Long Form Birth Certificate Question – Who are you?


By Anna Von Reitz
There are two certificates– The Certificate of Live Birth and the Birth Certificate
(Short Form) —- BOTH are securities and BOTH are bonds.
The difference is that the Certificate of Live Birth shows your given name in Upper
and Lower Case and tells the day you were born and where you were born.
The short form shows a “birth date” and a birth place and everything is in all capital
The Certificate of Live Birth belongs to the State of _________ corporation issuing it
as an indemnification receipt— that is, an insurance receipt guaranteeing that you
shall come to no harm as a result of their use of your given name to profit
The Birth Certificate on the other hand is issued by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
which seizes upon your given name against the interests of the state where you were
born and uses your given name to create a PERSON — which is not “born” but is
“birthed”—- with the “birth” of this PERSON you, the baby, are declared “civilly
dead” and your name and estate are deemed “granted” to the British Crown— the
banks and the judiciary as chattel property— the “cargo” of a “vessel” in commerce.
This unholy and clandestine “system” results in your enslavement.


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