The Last American Judges


By Anna Von Reitz

I and my cohorts operating the actual Public Courts of this country are the last of a breed: American Judges serving the People of this country.

We occupy the land and soil jurisdiction courts.
We enforce the Public and Organic Law, including the Constitutions.
Ironically, we are probably the only actual, factual Judges/Justices that any of you have ever even heard of—- but we are being mis-characterized as “fake judges”, instead.  Go figure.
In a culture built of lies and legal fictions, the truth is bound to come as a shock, isn’t it?
Those others you see posing as “Judges” are operating in a foreign system of governance that has nothing to do with Americans and everything to do with “US Persons”—- Brits and Roman Catholic Church officers, foreign corporations and franchises.
They aren’t functioning as American Judges.  They don’t administer or enforce the Public Law or the Constitutions—-and they will willingly tell you that themselves, if you bother to ask.
They are For-Hire Jurists, working on a contractual basis to enforce the Public Policies of the commercial corporations doing business as Territorial “States of States” and as Municipal “District Corporations” that employ them.
We, the Last American Judges, aren’t members of the Bar Associations.  We don’t work for foreign-owned corporations.
We are holding Public Offices in the American Government, and Bar Association Members have been prohibited from holding Public Office in the American Government since 1819.
Go figure.

When we go, if we go, all your “Natural and Unalienable Rights” and all your Constitutional guarantees will go with us.
There will be nothing and nobody left standing between you and the private, for-profit corporate tribunals that you have mistaken for public courts.
The People of this country will no longer have a Court System.  There will no longer be any Public and Organic Law.
The only courts in existence will be private corporate tribunals run by For-Hire Jurists addressing “Persons” — and collecting debts from those “Persons” for the benefit of the Parent Corporations— the Territorial and Municipal “States of States” and the foreign governments that run them.
And you?
You will be subject to 80,000,000 statutory “laws”.
You will be responsible for paying for the enforcement of those 80,000,000 statutory laws.
You will also be responsible for paying for all the services demanded and entitlements claimed by all the other “Persons” in this System — which guarantees that you will live as a debt slave and a “Person” owned by corporations, and that all your assets will be claimed as chattel property donated to those corporations, too.
To all those who have been running around spreading the lie that I am a “fake judge” —- you had better hope and pray to the Living God that I am precisely what I say I am, because if I am not, your last hope of peacefully reclaiming your country (and your own private property) is already gone.
You had better get behind me and the others like me who have stepped forward and blazed the way home to the land and soil jurisdiction of this country.  You better wake up and wise up and enter into the actual debate and stop being duped by For-Hire Jurists and “States of States” substituting themselves for the State Governments you are owed.
When the last of the American Judges go– if they go and are not replaced by a whole new generation of American Peacekeeping Officials– there will be nobody left to enforce the Public and Organic Law, no Constitutions, no “rights” at all for anyone.
You will be given a choice between living as chattel belonging to the British Crown Corporation and as subjects of the British Monarch, or being slaves of the Pope, and chattel belonging to the Holy Roman Empire.
The last vestiges of the America that our Forefathers fought for and bequeathed to us will be gone.
And all those who are running their mouths and saying that I am not a “real” Judge?
Most of them don’t know that “real” means “royal” and that indeed, I am not a “royal Judge” and don’t work for the Queen.
I am proud of the fact that I don’t work for the Queen, and that I don’t work for the Holy Roman Empire, either.
I work for the States and People of this country.
All the rest of you had better get off your duffs and do the same, before it is too late to find your way home again.
Wake up, America!  Stop worrying about who gets to “act” as Governor of the State of State of Virginia.  You have an actual land jurisdiction Office — Virginia Governor — to elect.
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