Chris Haskell Needs Mass ‘Tangible’ Support by Oct 12.18, BEFORE His Sentencing — OUR GREATER DESTINY

Chris Haskell on trial for drawing attention to geoengineering … needs support In the following video, John Knox informs us that over the last decade Chris Haskell posted so many signs around Tucson, AZ to raise awareness about geoengineering that the city and state decided he was a problem hence charges were fabricated against him […]

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Dissent Within FCC, as Its 5G Vote Basically Declares War Against Local Governments and Americans

On Wednesday September 26, the FCC voted to grant itself more unconstitutional authoritarian powers to further their 5G agenda with an extremely heavy hand.

The new order from the FCC, a revolving-door captured agency, declares that it will effectively steamroll all local governments and all Americans, and do whatever it wants in deploying 5G throughout the nation.

Even according dissenting FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, this action is a gross overreach of property rights, and will be slowed down by many lawsuits from local governments.

The FCC is a captured agency, according to this report by Harvard Ethics Department.
Click to view the Harvard Ethics report. (PDF)

Hundreds of local governments have previously stated they will sue the FCC if it proceeds. Local governments are being stripped of their rights, and are simultaneously becoming very aware of the vast body of evidence showing biological harm from 5G “millimeter wave” / microwave radiation.

The FCC is on very shaky ground, creating an opportunity for people across America to get involved with your local government councils, educate them about 5G, and fight back.

Dafna Tachover, a lawyer and founder of “We Are The Evidence“:

“FCC’s ongoing actions are racketeering. FCC Chairman Pai, just like his predecessor Wheeler, and Commissioner Carr are working for the wireless industry – not the people – and their actions are a crime and [will] cause mass sickness and death.”

These dissenting comments from FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel show just how split the FCC is:

“…So it comes down to this: three unelected officials on this dais [Chairman Pai and the other two Commissioners] are telling state and local leaders all across the country what they can and cannot do in their own backyards. This is extraordinary federal overreach.

“I do not believe the law permits Washington to run roughshod over state and local authority like this and I worry the litigation that follows will only slow our 5G future. For starters, the Tenth Amendment reserves powers to the states that are not expressly granted to the federal government. In other words, the constitution sets up a system of dual sovereignty that informs all of our laws. …

“[T]oo many municipalities to count—from Omaha to Overland Park, Cincinnati to Chicago and Los Angeles to Louisville—have called on the FCC to halt this federal invasion of local authority. The National Governors Association and National Conference of State Legislatures have asked us to stop before doing this damage. This sentiment is shared by the United States Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, and Government Finance Officers Association. In other words, every major state and municipal organization has expressed concern about how Washington is seeking to assert national control over local infrastructure choices and stripping local elected officials and the citizens they represent of a voice in the process.

“It didn’t have to be this way.”

Local governments’ main reason of pushback is that their power of local decisions is being stripped by the FCC’s order. City councils may or may not be aware of the massive health risk and damage that will be caused if 5G proceeds as planned.

To that end, let us listen to and share the words – and plea for sanity – from Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, who is a self-proclaimed techie and engineer who worked on the space station, in a role responsible for electromagnetic interference:

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The Other Side of The Law

The Other Side of The Law

Posted: 27 Sep 2018 06:03 AM PDT

By Anna Von Reitz

There has to be hard, logical, provable evidence present to back a conviction.
People are tried in courts of law, not in the tabloids.
Responsible members of society stand for these and other basic principles that help to guarantee justice for everyone.
We do not marginalize actual rape victims by calling groping without penetration “rape”.
We don’t hold witnesses to real crimes guiltless when they fail to report.
People who don’t report crimes at the time they happen are accomplices to them.
Anyone who admits to willingly and repeatedly going to ten rape parties is either a willing participant or an accomplice — and either way, I in no way, shape or form consider such people “victims”.
I consider them accomplice criminals and perverters of justice who grossly failed their most basic social responsibility to report crime–if any crime actually exists.  And if it doesn’t, what are we wasting time for?
These women disgust me and I would not entertain any complaints from them in my Court for more than ten minutes.  Tell that to Chuck Schumer.
These irresponsible women either (a) stood by and let other women be date raped and gang raped and otherwise abused and said and did nothing to prevent it or (b) nothing actually happened amounting to a crime or non-consensual under age sex, in which case they are doing nothing but telling Big, Fat, Grossly Irresponsible Lies.
Take your pick.
I would have them and their lawyers for breakfast and Chuck and Diane for afternoon lunch in my courtroom. They’d all get a lecture they would not likely forget.  And this nonsense would end right smart quick.
Send me to Washington and see how fast all this bleeding heart nonsense lasts and how many of these actual criminals get moddle-coddled as “victims”.
I will take their lawyers to task and rub all their noses in actual crimes and show them what actual rape looks like and when I am done I will kick these sorry excuses so hard to the curb they might for once in their lives have actual bruises.
Wah-wah-wah-wah and a wah-wah to all these useless, mindless, self-absorbed irresponsible “victims” who either (a) didn’t care enough about themselves or anyone else to report the crimes 30 years ago or (b) are just callously making up politically motivated hokum to harm a good man who doesn’t share their political ideology and his wife and his family.
I think we DO need to get to the bottom of this.  REALLY get to the bottom of it.  As a nation we owe it to ourselves to prosecute these women for failure to report — because if there is anything to it, they stood by and let a lot of innocent girls suffer, and if there isn’t anything to it, they are guilty of libel and slander and false accusations and should be brought to task for that, too,
Hard?  You bet I am. All my logic circuits still function.  Too bad that the members of the Territorial United States Congress can’t say the same.
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Formal Notice to Congress Regarding Fraud — 22 April 2016

Formal Notice to Congress Regarding Fraud — 22 April
By Anna Von Reitz
April 22, 2016
To: Don Young, Lisa Murkowski, and Dan Sullivan
c/o “Alaska Congressional Delegation”
702 Hart Senate Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
US Certified Receipt: 7006 0810 0003 3541 5755
709 Hart Senate Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
US Certified Receipt: 7013 3020 0002 1837 0399
2314 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515
US Certified Receipt: 7013 3020 0002 1837 0412
From: Anna Maria Riezinger, Grandmother
I am writing to you today pursuant to my duty to fully inform you.
1. Please be informed that you do not represent me and that I am not your
employee. I am in fact your employer and benefactor and am a Beneficiary of the
United States Trust which you are all supposed to be administering as Trustees in my
behalf; also be informed that ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER and ANNA M. RIEZINGER and
all other franchises created or thought to be created and operated under these
names owe their allegiance to the land of Wisconsin, are of age, and are voluntarily
expatriated from any allegiance, obligation, or association with the corporation doing
business as the UNITED STATES and equally expatriated from any allegiance,
obligation, or association with the corporation doing business as THE UNITED
The living Americans who are the respective Holders in Due Course of these given
names and the underlying Trade Names formed in Upper and Lower Case and all
other derivative names, labels, accounts, assets and vessels in commerce associated
with them are American State Nationals owing their singular allegiance to the land of
their birth.
This is your Notice of these facts.
2. In April of 1861, Lincoln forced the remaining (Northern States) members of
Congress back into Session as Commander-in-Chief under martial law, and this has
remained the situation ever since. Despite three public declarations by President
Andrew Johnson declaring the land jurisdiction to be at peace, no peace was ever
actually declared and no Peace Treaty ending the Civil War has ever been signed,
with the result that our nation has remained at constant “war” of one kind or another
for 150 years. This has caused incalculable damage to millions of people worldwide
and the deaths and deprivations of millions of Americans, too. The blame for this
continuing outrage against humanity rests firmly on the shoulders of your
predecessors and now upon your shoulders.
Resume operation of the proper civil government owed to us under international
treaty or stand revealed before the entire world as a nothing more than a despicable
corporate military dictatorship being run by international banks under color of law.
This is your Notice of these facts.
3. June of 1864– the “acting Congress” passed an Act changing the meaning of
“state, States and United States” to mean “the territories and District of Columbia”.
(13 Stat. 223, 306, ch. 173, sec. 182, June 30, 1864.)
“US Territories” means “portions of the United States that are not within the limits
of any state and have not been admitted as states. Includes all federal
installations”—military bases, docks, courthouses, arsenals, etc.
This was never changed, so, all references to “state, States, and United States” in
Federal Code that are not otherwise specifically defined, must be construed as “the
territories and District of Columbia”.
You must also make a distinction between the meaning of the words used prior to
and then after the passage of this 1864 corporate law.
Prior to this, “state, States, and United States” meant what we commonly still
believe them to mean— after 1864 in Federal Code—they generally meant
something entirely different and opposed to the popular meaning.
This is your Notice of these facts.
4. In 1871-78 an additional meaning was given to “United States” via a process set
in motion by the Act of 1871:
The Legislative Act of February 21, 1871, Forty-first Congress, Session III, Chapter
62, page 419, Congress chartered a Federal Company entitled “United States,” a/k/a
“US Inc.,” a “Commercial Agency” originally designated as “Washington, D.C.”
Though the Act of 1871 was repealed, its legislative intent was merely chopped up
and subsequently passed via this process:
“An Act Providing a Permanent Form of Government for the District of Columbia,” ch.
180, sec. 1, 20 Stat. 102, June 11, 1878, to remain and continue as a municipal
corporation (brought forward from the Act of 1871, as provided in the Act of March
2, 1877, amended and approved March 9, 1878, Revised Statutes of the United
States Relating to the District of Columbia . . . 1873–’74 (in force as of December 1,
1873), sec. 2, p. 2); as amended by the Act of June 28, 1935, 49 Stat. 430, ch. 332,
sec. 1 (Title 1, Section 102, District of Columbia Code (1940)) .
As the actual District of Columbia was set up in 1790 and fully chartered by 1801,
the aim of the Act of 1871 is, as it must be, merely to set up the “United States
This process of legislation created a private corporation owned by the actual
government of the District of Columbia.
Thus the only government created was that of any private corporation which
determines its own administrative rules and structures…….that is, the US Corp dba
“UNITED STATES” is not merely the adopted doing business name of an
incorporated municipality (District of Columbia)— it is also the name of a private
corporation (District of Columbia Municipal Corporation) that was created by the
acting Congress via the Act of 1877 and as amended ever since.
This is confirmed by Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) (C), which states unequivocally that
the UNITED STATES is also the name of a corporation, as just demonstrated from
the public records.
This is your Notice of these facts.
5. In 1945, the United States Supreme Court addressed the meaning of “United
States” for what it termed the “final time” and offered the following:
“The term “United States” may be used in any one of several senses. (1) It may be
merely the name of a sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other
sovereigns in the family of nations. (2) It may designate the territory over which the
sovereignty of the United States (that is, the territories and District of Columbia)
extends, or (3) it may be the collective name of the states which are united by and
under the Constitution.” — Hooven and Allison Company v. Evatt, 324 US 652
(1945) (This is also the verbatim definition of “United States” given in Black’s Law
Dictionary, 6th Edition.)
Thus we have a total of five definitions of “United States” in common use within the
federal government– the three given above, the one adopted in 1864, and the one
coming out of the Acts of 1871-78.
This is your Notice of these facts.
6. The same duplicitous word-smithing was done with the words “United States of
America”— with the same result.
From — A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United
States. By John Bouvier, published 1856:
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (First meaning given):
“(1) The name of this country. [That is, the actual land mass.] The United States,
now thirty-one in number, are Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,
Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New
York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and California.”
(Fifth meaning): “(5)—The United States of America are a corporation endowed with
the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property, 1 Marsh, Dec. 177,
181, but it is proper to observe that no suit can be brought against the United States
without authority of law.”
So, even before the “US, Inc.” there was the “USA, Inc.” and both of these entities
are referenced in what follows.
This is your Notice of these facts.
7. Does the UNITED STATES – the private corporation operating the government of
“the Territories and District of Columbia” have “citizens”?
1873: U.S. v. Anthony 24 Fed. 829 (1873) “The term resident and citizen of the
United States (”United States” meaning “territories and District of Columbia”) is
distinguished from a Citizen of one of the several states, in that the former is a
special class of citizen created by Congress.” (That is a “citizen of the United States”
is a “statutory citizen”—created by legislative action.)
1875 – This definition of “United States” as a Corporation has its own citizens (see
United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542) who are generally referred to as United
States citizens.
1953 – Kitchens v. Steele, 112 F.Supp 383 “A citizen of the United States is a citizen
of the federal government…”
1967 – Congressional Record , June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646: A “citizen of the
United States” is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of
the PCT, the private constructive, cestui que trust of US Inc. under the 14th
Amendment, which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. in Section 4.
Yes, the UNITED STATES Corporation has “citizens”.
This is your Notice of these facts.
8. Can “citizens of the UNITED STATES” be corporations? Yes.
Diversity of citizenship exists when opposing parties in a lawsuit are citizens of
different states or a citizen of a foreign country. If the party is a corporation, it is a
citizen of the state where it is incorporated or is doing business. If diversity of
citizenship exists, it places the case under federal court jurisdiction pursuant to
Article III, section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.
See above definition of “citizen of the United States” from the 1967 Congressional
Record— “a civilly dead entity defined as a private constructive cestui que trust
which “upholds the debt” of both the USA, Inc. and the US, Inc.”
This is your Notice of these facts.
9. What is a cestui que vie trust? It’s a trust formed when the actual owner of
property is “unknown, presumed dead, lost to accident, natural disaster, or missing
at sea” and the State then seizes control of their property assets and presumes to be
the owner and beneficiary of their estate.
So where are all these “missing people” coming from?
From the Bureau of Vital Statistics, which has been busily and fraudulently seizing
upon American babies and declaring them civilly dead almost at birth.
This is your Notice of these facts.
10. What has been done here is nothing less than slavery by proxy:
A corporate franchise has been named after each one of us, and then, we have been
coerced and deceived into accepting the debts of that franchise via a “similar names”
Prior to 1933 a Foreign Situs Trust created by the USA, Inc. was named after a
living man called “John Frederick Doe” and this Foreign Situs Trust was then also
gratuitously named as a Surety for the bankrupt USA, Inc’s debts. The actual man
named John Frederick Doe was then pursued and forced to pay the debts owed in
fact by this corporation. In 1999 that bankruptcy settled and the American People
paid off every penny of it.
Beginning in 1944 the US. Inc. similarly named a Cestui Que Vie Trust after the
living man John Frederick Doe and called it “JOHN FREDERICK DOE” and this estate
trust was named as the Surety for the US Inc.’s debts and “removed” to Puerto Rico.
The actual man named John Frederick Doe was then pursued and forced to pay the
debts owed by this corporate franchise, too.
This past year, 2015, President Obama acting as the CEO in charge of THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA, INC. (the USA, Inc’s latest rendition organized under the laws
of the United Nations City-State) announced the creation of a new franchise named
after “John Frederick Doe”— and created a franchise of a bankrupt Puerto Rican
Electric Utility named “JOHN F. DOE” operated under the laws of Puerto Rico.
Meanwhile the living American who is the Holder in Due Course of the given name
“John Frederick Doe” and who is in fact the owner and executor of his name and all
derivatives thereof associated with him, is being subjected to false charges and
racketeering on a scale unique in world history.
All this violence, all this fraud, all this insufferable abuse of our trust and good faith
is draped around your necks and is now on public display.
This is your Notice of these facts.
11. What is the “UNITED STATES” with respect to the states of the Union and the
People thereof?
It’s a private mostly foreign-owned corporation subject to the Clearfield Doctrine,
nothing more or less, and the same applies to the USA, Inc. when doing business on
our soil. The same applies to all their various “State” franchises, including the
These corporations and their “State” franchises are all being operated as criminal
This is your Notice of these facts.
12. Fraud vitiates everything. It destroys all contracts and presumptions. It taints
everything it touches. All Americans subjected to this undisclosed process in Breach
of Trust and Constitution have been defrauded and mischaracterized and deprived of
their lawful status as living people and as American State Nationals. This has been
done secretively and under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure so as to facilitate
identity and credit theft and the practice of personage and barratry against the
All “consent” obtained by any process under these conditions is null and void ab initio
and no excuse of war or emergency may be introduced as no such powers were ever
granted under The Constitution for the united States of America. There is no statute
of limitations on the crime of fraud and it is recognized as crime in all venues and
jurisdictions of law, national and international and global.
This is your Notice of these facts.
13. Such mischaracterization and capitulation of the peaceful and non-combatant
American People living on the land of the American States is additionally a war
crime, which has been committed against them by the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc.
and their respective corporate officers.
This is your Notice of these facts.
14. Such abuse, theft, misrepresentation, unlawful conversion, inland piracy,
kidnapping, press-ganging and racketeering is also in deplorable violation of both
national and international law and in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and the Universal Right of Self-Declaration and numerous other Declarations
and Conventions of the United Nations which the United States has agreed to and
This is your Notice of these facts.
15. Is the “United States” a foreign entity with respect to the states of the Union?
We quote The Informer:
“No court is to be charged with the knowledge of foreign laws; but they are
well understood to be facts which must, like other facts, be proved before they can
be received in a court of justice. [cites omitted] It is equally well settled that the
several states of the Union are to be considered as in this respect foreign to each
other, and that the courts of one state are not presumed to know, and therefore not
bound to take judicial notice of, the laws of another state.”
[Hanley v. Donoghue, 116 U.S. 1, 29 L. Ed. 535]
[6 S.Ct. 242, 244 (1885)]
Another key U.S. Supreme Court authority on this question is the case of In re
Merriam’s Estate, 36 N.E. 505 (1894). The authors of Corpus Juris Secundum
(“CJS”), a legal encyclopedia, relied in part upon this case to arrive at the following
conclusion about the “foreign” corporate status of the federal government:
“The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.”
[citing In re Merriam’s Estate, 36 N.E. 505, 141 N.Y. 479, affirmed U.S. v. Perkins,
16 S.Ct. 1073, 163 U.S. 625, 41 L.Ed 287] [19 C.J.S. 883]
Before you get the idea that this meaning of “foreign” is now totally antiquated,
consider the current edition of Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, which defines
“foreign state” very clearly, as follows:
“The several United States*** are considered “foreign” to each other except as
regards their relations as common members of the Union. … The term “foreign
nations,” as used in a statement of the rule that the laws of foreign nations should
be proved in a certain manner, should be construed to mean all nations and states
other than that in which the action is brought; and hence one state of the Union is
foreign to another, in the sense of that rule.”
And a recent federal statute proves that Congress still refers to the 50 States as
“countries”. When a State court in Alaska needed a federal judge to handle a case
overload, Congress amended Title 28 to make that possible. In its reference to the
50 States, the statute is titled the “Assignment of Judges to courts of the freely
associated compact states”. Then, Congress refers to these freely associated
compact states as “countries”:
(b) The Congress consents to the acceptance and retention by any judge so
authorized of reimbursement from the countries referred to in subsection (a) ….
[28 U.S.C. 297, 11/19/88]” — End quote.
Each one of the sovereign states of the Union is in fact its own nation having its own
distinct character, local law, and government apart from any franchises owned and
operated under color of law by either the US, Inc. or the USA, Inc. offering to pose
as the lawful government of the people, for the people and by the people of these
United States.
This is your Notice of these facts.
16. Was it ever the intent of the Founders of this Country that any Congress
operating in any capacity whatsoever would ever be granted any right of despotism
over the People via any means, mechanism, or pretense?
The Preamble of the actual Constitution which is a trust indenture forever obligating
the government of the United States however that government is defined gives the
answer, which was further elucidated by the Bill of Rights.
As all the foregoing demonstrates you are each and collectively in Breach of Trust
and in Commercial and Administrative Default with respect to your presumed Public
Offices and are operating as the administrators of an international crime syndicate
with respect to the people and states of the Union you are hired to protect and which
you have freely claimed to “represent”.
This is your Notice of these facts.
17. The seedbed of these crimes against Americans has been the Commonwealth of
Puerto Rico, which has been used as a staging ground for these heinous activities by
the British Crown and its operatives, and the United Nations Corporation (UN Corp) –
not to be confused with the United Nations— which has sought by various means of
similar fraud and force to impose its administration upon us and all other sovereign
This is your Notice of these facts.
18. We have informed the Secretary General of the United Nations and the United
States Secretary of State and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and hereby give Notice to the
United States Congress that these acts of virulent crime against the American people
and the states of the Union and all claims and presumptions based upon them must
come to an immediate and permanent stop.
Full disclosure and remedy must be provided to all natural-born American State
Nationals and all their vessels in commerce must receive full cure and maintenance
without further obfuscation, avoidance, or delay.
The operations of the Trustees of the insolvent UNITED STATES, INC. and the
administrators of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. must be brought under
control and forced to comply with both national and international law. If President
Obama objects, he must be impeached without further excuse or delay.
This is your Notice of these facts.
18. Any officer corporate or otherwise of the United States or its government,
however defined, who fails to take immediate and forceful action to correct and
remedy these practices and issues in favor of the American people and the states of
the Union shall be in full admission of treason against the same.
This is your Notice of these facts.
19. Any officer corporate or otherwise of the United States of America or its
government, however defined, who fails to take immediate and forceful action to
correct and remedy these practices and issues in favor of the American people and
the states of the Union shall be in full admission of treason against the same.
This is your Notice of these facts.
20. Operatives of the British Crown and UN Corporation staged initially in Puerto
Rico and now operating out of Florida are implementing a propaganda campaign
against the peaceful non-combatant people of the states of the Union and again
mischaracterizing them as “sovereign citizens”.
This is an oxymoron demonstrating the complete ignorance of those applying such a
label to American State Nationals. It is not possible to be or to act as a “sovereign”
and at the same time to be or to act as a “citizen”.
The apparent motive for this PR campaign is to excuse the taking of violent action
against the American people and against their states of the Union and to provoke an
armed insurrection which would then give these same corporate crime syndicates a
plausible excuse for killing their creditors.
This is precisely what happened in Nazi Germany and it is threatening to happen
here and now.
Any attempt on the part of the Trustees of the bankrupt and insolvent UNITED
STATES or on the part of the operators of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to
provoke such a contest or make such false claims against their creditors will be
instantly and internationally recognized for the specious and self-interested crime
that it is.
This is your Notice of these facts.
21. As the “United States Congress” is uniquely and specifically responsible for the
administration and indeed, the misadministration, of the Territories and the District
of Columbia, it is incumbent upon each one of you to put an end to the international
crimes being perpetuated by and within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico against
the people of the United States and to put an end to the efforts of the British Crown
and UN Corporation to further parasitize and mischaracterize and misrepresent us.
Failure to do so will have permanent and extremely unpleasant results for all parties
engaged in this international crime spree.
This is your Notice of these facts.
22. “The free, sovereign and independent people of the United States,” (as quoted
from the Definitive Treaty of Peace, 1783), are still alive and well and competent to
act in their own behalf and in behalf of their sovereign nation-states.
We have kept our part of the constitutional bargain and paid for the services we
agreed to receive and also a great many “services” that we did not agree to receive
and for which we do not owe. We have loyally stood by the British and French
Governments through two World Wars, and this present miasma is the thanks we
have received for our support.
The mechanism and implementation of these commercial frauds and personage
practices against the unsuspecting people and organic states of the Union was
provided by the British Government and by undeclared foreign agents, especially by
members of the American Bar Association acting in violation of the 1947 Bar
Association Treaty.
The presumptions being exercised against us by the so-called “governments” of
these corporations dba UNITED STATES and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have
become intolerable and we find the constitutional contract has been Dishonored by
those entrusted to act as our fiduciary Deputies, Trustees, and Administrators.
An immediate cessation of all hostile actions and presumptions against the people
and the states of the Union and an immediate declaration of peace formally ending
the Civil War and all other “wars” is called for. Any failure to provide this and all
other appropriate remedies will result in the liquidation of the offending corporations
via arbitration.
We created the “United States” and the “United States of America” by our sovereign
Will and as the creators we are uniquely endowed to take against the Will and to
amend the Will and to destroy the Will if we so desire. By the misadministration,
duplicity, dishonor, and dishonesty of your predecessors we have not been served;
any continuance of these false claims and practices against American State Nationals
and the states of the Union will not be tolerated and will be subject to international
prosecution as virulent crimes amounting to identity theft, credit theft, press-
ganging and inland piracy against these United States and the people of the United
This is your Notice of these facts.
23. All prosecutions against birthright Americans under the false pretense that they
have agreed via any undisclosed or implied contract to act as “citizens of the United
States” or agreed to cede their estates, assets, names or any other property
naturally belonging to them to the UNITED STATES or THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA are acts of international fraud and inland piracy and are subject to the
death penalty for anyone caught intentionally and knowingly participating in or
enforcing such crimes under color of law.
The execution of foreign pirates caught in the act may be summarily carried out
under Citizens Arrest or by any lawfully elected Sheriff or any duly appointed Federal
Marshall under the Public and Organic Law of this nation.
This is your Notice of these facts.
24. All birthright American State Nationals presently accused of any white collar,
statutory, or victimless crime being held under false pretenses as “citizens of the
United States” must be given full disclosure and released without further delay.
This is your Notice of these facts.
25. All property and rights and material interests naturally and lawfully belonging to
birthright American State Nationals must be promptly returned to them and returned
to the land recording districts of these United States and to the administration of the
actual organic states and people, together with all escrow accounts, interest, tithes,
and fees owed to them.
We suggest that the administration of THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE be properly
informed and pressed into service to discharge all outstanding debts owed by the
fraudulently established individual UNITED STATES franchises operated under the
given NAMES of American State Nationals, and that they be obliged to deliver all
copyrights, trademarks, titles, deeds, credit and other assets owed to and naturally
belonging to the people of these United States without further obfuscation or delay.
This is your Notice of these facts.
26. In the interests of national and international peace and decency you are being
“requested and required” to do the job that the trusting American people elected you
to do in good faith as Trustees and fiduciary Deputies. Failure to do so will be your
individual and personal admission of willful treason against these United States and
against the people of these United States.
No further excuses or word games are acceptable. The officers of the British Crown
among the Delegates either act with Honor and fulfill their obligations owed to these
United States and to the people thereof, or they shall be recognized as pirates
subject to the penalties of both our Public Law and the international Law of
This is your Notice of these facts.
27. We wish to draw your attention to the ravages and rampages taking place in the
so-called western compact States and the atrocities being willfully committed against
American State Nationals and their private property interests in those states by
agencies of the UNITED STATES.
An innocent rancher named Robert LaVoy Finicum has been waylaid and murdered
by men receiving their paychecks on our dole as agents of a corporation merely
doing business as the “GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES” and its subsidiaries
including the “BLM” and the “FBI”. These federal agents have acted as criminals and
under false presumptions on our soil.
We call for their immediate arrest and re-education.
Any continuance of this violent racketeering is completely unacceptable and will not
be tolerated.
However Congress has seen fit to organize its administration of the “territories and
District of Columbia,” its agencies clearly have no right whatsoever to attack,
commandeer, address, or otherwise infringe upon the people of this country.
Similarly, American State Nationals including Ammon and Clive Bundy and other
western state ranchers have been mischaracterized as “citizens of the United States”
while in fact being people of these United States.
We are not amused by the convenient and apparent acts of personage and barratry
— crimes under both national and international law— which are being promoted by
the Trustees of the UNITED STATES and the misnamed DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
(INC) in their attempts to collect on odious debts owed in fact by their own
What is being attempted is clearly a Reverse Trust Fraud Scheme in which the
Trustees of our nation are attempting to act as the Beneficiaries and are
mischaracterizing the actual Beneficiaries of the United States Trust as the Trustees
of a foreign trust we never consensually agreed to participate in and to which we
have no natural affiliation at all—the Public Charitable Trust set up to provide
welfare to displaced Negro plantation slaves in the wake of the Civil War.
We suggest that the Congress release the western state ranchers and honor its
obligations and redirect its erring employees and inform the creditors of the UNITED
STATES of the actual status of these affairs without any further argument or delay.
It may result in embarrassment, inconvenience, and considerable international
negotiation to resolve, but all the governments of the world are in one way or
another in similar condition and the International Year of Jubilee provides an
excellent opportunity for these festering wounds and causes of criminality to be
recognized and healed without further bloodshed, violence, or crime.
This is your Notice of these facts.
28. The Congress which is responsible for the operations of the “government of the
United States”— that is, the US, Inc. acting as the government of the “territories
and District of Columbia” —and the various Presidents have committed a great
many sins against the people of our nation and their organic states of the Union,
including but not limited to all the items addressed in this Notice.
Beginning in 1933 the members of Congress have conspired with the Office of the
President and the Governors of Federal State franchises of the UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA to embezzle from and defraud the American people.
This was done primarily by legislative actions taken under color of law, including the
Emergency Banking Acts, the Trading With The Enemy Act, and much more.
As part of the historical fraud upon the people, the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc.
colluded to set up a fiat currency to be exchanged on a “dollar for dollar” basis— a
worthless Promissory Note issued by a cartel of international banks doing business as
the “Federal Reserve” while in fact having no association with our lawful
government—in exchange for an American Silver Dollar. This amounted to the
exchange of a piece of paper backed by the good faith of criminals for an ounce of
fine silver.
As you all have cause to know, the Federal Reserve bankrupted the old Federal
Reserve System and skipped town owing these United States and the people of these
United States trillions of dollars’ worth of gold and silver.
The Federal Reserve’s most recent iteration now proposes to use our labor and our
assets to back more “Notes”—- and repeat the same scam, only owing to the fact
that they have already embezzled our precious metals, they now wish to up the ante
and more overtly control and enslave us.
This is your Notice that we are not now and never were chattels, slaves, livestock,
nor corporate franchises of the UNITED STATES, nor of THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA, nor of any other fictitious entity you care to name, and we are not subject
to your statutory rule except by fraud, personage, barratry and criminal mercenary
Put another way–the United States belongs to us. We do not belong to it. We are
the Priority Creditors, first, last, and always. Any further attack, embezzlement,
misrepresentation, collusion of banks, false claims, or legal chicanery undertaken
against us or our interests will be recognized as an Act of War against innocent Third
Party non-combatants and you will be held individually and personally and
commercially 100% liable.
If this is not apparent to you, you should immediately step down from any office or
pretension of office related to us or our lawful government in any way.
This is your Notice of these facts.
29. In full view of the national identity and credit theft which has been engineered
jointly by the UNITED STATES and USA against the people of these United States
and the states of the Union, the present members of Congress must either abdicate
and make way for new and more competent deputies elected directly and by paper
ballot by the people of these United States or do the right thing and clean up this
mess once and for all.
International criminal prosecution of the Federal Reserve and the IMF and all the
colluding banking institutions including the World Bank and IBRD which received
American gold and silver assets as their payoff for the 1933 fraud is necessary. As
already noted, fraud has no statute of limitation and is a crime across all jurisdictions
and venues of law worldwide.
Immediate confiscation of the assets of these banks and the assets of shareholders
and subsidiaries of these banks is appropriate and necessary for our national
security—and as you should now be aware, if our national security goes, so does
that of the “territories and District of Columbia”.
Proper administration and discipline of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, the HOUSE
be another start in the right direction. The BLM, FBI, and other “agencies” are here
to serve the public, and if not, they are here to be dissolved.
Immediate re-issuance of American Silver Dollars as both our international and your
domestic currency is required as a first step toward honest trade.
Disengagement from all Middle Eastern conflicts is demanded and you are advised
that no contract to serve in the “US military” is binding as a result of the same fraud
and personage scheme herein otherwise described.
Complete immediate cessation of spraying aluminum oxide and other poisonous
industrial wastes on our land and on us is demanded without apology.
Complete immediate cessation of the addition of fluoride, another poisonous
industrial waste of the aluminum industry to our drinking water, is also demanded
without apology.
The closure of most if not all foreign military bases which have been created under
the auspices of the US, Inc. and the return of the land and buildings to the host
countries needs to be negotiated posthaste.
Our borders need to be sealed and protected and our assets secured against foreign
invaders and if they are not promptly defended and honored by you as members of
“Congress” you will stand revealed before the entire world as officers of a corporate
crime syndicate subject to immediate liquidation.
If President Obama objects to any of this remedial program ordered by the people of
these United States and the states of the Union, it is your duty so long as you
assume any office related to these United States to impeach him without further
delay and remove him from any office having or pretending any authority
whatsoever related to us. Notice given to you is notice to your agents and agencies,
and notice given to your agents and agencies is notice to you.
Most sincerely and by my hand and under my seal,
by:_______________________________Anna Maria Riezinger, all rights reserved.
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska
Postal Code Extension 99652
Ashton Carter
US Secretary of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000
via US Certified Mail #7013 3020 0002 1837 0405
Joint Chiefs
9999 Joint Staff
Washington, DC 20318-9999
via US Certified Mail #7013 3020 0002 1837 0429
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
c/o United Nations Secretariat
New York, NY 10017
via US Certified Mail # 7006 0810 0003 3541 5465
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Why Do Corporations Exist? What Can We Do About It?

By Anna Von Reitz
Why Do Corporations Exist? And What Can We Do?
The short answer is that corporations exist to
avoid responsibility for one’s own actions.
That, and insurance
The modern drive to create corporations in
America began in the 1850’s when a steamboat that was loaded with gold sank
—and the scramble began to pin the loss on somebody other than the steamboat
owners. By the time it ended America had its first common carrier insurance
indemnity act.
Insurance, it must be realized, is nothing but
large scale, organized, officially sanctioned gambling. The insurers are betting
on the likelihood or timing of something happening in the future.
Whatever kind of insurance it is, bets are
involved: wagering, it’s called.
They don’t want to admit that they are
gambling like sailors in a Hell Hole. The plain truth lacks that veneer of
respectability that big time crooks crave.
That’s the short answer, but with respect to
the Vatican ACCOUNTS, there is more to it than it might appear. These, too, are
corporations—–so called “individual corporations”.
The fact is that a living man cannot contract
with a corporation. It’s not possible. It violates one of the primary laws of
contracts—- all contracts must be “in kind”. Men may contract with men, and
corporations may contract with corporations, but never the twain shall meet.
So what happens when a big, greedy corporation
like Monsanto wants to contract with and get into my pockets?
They can’t—- unless someone, somewhere
provides an “artifice” that serves to “redefine” me as a corporation, or which
somehow contrives to redefine Monsanto as a living being.
All difficulties considered, it was easier to
pretend that I was the M/V ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER than to convince people that
“Monsanto” was equivalent to its CEO.
So all these Vatican ACCOUNTS were (at least
in the modern world) used to allow commerce to exist between living men and
corporate entities.
Please note that pretending that I am or that
I am operating “as” a “vessel” on the “sea of commerce” is a big, fat,
unconscionable lie. Please note that in Pope Benedict’s famous words, “Nobody
told me!”
This purported change in my nature and status
from being a living woman standing on the land of my nativity to being
“considered” an ACCOUNT and a “ship at sea” —-while convenient to promote
buying and selling— is a fundamental falsehood and it brings with it many
unfortunate consequences for the victims of this scam.
Like the loss of all your Constitutional
protections and guarantees. Like the undermining of Public Law and Order. Like
the corruption of the courts into private collection agencies. Like being
subject to attack by inland pirates and privateers. Like having “legal
presumptions” held against you, so that you are “presumed guilty as charged” the
moment you step foot in a court. These and many other evils accrue because a
Big, Fat Lie was the starting premise of this entire system.
I am not, in fact, a cargo ship of any kind.
To the extent that my body is the “vessel” of
my spirit, it doesn’t amount to being a “vessel at sea”. My incarnation doesn’t
even remotely suggest that I am subject to the laws of admiralty. And I am not
“voluntarily” or even knowingly operating in “commerce” of any kind.
So what we have is a domino effect of lies and
false presumptions.
What if you were to pretend (for some venal
reason) that a man wasn’t a man, but was instead a dog? Then you got all your
pals to agree that “John William Schneider” was a dog, too. Would that impact
your expectations of “John William Schneider”? Would it change the way your
treated him? Would it change the laws that applied to him?
This is the kind of bizarre, fraudulent
situation resulting from this attempt to redefine “John William Schneider” the
Trade Name of a living American to mean “JOHN WILLIAM SCHNEIDER” —–a
corporation, treated as a ship at sea.
Our good old honest American Trade Name— the
Upper and Lower Case Name you inherited from your parents— is competent to do
all the business that you will ever have to do. It can compete with and contract
with corporations if it wants to, but it does so on the basis of trade, not
These weird merely “agreed upon” conventions
applied with a wink, seeking to “presume” that your name represents a ship at
sea or a Vatican ACCOUNT– are evidence of fraud and self-interested
mischaracterization being practiced against you by the courts and those running
the courts: the politicians and international trustees who are supposed to be
working for you and in your best interests.
God knows they have had their hands in your
pockets to receive their paychecks and fund their positions in the governmental
and church hierarchies, so that does establish an implied contract on their part
to work for you and in your behalf, instead of telling lies about you and
seeking to defraud you.
What begins as a lie, ends as a lie. What
starts as a fraud and a con game, ends as a crime, too. And there is no statute
of limitations on the crime of fraud, including tortuous, fraudulent copyright
infringement practiced against you by trustees and usufructs claiming to
represent you. These acts of Bad Faith and Breach of Trust are not political
issues. These are institutional crimes.
This is no longer just a “mismanagement” issue
for the Roman Catholic Church. It’s a profound criminal Breach of Trust. It’s
not a question of “if” the British Monarch and her government has participated
in these crimes against Americans. It isn’t a question “if” the members of the
American Bar Association are guilty of vicious crimes against average rank and
file Americans.
We now know who did this, how they did
this—- and we can extrapolate why.
The Catholics have allowed a Pagan Cult to
fester in their Church. The British Monarch never gave up dreams of Empire. The
“US Congress” is nothing but a den of thugs and thieves that has attempted to
sell America down the drain. The 1947 Bar Association Treaty is not being
respected and not being enforced.
The only question that remains is—-what are
we, collectively and individually, going to do about it?
The police and the military are being paid by
the criminals using our own money. This gives the criminals a free hand to use
our own money and labor against us.
So what do we do?
We educate the police and the military. And we
volunteer to serve as Federal Marshals. And we organize our own proper
militias—please note, these have to be organized under the correct names—
the Alaska State Militia, the Tennessee State Militia, etc., not the “State of
Alaska Militia” or the “State of Tennessee Militia”.
And we stand up and assert our actual status
as living, breathing Americans—– not some piece of flotsam dragged into dry
dock for a reaming.
We also educate the FBI, BLM, FEMA, DHS, BATF,
IRS, and all the other alphabet soup agencies. It is clear that these agencies
were the ones that Obama intended to use as commercial mercenary armies acting
under color of law to “fundamentally change America”.
Let those commissioners and their employees
know what their actual standing is—– they are employees of privately owned
and operated corporations under contract to provide governmental services.
They are Mall Cops. They have no public
offices. No immunities. And in most cases, don’t have any credible bonding or
insurance. The only enforcement powers they actually have are the same
enforcement powers you or I have to make a Citizen’s Arrest.
Remind them also of what happened to Hitler’s
Brown Shirts. Once they put Hitler and his SS into office, the Brown Shirts were
systematically hunted down and killed—-suddenly defamed as criminals.
We are up against it with the same vermin
now—-same religious affiliations, same families running things at the top,
same banks, same modus operandi of identity theft, credit fraud, and then a
spree of killing off their Priority Creditors. The only difference here is that
they have pre-planned their “Final Solution” and have already built their FEMA
Pass the word to the members of the Bar
Associations, too. They’ve been on our shores acting as Undeclared Foreign
Agents, which voids their Treaty and their charters. It is time to tear up their
Bar Cards and toe a different line. Our American Common Law Courts are up and
running in 27 states and that means that it is time to strike the tents and fold
the sideshows. We’re not “practicing” law here anymore, we are perfecting it.
Button hole all the Archbishops in
America—know exactly where these men live. Put the pressure on them. Step on
their patent leather toes. According to Principles of Ecclesiastical Law, the
“Bible” on the subject published in 1894, these men are the “Lord High
Chancellors in Equity”— the ones responsible for the existence of and management
of all these Vatican ACCOUNTS. So these are the parties responsible
for managing the “equitable title” to all these ACCOUNTS held in our NAMES, the
Lord High Crooks responsible—at least on paper— for the slave-trading in
CUSIP Bonds and all the rest of it.
These Comptrollers of the Pontiff are
unimaginably wealthy, yet they move among us chanting for alms and pretending to
be poor, put on a great show of agonizing over Church budgets, and pretend not
to know what we are talking about. Well, it’s right there in Principles of
Ecclesiastical Law. If they don’t know what is going on in the Church and how
their own Office is described, they are being set up as scapegoats and it is
high time they got to the bottom of it. They need to be made forcefully aware
that they are the Lord High Chancellors in Equity and told to get
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The Primary Water Institute – More Scientific Evidence “Water is a RENEWABLE”

Excerpts from link below
The Primary Water Institute – More Scientific Evidence “Water is a RENEWABLE” = the Earth makes water deep within and WE CAN “EASILY” ACCESS IT . . . READ MORE – LEARN MORE – we have been tricked by the powers that be into thinking water is scarce and we are running out . . We have not been told the TRUTH . . . The Earth makes water continually, within . . .

September 26, 2014
As Solano County enjoys an incredible new flow of water in local creeks after the recent Napa earthquake, experts are speculating what might be the source of this “bonus from nature” LINK . Officials report that at least 200,000 gallons of water per day are flowing from Wild Horse Creek, with many other areas reporting similar phenomena. Water quality tests performed by local public works officials confirm that the new water is pure enough to drink. This new water is being added to municipal drinking water supplies…a great blessing to local residents.
Although federal government geologists report that the new flow of water is likely “shallow groundwater” suddenly released from opening of fractures, other theories exist that offer great hope for a thirsty world.

WATER CRISIS – HYPE . . Too Many People, Not Enough Water – Now and 2700 Years Ago

Without Lab Testing, Your Doctor Can’t Determine If You Have “Microwave Sickness” or ElectroSensitivity —

By B.N. Frank Doctors don’t know everything even though we’ve probably all met ones who think they do. Many of them also don’t like to admit when they’ve been wrong and apologize because they are afraid of being sued. 602 more words

via Without Lab Testing, Your Doctor Can’t Determine If You Have “Microwave Sickness” or ElectroSensitivity —

Suppressed Technologies are Being Released! — Hexahedron One

We are all starting to read about our Space activities over the past 30 years. You can read about a deep underground colony on Mars. You can read about Secret Space Programs (SSP) involving both the US Air Force and the US Navy separately with different masters. In both of these SSPs, we have space…

via Suppressed Technologies are Being Released! — Hexahedron One

Informed Parents Withdraw Students From Primary School Due To WiFi / Phone Mast

The community of Dartington, UK, set an example in caring for the health and safety of their young ones. A WiFi / phone mast was erected 50 meters (150 feet) from Dartington Primary School without consent or consulting the local community. Similar parent-led actions addressing Wi-Fi in schools are also spreading in the USA, Canada and Australia. Watch the 4-minute video…