Statement of Constitutional Sheriff – CSPOA

The Stance of a Constitutional Sheriff, 2021

In response to the numerous violations of basic human rights by our own government, the CSPOA has composed the following document.  It is designed to help the Constitutional Sheriff defend the Bill of Rights and restore Liberty to America, one county at a time.  Some intended uses of this document are:


Constitutional Sheriffs, the Purse and the Sword

By: Noel Berge|Published on: Nov 9, 2012|Categories: FeaturedTenther 101

The principle and concept of the constitutional sheriff could be the key to regaining state sovereignty.

It could wake people up at the county level and create a movement within any State, using the constitution as defined, and nullifying any federal intrusion, overreach or usurpation.

This means growing awareness and acknowledgment of individual state’s rights and the power of The Purse & The Sword.

The constitutional sheriff’s role and responsibility is the tip of the sword in this march towards state sovereignty.

The role of sheriff is being undermined in America today. The federal government is increasingly taking steps to negate local law-enforcement and usurp all such authority under the federal government. This is being done via DHS, TSA  and DEA, on the highways and in local airports. The feds supply funding to local law-enforcement and gaining control over them via their budget.

The states have been undermined too. They have given up, or had usurped, their control over many areas, including constitutional money and local defense, among other things. It is the economic activity of the people in goods and services in each state, and a sound money to promote free trade and the concomitant power of the sword to defend are classic to sovereignty at the individual and the state level.

This is proved throughout history and determines the operational definition of sovereignty: do you have control over The Purse and the Sword? That is, can you protect your wealth and hold onto your property.

Regaining and clarifying the linchpin role and responsibility of the sheriff’s office as an integral constitutional office defined by the State Constitution and is key to returning to control of the ‘Sword’ side of the two faces of sovereignty.

A states must clearly define and determine their future in uncertain times and ensure prosperity during the good, bad or ugly times, whenever they occur. Taking back the Sword is but one half of the equation. But it will set the stage for taking back personal and state sovereignty, and ensuring the ‘blessings of liberty’ of  the people living in the jurisdiction encompassed by the state.

Let’s not forget that each of the state is a sovereign entity, not some decentralized unit of a central government or of the federal government. We are a constitutional republic made up of independent states that created a ‘defined’ federal government with delegated powers to handle specific areas common to the United States.


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