Davos, 2021 —The Oligarchy Frets as the Crisis Deepens

Day 1 of the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Davos Conference featured a breathtaking display of oligarchical intention to eradicate all national sovereignty and remake the world with the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy in the driver’s seat. This year’s Davos Agenda is a “virtual” conference, taking place on-line. Postings include video presentations, accompanying transcripts, as well as additional supporting material that has been posted on the WEF website. 

In this, only the first day of the week-long conference, several major themes were presented, including: 

  1. A Kinder Gentler Dictatorship 
  2. Good-bye Nation States 
  3. China Makes its Peace with the Empire 
  4. Global Malthusianism 
  5. Using COVID to Re-make Human Culture – CONTINUE
  6. https://www.larouchepac.com/davos_2021_the_oligarchy_frets_as_the_crisis_deepens

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