Is 5G Affecting More Than Your Immune System?

5G and EMF exposure is constantly increasing due to our national preoccupation with wireless technology.  We are also subjected to the telecom industry’s incessant push for 5G delivery via small cell technology and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)  with more and more “smart devices”that add to our EMF exposure.  We also have smart meters, WiFi routers (including those from neighbors), “hot spots”, wiFi enabled automobiles, digital games, fitness monitors,  mart watches and more.  The added EMF is “free” but has long-term consequences that impact our immune systems in ways we never imagined.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, head of the Sophia Institute specializes in helping people recover from negative health effects caused by overexposure to EMF.  One unexpected finding by Dr. Klinghardt, who is a world authority on EMFs and toxicity, is that EMFs increase excretions from candida, parasites, and mold by FIVE TIMES. this is in addition to the suppression of the immune system by the constant EMF attack on our bodies.  In a weakened state, the body cannot defend us from other outside attackers like candida, parasites, mold and other infections.  If our immune system is weakened and other infections are amplified by EMF, one must ask what about cancers?  It is conceivable that future studies will link long term EMF exposure to not only creating cancers, but  to increased the growth of existing cancers.

Image Credit to Stetzer Electric.


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