BRAVO! And So It Is!


What part of this chaos are you surprised about?

As In The Days Of Noah - YouTube

Where ever you are this day in your fear versus faith, your walk with the Lord versus running with the world, your fight to build courage, your ability to call on the Holy Spirit to build your faith in the middle of the chaos or simply trying to make sense of the insane actions of others as the world is shaking… remember, there is nothing new under the sun. The Lord said this age of time would be as in the days of Noah. Imagine giants…and all manner of evil, with fallen angels mating with earthly women….(the alien/reptilian factor of today) mixing genetics of animals and humans into monstrous creatures. And all part of the new norm in Noah’s world.

File:Theseus and the Minotaur LACMA 65.37.157.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Imagine the days of Noah?? It wasn’t just a world wide flood….it was chaos, inside out, upside down, what was right…

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