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“The Federal and State Governments are not real. They are privately owned corporations [listed on Dun and Bradstreet] called governments . . . and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called statutes.”

Examples of the US Corporation and state and local sub-corporations:

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Action Alert! Please Comment to Stop Cruel and Deadly Spaying of Wild Mares by the BLM and CSU — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

The BLM is Planning to Experiment On and Spay Wild Mares with an Outdated, Cruel and Deadly Procedure in Partnership with Colorado State University By Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation The BLM proposes to work with USGS and Colorado State University (CSU) to evaluate the safety and complication rate of […]

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Call to Action: Stop the Cruel Spaying of Wild Horses — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Call for Help from Grandma Gregg “THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!” If fellow advocates are writing letters to send to the Oregon BLM regarding putting a stop to the wild horse spaying surgery, then in my opinion, we should also send those letters to as many other people as possible that are involved with this procedure and […]

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This is what they don’t tell you about 5G. The frequencies used are much higher than 4G and not good for humans. Your skin is a sponge for these higher frequencies and as a consequence, can cause inflammation due to its ability to trigger the body’s pain receptors. 8 more words


The Congress – all acts are null and void

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Members of Congress have permitted the fraud on the people to invalidate their legitimacy.  No laws have been lawfully passed since at least the 1860’s.

Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution provides, in pertinent part, that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.”
Notwithstanding this guarantee, the current form of government found in “every State in this Union,” id., though seemingly republican in form, is ultimately municipal—because, as shown herein below, every such State (i.e., body politic, not geographic area) has been transmuted into a political subdivision of the District of Columbia, a municipal corporation, 16 Stat. 419, whose municipal law is Roman Civil Law.
Roman Civil Law equates to absolute, exclusive territorial, personal, and subject-matter legislative power (and executive and judicial jurisdiction) over residents of municipal territory.
The best symbol of Roman Civil Law is the badge of authority…

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Agencies Are the “Shadow Government” — Worldwide

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Chaos reigns with con artists and would-be interlopers and competing “government services corporations” all giving themselves deceitful names like “Republic for the United States of America” and “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (LTD)” — all infringing on our Common Law Copyright, and all serving to delay and obstruct meaningful action to address the actual problems that need to be addressed.

Enough, already.  This is not a free-for-all and this is not our first trip to the rodeo.
Our Forefathers put in place a structure and a system to do everything that we need to re-do now, which is more than sufficient to meet our needs at present and to guide our actions in restoring our government peacefully and lawfully.
First, we have the actual Federation of States dba The United States of America (Unincorporated) intact and functioning.
Second, we are properly calling the States to Assemble to conduct the necessary business at hand.  Go to:  or contact: for additional information.
Third, we are correcting the “mistakes” made by the occupying Territorial and Municipal employees, especially so-called “agency employees” —who are simply employees of more commercial “governmental services” corporations acting as subcontractors.
 Along with all the other ignorant and/or self-interested frou-frou-rah going on there is a lot of paranoid talk about “the Shadow Government”.  I can assure you it is not a shadow and not a mystery, either.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a King Rat who garnered more than 350 new “powers” for the corporate presidential office — powers never granted to Congress and certainly never granted to the actual Presidential Office, either — but usurped under the pretenses of a foreign, for-profit corporation’s internal administration while providing “governmental services” under contract.
This goes back to the issue of capacities.  FDR never had the capacity as President of The United States of America to do or claim 95% of what he did, so he simply didn’t occupy the actual Constitutional Office owed to the American States and People.
Similar to the Queen of England faking everyone out and occupying The Chair of the Estates instead of the Throne, FDR didn’t act as our President, but occupied “other” Presidential capacities as the CEO of the Territorial and Municipal corporations, instead, and used those offices to usurp power and make changes to the structure of the corporations providing us with all these “services”.
This had the effect of changing (profoundly) the structure of what appeared to be our government, but which was in fact simply a foreign corporation in the business of providing “governmental services” on a contractual basis.
One of the key changes FDR made was to create subcontractor relationships to farm out the responsibilities of the parent Territorial and Municipal corporations to subcontractors — the agencies, like the FBI, FEMA, NSA, and so on.
This vastly increased the number of quasi-federal employees via the use of subcontractors and at the same time reduced the risk and accountability of the parent corporations.
The two most destructive “agencies” in terms of asset plundering and theft from the American People are — by far — the Internal Revenue Service, founded in 1925, and the American Bar Association — two Delaware Corporations exercising federal agency contracts, both owned and operated (last time I looked) by a single corrupt foreign Holding Company called “Northern Trust, Inc.”.
Find the owners, operators, and shareholders of “Northern Trust, Inc.” and you will have located the persons responsible for the unlawful and illegal activities of both the “Internal Revenue Service” and the “American Bar Association” for the past century.
Find the owners, operators, and shareholders of the “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC.” and you will have located those responsible for the same criminal malfunctions of the FBI and BLM, including the murder of LaVoy Finicum.
Locate Dick Cheney and you will have the man most responsible for the criminal misconduct of the NSA.
These are not part of any actual subdivision of any part of our actual government. They are totally private organizations acting as subcontractors providing “government services”.
These examples— Internal Revenue Service, American Bar Association, FBI, BLM, NSA—- are the Shadow Government personified, but there are perhaps a thousand lesser-known agencies all on the bandwagon and taking their cut out of our pockets, most of them infringing on our “Natural and Unalienable rights”, many indulging in racketeering and extortion via the misuse of what appears to be “government authority” under color of law.  Some of them even operate their own private commercial mercenary armies on our shores.
Right now, two agencies — NSA and the British-equivalent  Task force on Money Laundering — are locking down commerce all over this planet, intercepting and monitoring all funds transfers and demanding payment for these “services” from the victims.
For example, a large Belgian mustard manufacturing firm wishes to buy mustard seeds from the American Mustard Growers Cooperative  for the obvious purpose of making mustard.  Uh-duh.   So they attempt to send a bank transfer of $18 million Euros into the US to pay for the mustard seeds.
They are stopped by the NSA, pretending that there is something fishy about this.  The NSA sniffs and snorts and blusters for a few days, but of course, mustard seeds are mustard seeds and mustard is mustard.
The NSA really has no reason, right, interest or probable cause for what they are doing, and they certainly have no business coming back to either the Belgian mustard makers or the Mustard Growers with demands to be paid anywhere from $100,000 to a million USD to “release” the transfer of funds.
They are simply operating an international extortion ring under the guise of “national security” and illegally obstructing commerce in the process.
This is what the Shadow Government does in general.  It preys upon your assets and activities and uses coercive “governmental powers” under color of law to enrich themselves.
And this is why it is necessary to start screaming and stomping on the bureaucrats and politicians and banks that are responsible for letting this go on.
Banks, I say, because banks are taking a cut of the profit from this scheme, and if the banks weren’t in on it and supporting it, this kind of activity wouldn’t last ten minutes.
Of course, they try to cover it up and excuse it as necessary to prevent the “laundering of drug money” and “illegal arms sales” —- but in fact those kinds of money transfers happen all the time and pass right through the NSA blockade because they are pre-approved in the country of origin by NSA counterparts.
As staggeringly stupid as that sounds, that’s the way it is.  And it is that way, because their duty of providing “national security” has nothing to do with our nation—and instead has to do with the bottom line of their corporate masters operating “as” nations without being nations.
If we want to get rid of this plague, the obvious thing to do is to: (1) liquidate the offending corporations for criminal activity; (2) stop the hiring of “agency” subcontractors; (3) hold the parent corporations accountable for failure to adequately police the subcontractors; (4) end all “color of law” claims by agency personnel; (5) unwind everything and anything that has FDR’s fingerprints on it.
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Proof of World Bank “Gang of 300” Collusion and Criminality

Proof of World Bank “Gang of 300” Collusion and Criminality

Posted: 17 Jul 2018 06:20 PM PDT

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

The last several days I have posted copies of Karen Hudes’ false claims about our government and the condition of our government and alleging that the World Bank Board of Governors gave her authority to “cast our votes” in behalf of the Territorial United States.

We have replied that the Territorial United States is under contract to us, not the other way around, and that we will speak for ourselves in all matters affecting our assets.
Here is proof of their criminality and collusion spanning the whole world and affecting all people.  They are attempting the overthrow of all the sovereign governments on Earth via control of banks and misappropriation of Historic Trust Assets.

Domestic Enemies of the United States

AIM Truth Bits

The Short List

This list is from May 13, 2018. The list will grow and the status of the enemies will change, but this is one that we can all keep on hand and make sure the players feel the heat from law-abiding Americans.

We have placed the notation of SES beside the names that we could confirm being in the Plum Books at the time of this posting. There are many ways to hide affiliation with SES and we are only beginning to discover how nefarious this enemy unit is within our government.

FBI GCJames Baker SESResignedTBD
DOJBruce Ohr SESDemotedTBD
DOJ SCLisa Page SESResignedReferred for prosecution
FBI CIBill Priestap SESCooperatingTBD
FBI CIPeter Strzok SESDemotedReferred for prosecution
SoS AideHuma AbedinReplacedTBD
HRC AideSidney Blumenthal


CIA DJohn Brennan SESReplacedTBD
DNIJames Clapper SES

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