will realize the only course of action remaining to them is to physically resist the “techno tyranny” through last-resort actions (see the quote from Milo, below, for more details on this growing realization). Google no doubt knows this and is deliberately attempting to drive America into a state of civil war so that globalist-leaning Leftists can call for UN intervention, of course.

The far more desirable alternative for resolving Google’s censorship plot is to force the tech giants to halt their censorship under the threat of fines or criminal arrests carried out by government. The government, in other words, needs to figuratively put a weapon to the head of Google (and Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and tell them if they don’t level the playing field, government coercion will be invoked to force content fairness upon them. If this sounds harsh, remember that all government regulatory enforcement is effectively carried out at the end of a gun. When the IRS says you have to pay up or lose your freedom, it is a threat that’s ultimately enforced by government men with guns who will take away your freedom and your property if you don’t comply.

This level of government coercion is routinely deployed against individual Americans but rarely aimed at powerful corporations. And that’s part of the problem: To level the playing field of public discourse, government must quite literally threaten Google and other tech giants with criminal indictments and huge fines if they refuse to change their ways and halt their censorship agendas. (One proper role of government is to enforce a level playing field in both economic markets and the market of ideas.)

Until government intervenes and forces Google to comply with basic rules of public fairness, the censorship will only accelerate, expanding the list of those who are censored in what McCarthy calls the “Silenced Majority.”

Will Republican lawmakers do anything useful, or does this end in “Facebook’s gonna get firebombed” ?

“This must end, for the sake of our country,” McCarthy writes. He goes on to explain, “In the coming weeks, I will join with my conservative colleagues in candid conversations with many of these companies to make it crystal clear this behavior is not only wrong but threatens the trust of institutions with so much potential for our country.”

I hope McCarthy understands the urgency of his mission, because I fear that if Congress fails to force Google and other tech giants to respect basic rules of fairness, sooner or later “Facebook’s gonna get firebombed,” as Milo Yiannopoulos recently warned. From

“This is obviously going to end in civil war,” Yiannopoulos said in a recent interview with conservative radio host Alex Jones. “Facebook’s gonna get firebombed, CNN people are gonna be attacked, and we don’t say that with any pleasure….” Milo went on to say that “there is only one inevitable consequence when all of the architecture of civil society, everything is designed to attack decency and beauty and truth and goodness… and real news… and reality….”

None of us wish to see this break down into kinetic warfare, with squads of armed patriots occupying Google and Facebook offices across America to force an end to censorship and restore basic human rights to the internet. But in my analysis, that’s likely where this is headed if Congress doesn’t act to restore the First Amendment across the internet. What Americans are increasingly realizing is that Google is already waging a dangerous war on U.S. soil, and that we will all lose our freedoms and liberties forever if Google’s censorship is not halted. At some point, I predict, the backlash will escalate into realms we’d all rather avoid.

To help create alternative platforms and possibly avoid a civil war, I’m busy launching, a free speech alternative to YouTube, which openly allows videos on firearms, cannabis medicine, religion and other topics that are routinely banned by Google. No doubt, Google will try to censor the entire website, however, which brings us back to the original problem. America either forces Google to halt its outrageous censorship, or this all ends badly, no doubt.

Listen to my podcasts below to learn more about, launching July 4th (beta). You can also go to right now to request your own video channel (it’s free).

Answer our 5G Call to Action. Do you agree that Earth has become a global, open air concentration camp?


Our Summit focuses on how global citizens stop the targeting of Individuals by 5G technologies known as directed energy weapons (DEW). Get up to speed with the latest information about how we can be targeted and what to do about if we are “beamed“.

            Do you agree that Earth has become a global, open air concentration camp?

Share your views and how you plan to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones.  It’s time to realize that we are collaborating with our prison guards.

A silent war is being waged against civilian populations around the world.

  • Who is responsible and what are the funding sources?
  • What help is available for DEW/Targeted Individuals?
  •  “World Treaty conference to Ban Anti-Personnel Neuro/Electromagnetic DEW Mind control Technologies”? What is it and how can you support its implementation?
  • How do we each make a difference in our communities?
  • Call to Action!

Part 1: Targeted Individuals; Hope, Help And Healing

Live Saturday June 23rd, 2018
2-4 pm EDT

Moderators: Sienna Lea, Anaiis Salles
Panelists: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ramola D
Guest: Rex Bear of the Leak Project


Global Action Plan:

Part 2: Enact A World Treaty To Ban Anti-Personnel, DEW’s, 5G And Mind Control Technologies

Live Sunday June 24th, 2018
2-4 pm EDT

Moderators: Sienna Lea, Anaiis Salles
Panelists: Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ramola D
Guest: Sebastien Martin. Additional special guests to be announced.




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Answer our 5G Call to Action.


The End of Satanic Rule Is Divinity Presenting Itself To Be Claimed

The End of Satanic Rule Is Divinity Presenting Itself To Be Claimed

Arnie R., Doreen A. & Nicole L. discuss the Canadian SOULution to stopping Global Governance

June 19, 2018 Arnie Rosner hosted an impromptu chat with Nicole Lebrasseur and myself, including background on the cabal being cut off from black magic 2009. Below is part of the video transcript because our situation is dire, our options are few, and knowledge is power when applied.

For millennia rulers have deceived, seduced, dumbed down, mind controlled, distracted, and brain washed humans into separation [divide and conquer], fear [religion, media, education], scarcity mentality [debt slavery], etc. Food, water, and air are unhealthy, the line was crossed with harmful wireless technology, and now globalists want to hand everything over to artificial intelligence; wiping out all core, cause, memory, and record of Infinite Creator.

The way it was

Black magicians rule the world, not politicians, bankers or military heads. Black magic harnessed through Satanic ritual is the dark force behind the NWO conspiracy.


07:05 mins Nicole L: We’re running out of time. By this time next year all of our pension funds will be under one regime [globalization]. They’re finalizing those P3s and by that time ‘good luck’ getting services. How are we going to fight anything? We need to get it done now so we can stop them and at least impose moratoriums. We don’t need lawyers to impose moratoriums. Once we have our majority, or close enough to, or a good argument, I could just present and that’s it. This is a DEMAND it’s not a debate.

The DEMAND: People in Canada and other democratic countries retrieve FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY from de facto governments at all levels.

Doreen A: The Bilderberg meeting just finished where they discussed e-governance.

Nicole L: That’s all a ploy.

Doreen A: e-Estonia; these people already have National ID cards. They can’t make a move, they can’t go to the toilet without globalists knowing. How do you change anything once that’s happened? Our hands and minds are still free. It’s time to really get busy and get the information out, and get people behind the CPU [Canadian Peoples’ Union Inc.] to take back final decision-making authority.

08:20 mins Nicole L: What we do with those cards, we tell the politicians “Now that you must have them we’re all trashing ours.”  At the same time they’re gonna be in fear, and they’re gonna back off. This is why I decided to do videos with Doreen because people need to realize that at any given time they can use the Samson Option, they can use CERN. CERN is about proton therapy. I learned about proton which is actually a cancer treatment. It’s magnificent for treating brain tumors, prostate cancer, all of these things and the cancer does not come back, and it doesn’t damage the rest of your body.

I learned about it because of my hospital project, which led me to CERN and then finding out that the military has 6 of those under their control in the United States; this is a laser beam. What are they frying neighborhoods with? That’s the power of the Sun.

Doreen A: I watched last night how they’re boiling the atmosphere now.

Nicole L: They claim its global warming to bring in carbon taxes and they’re not telling anybody that they’re making a canal in the Arctic. The United States, Canada, and Russian military are having war games up there to crush the ice and then they’re claiming all of these are all the floods. [A cooperative drilling effort for oil, gas, minerals, etc.]. The floods will inadvertently push the people into the cities, which now will become prison cities because you’re going to go carless so now you have to ride a bike. Welcome to prison cities, and with the Samson option all they have to do is aim a laser, one of these protons, and there’s 28 worldwide now, not counting CERN and the military ones, all they have to do is aim that laser beam to any uranium plant or gasoline plant and they can cause chaos. They’re cattling everybody into cities.

Arnie R: Then the problem is solved.

Nicole L: Bingo! They want this planet for themselves. People ask me “Why are they doing this?” or ‘They have enough money.” It’s not about the money. It’s about them having control of this planet and launching their ATLANTIS.

11:00 mins These people are so demented and now the joke’s on them because they can no longer manipulate the energies. They’ve got no more ETs to talk to, and they’re gonna be stuck becoming schizophrenic inside their own brain and that’s the good part. We’ve got to be able to stop them one way or another and there’s still the question of when are they gonna press those buttons? We need to be smart. We need to do it correctly and they need to understand that they will never access what they used to access within their satanic realm.

Doreen A: I heard that if you have a soul mission and you don’t fulfill your soul mission there is always backup. So they could kill one person but the universe has someone else, like there’s a line up this long. The bottom line is they are not going to win.

11:53 mins
Nicole L: No they already lost. They lost in 2009, on August 13 2009 because they could no longer access the dark energy, black magic. By 2012 they could no longer access any energy and things take time and they know it. They no longer see white when they close their eyes. The All-Seeing Eye is about your Third Eye and being able to communicate with the spirit world. No kings and queens could become a king or queen if they were not able to have their Kundalini activated and to be able to talk to the spirit world. So now it’s game over. If you read the stuff at  they think they’re going to be karma free and their blood line is actually the Luciferian soul group, which is people who have more Sun energies in their physical being and energy.

People like me who understand that won’t have a problem understanding it and these freaks all do, so once they understand why they can’t see anymore because Creator Itself closed down the line, they’re gonna look stupid because they probably just think ‘Oh, the energies are not quite right and they’ll come back” or “The ETs are gone and they’re gonna come back” but once they have the realization that ‘no they’ve been cut off’ and they’re going to be destroyed, there is no coming back from this, and it’s not a game, and Creator doesn’t think it’s a game. They’re being cleaned up and that’s what the end times are. They brought it about and they actually signed their own death warrant … forever.

Arnie R: Poetic justice.

13:51 mins Nicole L: Yes and when they said “The meek will inherit the Earth” no matter how this battle ends, whether they’re still humans alive by 2029 or not or later, eventually Creator wins, and Creator will always make new energies they cannot even touch that they can’t even imagine, and they can no longer split or use or manipulate. So Consciousness Itself actually played a trick on them because they can no longer manipulate it. The whole bottom line is  this – will they realize by us doing these videos that the reason why they no longer see white when they close their eyes is because they’ve been cut off by Creator Itself and It’s coming for them?

Doreen A: Is that why they’re pushing, pushing, pushing for AI? They want the electronics to have the power because they don’t. They want to control everything electronically because they can’t do it on their own.

Nicole L: Right now, they got the AI technology from being able to communicate with themselves in the future since we came back in time. You can’t know the future unless you have already lived it, so this is a redo. A lot of people will not want to believe this but déjà vu that answers all our questions. The first time around they destroyed the rest of the universe because consciously they were able to get off the planet with their consciousness, and now humans can no longer, and it’s kind of sad in a way, but humans,  our thoughts can no longer form or create light, light thoughts, our thoughts no longer can go out into the universe and that’s where everything was shut down, and that’s how it had to be. We can have thoughts but we’re not going to put the rest of the universe in danger because these thoughts that we’re having are producing something else somewhere else to feed on.

15:54 mins A. Rosner You’ve discovered groundhog day is real!

Doreen A: I told Nicole I have a very close personal friend I work with, and while I was on the phone with her sharing what I had learned from Nicole my friend said ‘Oh there’s an animal in my backyard” and I asked ‘What is it?” because I figured it was a message. She said “It looks like a beaver without a tail” so I Googled images of a groundhog and sent it to her asking ‘Is this it?’ and she said ‘Yes” and I said ‘OMG IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY!

Nicole L: Yes, it’s Groundhog Day, and that’s the beauty of it because these idiots have no clue that it’s Groundhog Day. Well now, let’s tell them okay? Karmicially you’re saying that you’re allowed to kill everybody to make us realize more of how we have to depend on each other, and that our decisions affect the rest of humanity but we already knew this before we got here. So for them to be able to [Nicole’s cat appears in the background] It’s not a groundhog.

Doreen A: I know I looked. We should move forward with the Groundhog Option up against the Samson Option.

Nicole L: Exactly, like what are they gonna do right? Was there a change actually made since August 13, 2009, and then the changes that have been happening universally since then? Are they actually gonna have enough guts now to pull the plug like they did in 2029 the first time around?

17:38 mins This is where we’re at. This is why I told Dennis we’ve got like 10 years to live or whatever amount of years we live within that time but we’re at the end, and the end depends on these jerks actually coming through and doing this, or humanity can save itself by taking back their power as final decision-makers and being sovereign, and respect everybody’s way of life, and that we agree to live the right way instead of the way of the fallen creation that they were trying to create here, to sustain their evilness and low vibration. That’s the rest of the story.

Nothing in law supersedes the will of the people

Unity and Purity

Handing everything over to artificial intelligence will be hell on Earth for HUman; 24/7 surveillance, always on IoT sensors*, trapped by biometric IDs, ‘no’ privacy, every move and bit of data collected on everyone day and night.

*EMR Reduces Melatonin

How many veils have you pierced?

The more we purify our energy field the more pure Light we hold, which is Power of Infinite Creator to bring us through these shifting times.

Please inform others so that we fully potentialize this timeline to take back our power, our Soul, our countries, and free all the children trapped in sex trafficking networks. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


Anna Von Reitz

By Anna Von Rietz

Judge Anna 2
Amazingly, Human Beings have no idea who they are or even where they came from.
And they don’t seem to be too concerned about this either. Perhaps I’m too obsessed with the topic as well as a bit crazy, but personally I can’t just go about my pedestrian day without at least often and serious consideration of this subject. And that’s just on a metaphysical level. How about who we are physically?Do we even know who we are from a physical standpoint? Are you even aware that at all
times during your entire life you are being lorded over physically, legally, financially and even morally?You should know that these Controllers consider you cattle and dispensable.
So what exactly is this Civilization we are all forced into upon birth? It is a prison disguised as a
matrix of control systems by which our lives our inevitably, completely and blindly led…..the legal system, the banking system, the education system, the medical system, all ruled over by the omniscient State.

These systems are all nationalized and follow strict regulations. So it doesn’t
matter how sweet your teacher or doctor is, they must obey the rules of their particular system. We are brain-washed with the help of the Media and our Schooling to believe that the people have affect over the government and this is just fantasy. Each one of these pillars or rather bars of Civilization serves to continually and increasingly control and dehumanize us at such an invisible rate we as humans have lost all sight of where and who we are supposed to be. We are spiritual beings who have been shown time and time again the power and beauty of our minds and emotions in healing and creation, and yet a group of unseen men give us a number at birth like a product and make a list of what we can and cannot do while alive on planet earth.

Rules which they of course do not follow
themselves. And agents of the State will come with guns and lock you in a cage if you do not obey their rules. And the men who dress up in costumes and assume their false authority over us are the most psychopathically disenchanted of all. Doctors, police, judges, priests…..Where the hell are we?

Who runs all this? And most importantly, are they good or evil? I personally take great offense to all of this. We grow up acclimated and accustomed and told to obey a world run by pedophile Satanists…….Who controls them?

If you follow the progression which their laws and concepts direct you it is clear. They are proceeding with and succeeding in taking everything away from you. Your money, land, your very children, humanity and individuality and even your Soul.
Three pieces ( and certainly not nearly the only ones available ) which open up some of the hidden reality and questions the legalities of these systems…..they reveal that your birth certificate really means you are a human resource owned by the banks and the State has authority over your children.

And so it begins: In Scotland they have forced every child to be under the authority of a social worker at birth regardless of the home or family conditions. And this will never end until complete, mindless control over everyone is achieved. But that can never happen here in the gold paved streets of America where the citizens actually believe we are somehow magically protected from anything bad ever happening…….

This is only one story and it takes place right here in America, in Boston.
Fifteen-year-old Justina Pelletier has been held by the State of Massachusetts for over a year against her wishes, her parents’ judgment, or the advice of her doctors, because of a diagnosis disagreement with Boston Children’s Hospital. Justina, who was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease (or “mito,” a chromosome disorder that creates a broad range of symptoms), went to BCH in February, 2013, for flu complications. While there, attending physicians rejected her mito diagnosis and removed her from her prescribed regimen, claiming instead that she had a somatoform disorder — that her problems were all in her head. When her parents disagreed, the hospital called in state actors to remove the girl from her parents’ custody. Although the prior mito diagnosis had been issued by a duly licensed physician at a respected teaching hospital, and although its treatment was effective for keeping her symptoms in check, the hospital accused the parents of medical child abuse for accepting their own doctor’s
diagnosis over that of BCH.

These hospital kidnappings are occurring more and more often and are actually becoming
commonplace. And the purpose of the health bill is to unite the government and medical industry and put these in charge of you and your children from birth to death……that’s a horrific proposition. We do not want nor do we need anyone in charge of us especially the two most psychopathic organizations ever.

There are two other pieces of writing I would like to bring to your attention which are both fascinating and revealing….a conversation between former attorney for the IMF Karen Hudes and Judge Anna Von Reitz.

This is a sample, the full conversation is at the link. These two women have many more
interviews and articles available that contain even more startling information. The Global Bankers
defrauding America and the world, the illegality of the banking and legal systems, and where the hell has all the world’s gold gone to anyway?

No, Karen, the fraud is that the corporation doing business as the United States of America (Inc.) — a governmental services company owned and operated by the Federal Reserve — “redefined” us as foreign situs trusts owned and operated under our own Names. They grossly abused the rights of usufruct to do this and created “States” and Americans on paper that they then “Pledged” as sureties backing the debts of the already bankrupt United States of America, Inc.

The further fraud is that FDR then signed over both the debts and the assets of the United States of America, Inc. to the IMF, which glutted itself on the lucrative service contracts via yet another governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.)
Open Letter To Karen Hudes

Interesting stuff, no? And now from “Structure of The Birth Certificate” by David Deschesne:
The state claims an interest in every child within its jurisdiction. The state (via CPS) will,
if it deems it necessary, nullify your parental rights and appoint a guardian (trustee) over
your children. The subject of every birth certificate is a child. The child is a valuable
asset, which if properly trained, can contribute valuable assets provided by its labor for
many years. It is presumed by those who have researched this issue, that the child itself is
the asset of the trust established by the birth certificate, and the social security number is
the numbering or registration of the trust, allowing for the assets of the trust to be tracked.
If this information is true, your child is now owned by the state. Each one of us, including
our children, are considered assets of the bankrupt UNITED STATES. We are now
designated by this government as “HUMAN RESOURCES” with a new crop born every year.

Click to access Structure.of.the.Birth.Certificate.pdf

And if you’re still reading and interested, the great website Humans Are Free does an excellent
breakdown of world power in this article:
Know Thyself…… Enjoy, bobby

Click to access Structure.of.the.Birth.Certificate.pdf

Anna Von



Notice of Condition Precedent


Big Pharma Exposed

HONORABLE SCIENTISTS AND RESEARCHERS HAVE BEEN EXPOSING THE TRUTH ABOUT BIG PHARMA  . . . FOR DECADES!Big Pharma is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. Their ability to ‘buy influence’ over medical schools, government, policy makers and the media is essentially unlimited! This FACT was revealed by former Pfizer VP, Peter Rost, M.D.

Toward A More Complete Understanding

By Anna Von Reitz
It is important for everyone to understand that we are engaged in a process— a
learning and fact-finding and research and legal process that is ongoing. Every day
we learn more. Every day we connect dots that we didn’t know about before.
This necessarily gives the impression of two steps forward and one step back,
because that is what it is. It’s a process of discovery. We don’t have a road map.
We are obliged to go down many rabbit holes to find out where they go and if they
connect and precisely how they connect.
In most cases the path isn’t just complex. It has been deliberately obscured to make
it difficult and even nigh-unto impossible to unravel. There are cinch points in this
process that resemble a tangled ball of yarn or a knotted necklace chain. It takes
time, diligence, knowledge, and sometimes great perseverance to move past these
Nobody just automatically “knew” that our earthly estates had been probated when
we were still children and that we had been declared “civilly dead” and that the State
Bar Associations had taken over as “Administrators” of our accounts acting in behalf
of the STATE OF WHICHEVER corporations that then claimed to be the Beneficial
Owners of our property.
Who could even imagine all that? Perhaps a lawyer familiar with probate would
glance at it and know immediately— but none of them told us, did they? That would
undermine their usurped position of power over us. After all, we were born the
General Executors of our own estates and it is only by mischaracterizing us as
“incompetent wards of the STATE” that they get a handle with which to jerk us
around and steal our property both public and private.
On top of the self-interest involved for members of the Bar, there has also been the
very real fear that if people knew what was going on and knew what was being taken
from them under color of law, they would rise up and murder lawyers and bankers
by the bushel.
So mum has been the word. We have had to dope out every stinking detail of this
fraud on our own and it has not been a speedy, easy, or straight forward process.
Forgive us all those of you out there who are used to being spoon-fed everything like
Fast Food and who expect to have all the answers neatly and readily available,
complete with action steps to take for a certain and complete and easily accessible
It doesn’t work that way. Not at all. Instead, what works in one state doesn’t work
in another. The law of one county and its procedures and standards are different
from the 3100 others. And every judge and every court in America is different, too.
So on top of the difficulty in discerning and proving and acting upon the basics of the
fraud itself, there is also the problem of addressing how all the various “State Bar
Associations” administer it and how all the various “Counties” and “Boroughs”
administer it.
Like a virus that got into our government Main Frame, it has morphed out of the root
stem of the program and into a million variations, all of them serving the same basic
purpose, but in a million permutations on the same basic themes. Yes, we are here
to mischaracterize, control, and defraud you. Yes, it is going to be done along the
same basic paths and guidelines. But no, it is not going to be exactly the same at all
times and places and applications.
Nearly every day I have someone call me up and offer to ream me out because they
tried some course of action I recommended two years ago and in their particular
instance and situation it didn’t help.
A number of things must be brought to everyone’s attention— first of all, I (and
everyone else involved) have learned a lot in the past two years, including
information that has led to different understandings of basic facts. It therefore
behooves everyone to follow along in the current thread to get the most up-to-date
take on things.
Second, these rats are not stupid. They make their livings off this fraud. When we
push through a gate and find a pathway of escape, they are close behind trying to
close off that opportunity. They simply amend their operations, come up with a new
“agency” rule or push through a new bit of code, and voila, the sheep are penned
Third, if you want to claim back the General Executorship of your own estate, which
is what we need to do, all paths lead to the probate court and nowhere else. These
vermin have defrauded you by misrepresenting who and what you are and by seizing
control of your assets—including these ACCOUNTS which appear under your NAME
via fraud upon the probate courts in the states and counties where you were born.
Fourth, now that these basics are known, it is time for you to contact every
politician, judge, banker, lawyer, hospital administrator, and police officer involved in
administering and profiting from this scam. Communication is the only way it can
be resolved short of gibbeting.
A researcher into the use of “GLOSSA”— the all capital letters sign-language used to
disguise our ESTATE accounts— took his copy of Black’s 4th Edition Law Dictionary
and his copy of the 16th Edition of The Chicago Manual of Style— into the office of
the local Magistrate Judge yesterday and placed the facts under his nose.
As a result, the Judge was clearly at a loss and forced to re-think the cases coming
through his office and being submitted to him. As a further result, we found out that
these cases are being formatted by the police departments—- agencies that have no
obvious expertise in the law or grammar at all.
So today, that same researcher is taking his Dictionary and his Chicago Manual of
Style to the Police Commissioner…..
This is the sort of action that is desperately needed. We cannot hope to correct this
situation without it. These people have been doing these things on autopilot for so
long that despite the fact that they are self-evidently fraudulent, their first impulse is
to stare at you and mumble, “But, that’s the way we do it. That’s the way we have
always done it….” and their second response when presented with contrary fact is to
begin thinking.
That’s what we need— for everyone on both sides of the fence to start thinking and
then acting accordingly.
Is it fraudulent and deceptive to represent the ACCOUNT of an estate trust as the
NAME of the victim in a foreign and corrupt language, and then embed this sign
language into an English text to promote further misunderstanding? Of course, it is.
Is it improper for any action at law or in Law or even administratively to be taken on
the basis of such documents? Of course, it is.
Is it fraudulent to stand behind a piece of paper signed by someone else (your
uninformed Mother) and deny your right to act as the General Executor of your own
estate? And then while usurping your position as Executor to imprison you and steal
you blind?
What do you think?
I am not here to tell anyone what to believe or not believe. Anyone who has stepped
foot in one of their “courts” has more than enough experience to come to their own
Instead, I am here to share what I have discovered in this long process of discovery,
to share what other researchers have shared with me, and to encourage right-
thinking and effective action to the extent possible.
The Accusers must themselves be accused. They must be shown the error of their
ways and brought to correction. That is the only way that real progress can be
made. They must be made to understand that what they are doing and the way
they are operating is wrong. That cannot be done overnight or with the stroke of a
pen, and neither I nor anything I can merely tell you is going to do the heavy-lifting
for you.
You have to go buy your own reference books, see the truth for yourself, and then
stomp on down to the office of the local magistrate judge…..and to the police
commissioner….and to the mayor…..and to his general counsel….and to the local
assemblyman…..and to the Governor of your state…..and……just keep going like
the Energizer Bunny.
That’s what I do all day, every day, and that is what we all must do in order to
properly engage the work that must be done. Sitting around thinking that someone
else can do it or blaming them (or me) because what they have done or attempted
to do has been insufficient or ineffective, is like blaming the horse pulling your cart
out of a mud hole because the goodness of its strength and heart is not quite enough
to turn the wheels.
Has it occurred to everyone yet, that you might have to get out of the cart and push
for yourselves?
Not only do you have no cause to complain about the sufficiency or efficiency of the
work others have pioneered, you have only the various officials and bureaucrats who
are imposing upon and presuming upon you to blame.
So– in closing, please get your heads wrapped around the real problem and stop
expecting “George” as in Washington, to do it all for you. He has been dead over
200 years and as for me, I am a retiree in Alaska— and I am already doing my best
to resolve these issues.
See this article and over 300 others on Anna’s website here:
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

This Estate Claim and lien has been recorded and is now being forwarded to Pope Francis.

Probably a first in world history.

This is coming from Anna Von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher, of the Alaska State Superior Court.

 It consists of three parts, with 4 separate files which are all in PDF format.

(1) Estate Claim Letter/Notice of Beneficiaries  1 document
(2) Public and Private Lien  1 document

(3) Judgment and Findings   1 document in 2 separate PDF files.

I am sure many of you will have questions about these very important documents that show the world who we are and who the culprits have been for centuries in the enslaving of the world, and who by their silence has allowed all this evil to happen.

You might not all agree, and in fact I myself don’t agree with some of what is said about the Church at the beginning, but be that as it may THESE DOCUMENTS ARE IMPORTANT and nobody has ever done anything like this before now, in the entirety of human history.

The evil we are fighting is so pervasive world wide that it can’t be fought on a smaller than world wide arena.

The evil is completely institutionalized and has been for so long that it will take a miracle of grace and light to expose it so you and I can really understand it all.  Documents like these help, but the only real way to understand this is with the grace of God, and for that we need to get on our knees and beg Him for that Grace. Until enough people do that, it will seem like this evil is all too overwhelming to be overcome by good. But keep the Faith. Things are happening rapid fire now.

At some point all the details of the court cases will come out, and I will be stuck programming it all so you can see it all, with references.  Anna calls that the Puzzle Project, and I can’t wait.

In the meantime please read, and save to your computer hard drive the following documents, which are historical to say the least.



The following 2 files are page 1 and 2 of the same document.




Sincerely in Christ,

Paul Stramer