It’s Time To Re-Educate Ourselves – Restoring Lawful Government – The Role of the Trustee…Members of Congress

On Aug 14, 2014, at 12:46 PM, anna-von:reitz wrote:
“Trustee” is defined as a term in law and it is the same no matter what kind or level of “trust” it is. All trustees bear
strict fiduciary obligations both to the Donor of the trust assets and to the Beneficiaries.
All trusts are formed the same way. A Donor places assets into a trust which is to be guarded and managed by a
Trustee for the benefit of the designated Beneficiaries.
As a result of the Revolutionary War, the Pope created a new National Trust out of the assets of all the former
Colonies. This new trust was called The United States Trust (1789). All national level trusts are split into three
jurisdictions— air, land, and sea. The Pope in his “temporal role” as Trustee of the Global Estate Trust retains
responsibility for all three for all nations. He delegates the responsibility for the air jurisdiction to Trustee Office
appointed within the Church. In our case, the Trustee of the Air Jurisdiction is the Rector of the National Shrine in
Washington, DC. The Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways for Americans is the British
Monarch. The Trustee on the Land is supposed to be The United States Postmaster, but in 1933 the Congress placed
the entire Post Office under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, so Jacob L. Lew inherited that
It is important to understand what went on step by step.
Between January 1866 and December 1878 a new governmental services corporation was formed doing business as
the “United States of America, Inc.” This entity was created to take over the role and responsibility of the United
States Company which was the original governmental services provider during its bankruptcy reorganization which
began in April 1863. It published a “new” corporate “constitution” known as the Constitution of the United States of
America which was almost (but not quite) the same as the original constitution known as The Constitution for the
united States of America…..
This new corporate Constitution was only a corporate document. The several States were in bankruptcy and unable to
contract, so Congress “changed hats” and signed on as the government of new “legal fiction states” created under the
foreign auspices of the new “federal” government.
Original Constitution was The Constitution for the united States of America. The name of the country is was and
always will be “States of America”. The word “united” was just an adjective, a descriptor of “States of America”
acting as a “union” of separate states. These were designated as “the Maryland State” and the business entity
“representing “the Maryland State” was known as “the State of Maryland” —– pay attention to the word “the”……
The land and the people of “the Maryland State” were never involved in any bankruptcy at all. They were (and are)
held in perpetual trust as part of the Global Estate Trust. The entities bankrupted in 1863 were all franchises of the
parent company doing business as the United States Company doing business as “the State of Maryland”, “the State
of New York” and so on.
The new corporation that took over formed new “state” franchises for itself, so after 1878 we had the United States of
America, Inc. and franchises known as “The State of Maryland” or “The State of Ohio”. This corporation and these
franchises functioned under the Constitution of the United States of America until 1933 when it, too, was bankrupted.
So, the perpetrators again “reorganized”—- the United States of America, Inc. being run by the Federal Reserve
System was entered into Chapter 11 and a new entity run by the United Nations/IMF doing business as the UNITED
STATE (INC)—a French commercial corporation– took over and created new franchises doing business as “the
STATE OF MARYLAND” and “the STATE OF NEW YORK” and so on and also published privately yet another
new constitution known as the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.
Are you beginning to catch the drift and the con game? CONTINUE

The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

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