The HEALTHY AMERICAN – Let’s make sense of the laws, orders and your rights…. “Shall we?”

Let’s make sense of the laws, orders and your rights…. “Shall we?”
You have got to join me today on my FREE livestream class where you will get information about…
the laws that prohibit discriminationhealth orders — are they the same as laws?what can I do when I’ve been discriminated against?
Plus, you get information about additional ESSENTIAL (!) resources that help you learn about your rights and how to defend them.
WHAT: Livestream about your rights and how to defend them
WHEN: Monday, March 1; 3:00 pm Pacific
WHERE: The Healthy American Youtube channel
*** BE sure to SUBSCRIBE*** on my YT channel so you will get a notification of the lives. Hit the red “subscribe” bar on the right of the page at the link above
WHY: This is the PERFECT information that goes hand-in-hand with the state laws that we have researched and prepared for you.
HOW to watch a livestream Click to learn how
This fellow explains how to do it (I’m new to it as well, prayers that it will all go well this afternoon!)
Still need to get your state laws that protect you against discrimination?
Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported this important work here at THE HEALTHY AMERICAN.
Long days and countless hours have gone into researching the applicable laws for each state — yes, all 50 of them!
If you ordered/donated for your state but are still waiting for the link, thank you for your patience!
About 2 weeks ago, we sent out the responses, but perhaps the email landed in your spam or trash? We are working non-stop to reply to each and every email, thank you!
Two options for getting your state laws
(1) The quickest, fastest and easiest way is to go here and click through, where you are taken to the page to select the state you need for $
(2) If you prefer to make a donation of a different amount, you can go here instead: on the box that says, “Write us a comment”, then put in your state so we know which state to send.
Guess which states are the most shutdown and that we are getting the most requests for?
This is very interesting to me because I can tell which states are the most shutdown.
Of course, state population also is a factor in how many requests we’re getting for each state, but there is a noticeable pattern.
Hop on the FREE LIVESTREAM CLASS this afternoon, and I’ll reveal the TOP 5 STATES where people are suffering the most.
See you this afternoon!
Peggyhttp://www.TheHealthyAmerican.orgThank you for helping me fight for freedom
Checks, cards and letters are gratefully received here:
Peggy Hall205 Avenida del Mar #681San Clemente, CA 92674
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P.S. The Private video platform is just slightly delayed as we get everything ready to welcome you “on the inside”. Should be later this week, more details coming soon!

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