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The ONLY way you can keep the Code Enforcers at bay is to quit giving them their identification for government employees. There are 2 sources of common law identification cards that I know of. This video explains about the NSEA.US identification card. I will be doing another video about the other ID card mentioned soon.

If you want to keep the satanist order followers from fabricating evidence of their US citizen slave you are going to have to make or get a common law identification card. For NSEA ID cards go to; and download the zip file and unzip and follow the numbered files follow me on @sovereigntyintl and don’t forget to vote on the articles and make comments Support the channel, consider watching one 30 second ad and clicking to find out more. follow me on Twitter @engineerwin

http://sovereigntyinternational.wordp!for… Email – For information on how you can obtain a copy of all of my youtube videos in *.mp4 format, as well as a DVD with over 50 searcheable law dictionaries, and other books and forms, contact me privately.

Youtube profile – sovereignliving

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