The so-called ‘federal government’ is the Mother Corporation

INTRODUCTION – Lawfully Yours – Anticorruption
While most of us recognize that lobbyists for major
corporations seem to control Washington, few people know
that Washington, D.C. is a corporation itself.
The so-called ‘federal government’ is
the Mother Corporation of a
vast network of state and local governments and govern
mental ‘agencies’ that is actually a CORPORATE
franchise system. All of these so-called government
entities are for profit institutions and are listed on Dun and
Bradstreet in their corporate all caps names.

After the Civil War, Congress passed the
Reconstruction Act bringing all of the states under the authority of the
federal government. Then the Act of 1871 formed
a corporation called THE UNITED STATES.

The new corporation, owned by foreign interests, moved in and
shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin. With the
Act of 1871, the organic Constitution
was defaced — in effect
vandalized and sabotaged — the title was
capitalized and the word “for” was changed to
The Constitution for the united States became the
Then, during FDR’s administration in the 30’s,
maritime/Admiralty (statutory) law was introduced into our courts.
The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) “was originally
approved by its sponsors and the American Bar
Association in 1952, and was revised in 1958 to incorporate a number of changes that had been recommended by the New York Law Revision
Commission and other agencies.

amendments that were deemed
desirable in light of experience under the Code were
approved by the Permanent Editorial Board
in 1962 and 1966.”
By the middle 1960’s, every state had passed the UCC into law.
The states had no choice but to adopt newly formed
Uniform Commercial Code as the Law of the Land
. Washington D.C. adopted the Uniform
Commercial Code in 1963, just six weeks
after President John F. Kennedy was killed.

Today all courts (except the Supreme Court) are statutory
maritime administrative courts.

 This change in our legal system was not authorized by the American people.
It was created by stealth by the bankers and the BAR.
The BAR also instituted what is known as “case law”.

According to Justice John Molloy, the “case-law system is a
constitutional nightmare because it continuously modifies
constitutional intent. For lawyers, however, it creates
endless business opportunities. That’s because case law is
technically complicated and requires a lawyer’s
expertise to guide and move you through the system. The
judicial system may begin with enacted laws, but the
variations that result from a judge’s application of
case law all too often changes the ultimate meaning.”

The more people who understand what
our courts have become, the fewer will hire attorneys. Attorneys are
actually trained to implement this parasitic corporate-
government system upon the
unsuspecting public.
That is where their ‘expertise’ lies, as attorneys
Judge Dale, Melvin Stamper, and Karen Hudes
have revealed.
While good people are working to recover a truly
representative form of government (Of the people, By the
people and For the people), the current
corporate-government continues to attack the American population. The
UNITED STATES has imprisoned a higher
percent of its population than any other country on the planet. As
automation and robotization are rapidly advanced, the government
corporation has implemented many…

From Who’s Running America
(pg 21); a free download on

Excerpt from article by John Molloy, former superior court judge and author of
The Fraternity – Lawyers and Judges in

Author of
The Great American Adventure
The Matrix and the US Constitution
. Both works are available as a free
download from the home page of

Author of
Fruit from a Poisonous Tree;
available on Amazon

See: – “Former World
Bank Attorney Exposes the Bankers and the Bar”

A Robot Will Take Your Job
by economist Paul Craig Roberts;


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