Holding Space in Global Lightning Strike

These are unprecedented times in which many of us are observing some extremely difficult situations happening around us, that are impacting our lives and the people that we love and care for. The set up at the collective level is knowing that the lightning strike will come at some point and that will bring major awakening when seeing beyond the falsity of deceptions when the truth is finally made known. Some people will be strong enough to awaken in order to be willing to see the truth, while others will not.

Many times, when lightning strikes in our consciousness body we are seeing the delusion or falsity that was present in interactions that gave us a false sense of strength and security by following what everyone else around us was telling us to do. Maybe they were not telling us their opinions in a gentle way, but insisting, using threats, emotional blackmail and using intimidation tactics in order to get us to submit to their agenda. In current events, we can easily observe all of this harassment and intimidation used by people being manipulated under the false pretenses of being safe in a mass psychological operation engineering the population to be mind control slaves. When we are driven only by external forces, we look to the outer world and to other people around us to inform as to what we should be doing, instead of listening to our inner heart and taking internal guidance into greater consideration. Maybe we thought those situations demanding our compliance were about being benevolent and kind, we thought someone cared about us and that they were being honest when they told us what we must do. And we based our decision on believing them. Later on, we may wake up to see the hidden agenda that was actually being orchestrated to manipulate human beings to do something that was actually very harmful to us and others. Who is responsible for the harm being caused in the longer term, what piece have we played in perpetuating this harm from our own ignorance?


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