One of the true great Patriots of our time is Peggy Hall. Have you been discriminated against?

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Have you been discriminated against?

If you have been discriminated against and you want to make a claim against a store, dentist, hotel, bank, or other PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION, you can use your state laws  to learn what laws have been violated.


Watch the videos at that link in the page linked above and then study the remedies described in document #12
Do you need a personalized letter to your employer or school?

Thank you to those who have requested a personalized letter from Pastor David as an “Affirmation of Faith” letter, which you can submit to your employer (Human Resources or Legal Dept) and/or your child’s school.

You also will get an additional letter that is written for you, as though you have written it, to submit for your request for religious exemption for your school or employer.

I wish these letters came with a guaranteed result, but that depends on whether the employer or school is willing to abide by the law.

These are available for a suggested donation of $20 for the two letters.

When you request your personalized letter here be sure to write in the comment box the full name you want the letter to include, and whether it is for an employer or school.

Please allow 24-48 hours for the letters to be emailed to you. 
Join NATF as a volunteer to help fight tyranny!   

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