Massive COVID Fraud

UK Gov Website Reveals Extensive ‘COVID Cases’ Fr@ud

Posted on November 5, 2020 by ourgreaterdestiny

Government report
by David Linden

“RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.” Page 6 at the top

Thanks to Judy for this update.

Breaking news. A paper published on the government’s website reveals the infamous “PCR” test is of no use in detecting whether a live infection is present.

Ministers are said to be fearful of a furious public backlash in reaction to what is now known to be an ongoing fraud used to spread  disinformation about the infectiousness of a flu-like bug  that can prove serious in a small number of cases.

In essence what has happened is this:

The “PCR”test has been carried out on a large and growing number of people.

This has inevitably produced a large and growing number of “positives”.

The test has a number of possible flaws and proneness to inaccuracy and many have criticised the irresponsibility of using it as proof of the spread of any disease. However, if properly done can detect the presence of minute amounts of the remnants of genetic material from various viruses, the COVID19 virus among them.

The detection of the presence of these leftover bits of genetic material DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN the person is currently infected with a live virus.

It can show, for instance, that the person was to one degree or another previously infected (and often so mildly they scarcely noticed) and some of the viral material from the previous infection has not yet been flushed out of their system. The PCR test then detects these remnants and produces a “positive”.

These “positives” are then fraudulently called “cases” by the government.

It is not known at this stage the % of “cases” that were not actually cases but it is believed, given that the test CANNOT DETECT a LIVE VIRUS to be high.

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The Great Reset

Globalists, their proxies in government, the media, courts, military, etc. they own and control, betrayed man to the core because the majority of people remain unaware of a world coup that will deny them and everyone the right to earn a living, privacy including personal thoughts, safety, dignity, property ownership, freedom, creativity, and evolution of human potential.

Do you want to be surveilled 24/7, not just where you are, but – how you are?
What about allowing others to control how you function or even think?
How about others knowing your every thought without you even knowing it?
How about signing a new social contract that requires you, for the sake of others, to share many things you thought were safeguarded by an inalienable right to privacy and ownership?

Please watch the video or read the transcript about the future enslavement of man unless the ‘majority’ of people become more aware, withdraw consent by speaking up and taking a stand to save our body, mind, spirit/soul selves.

Michigan Governor: Up To Six Months In Prison If Businesses Don’t Surveil Customers For Contact Tracing

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is requiring restaurants, barbershops, tattoo parlors, recreational facilities, and entertainment establishments to record the names, contact information, and visit times of all customers to “aid with contact tracing.” Any establishment that does not comply is threatened with a maximum $200 fine, a misdemeanor charge punishable with up to six months in prison, and a $1,000 civil fine for violating the state’s emergency orders.

Revelations can lead to redemption

Each of us here now is empowered to create a another ending, one that advances a humane, just and peaceful new era.

Please share widely, and provide decision makers with evidence that COVID19 measures are not demonstrably justified. Thank you.

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

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