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AIM4 Truth ky sent us this article from Natural News. Doesn’t surprise us. USDA is filled with SES employees and holds many contracts with Serco. When are your congressional representatives going to recognize and eliminate this enemy faction within our country?

Demand that your House, Senate, or WH contacts start exposing and firing SES employees – oh, that’s right the president can’t fire them -and cancelling all Serco contracts.

Sick_of_SERCOIf they put kitties in the ovens, who’s next?


USDA caught murdering hundreds of kittens in “incineration ovens” as part of cruel medical experiments

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2 thoughts on “Senior Executive Service Puts Kitties in Ovens

  1. Real Humans, originating from the Master Creator of the universe, naturally have a strong connection to Creator Source, aka GOD and The Law Of One. Real Humans contain within their Spirit compassion, empathy, a sense of justice, doing what’s right, fairness, a desire to give and receive love, the love of life and freedom and a strong sense of DO NO HARM, a strong drive to protect innocence and those that cannot protect themselves. Real Humans seek and desire harmony and balance in all things. This is the Natural Order of Things within Real Human Beings. Any impostor entity will, no matter how human they may look, will strive for and be hell bent to achieve the polar opposite. THINK ABOUT IT.

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