One thought on “Google is a part of the Deep State and must be broken up

  1. The same thing happened to Ma Bell… and let’s not forget Microsoft.
    Its funny though people have been saying this for a while, and yet nothing has changed.

    Then there is this “thing” with (gasp) facebook. It’s NOTHING like it was created to be.

    … or is it? hmmmm

    But I digress
    What Google is doing is well within what “the man” wants it to be doing.
    As for this “fake news” mention…
    Yeah, let’s go there.
    While fake news does exist (it’s not just “news” yanno), it is being done for a reason. And again, it is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.

    Who needs an enemy on the outside attacking us, when we are dividing (and conquering) ourselves?

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