In Your Faces

By Anna Von Reitz

The “Massive Election Integrity Disaster” we are witnessing is a mirror of all the rest of the swamp. It’s the ultimate logical outcome of the Swamp and its existence.Ever heard of an “Over-Vote”? That’s where you have two, three, four….. times the number of votes in a precinct over and above the total number of people who live there— including children.Ever heard of American Votes being counted in Germany? In Spain? By pals of Hugo Chavez?There are now thousands of affidavits from election workers and witnesses all over this country swearing under penalty of perjury to voter fraud, repeat voting, truckloads of ballots pulling up to the backdoor in the middle of the night full of “mail-in ballots” that were never folded or inserted in any envelope….. all of them marked for Joe Biden and only Joe Biden? Really?Or how about software that lets election workers “drop and drag” thousands of votes and digitally drop them in the trash? Or “donate” them to another candidate? That’s just part of what the Dominion software used to count your votes brags that it can do to fix elections.That’s what THEY used to count your votes.And there is convincing circumstantial evidence (logic-based, common sense, look at the dots) that this wasn’t just some fluke or some state election committee being stupid. Oh, no.All this was done in multiple States, done in the same way in multiple States, and at virtually the same time in multiple States.What we’ve got here is a coordinated conspiracy against this country and against the people of this country, against our traditions, and against every principle of fairness, honesty, or justice in an election process.These unspeakable criminals have tried their best to turn America into a third-rate Hell Hole and it’s time they all paid for it.Oh, it couldn’t happen here? You must be mistaken?It did happen here, and all around the rest of the world, too.Oh, you don’t have any evidence of that…..Yes, there is evidence, and not a small amount of it. A huge amount of it. Sitting in the middle of the living room. Elephant-sized.If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the hour plus “opening statement” press conference regarding the election fraud Investigation:
If that link disappears from YouTube watch this one on BitChute. all I can add to it is the answer to where the FBI has been the last dozen years.`It’s been misdirected by the Holding Company that owns it, an unknown Holding Company being run by an undisclosed Board of Directors operating as a Municipal Corporation calling itself THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES. That’s where the FBI has been and that’s why they’ve had their heads up their butts and why they have been complicit in hiding dozens of crimes and failure to prosecute hundreds more.Unmask the Holding Company bosses and you know who has been using the FBI to diddle America.Do some similar research and you’ll find out who has been jerking the strings of the “DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE”.And if you want to dig deeper into the roles of CIA/DIA/MI6/SS and the ROOT of all Evil, here you go— the Trudeau Family, happily handing over the keys to your car and a whole lot more: think it’s time to send all the employees of these organizations home with a Pink Slip and a “Thank you for your service.” pin, and I just happen to know the organizations with the authority to do exactly that.Your State Assemblies.So run, don’t walk. Your country needs saving. Go
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The American States Assembly

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