Our Last Stand | Report #9 | Exposing the Biggest Fraud on Earth – The Fed’s Quad Trillion $ Scam

Expose and end these US Treasury and FRB-NY LIES! Pay back what is owed! We will expose the mistruths about his nonexistent links to Saurin, the US HS (Homeland Security) criminal protected asset used to pull off the Pureheart scam in preceding Our Last Stand series articles. Not to confuse, this one focuses on trusting YR and his betrayal by unscrupulous US parties. The case is that these misappropriated funds must be redeemed and used for Global good! Including the RVs! No more funding false US bases. These funds are to fund humanity, not the FRB-NY Cabal and their ilk. Pay – Back what is owed and let YR help so many good causes and needs! Instead as with Leo Wanta and so many more, they lie, obfuscate, malign reputations and conceal truth. End the cover ups and redeem what is owed.

Read more at: https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/01/our-last-stand-report-9-exposing-biggest-fraud-on-earth.html
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