One Brilliant Deceit Too Many

By Anna Von Reitz

Look at the 14th Amendment. Look at the crucial phrase, “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.
Look at the Trading With the Enemy Act. Look at the crucial phrase, “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.
What are they talking about? They are talking about “the” United States — that is, the Municipal United States and its “Citizens of the United States”.
It is not, as so many people have assumed, talking about us. It’s not even talking about the Territorial “United States Citizens”, either.
None of that is our “United States”. None of us are naturally subject to the jurisdiction of the Municipal United States.
You will also hear that the British Parliament declared “war” on us in 1860, but if you look closely at that, you will see that it is an action against the Confederate States of States, as it had to be to prevent all of our Allies from declaring an actual war on Britain.
That this is true is underlined by the fact that the Russian Czar placed his Navy between us and the British at the end of the hostilities— just to “remind” them of their obligations under actual international law and international treaties and service contracts and trust agreements that the rats owed us then and still owe us now.
So sharpen your wits and your eye-sight to catch the fine details and don’t be misled. The actual Law is firmly on our side of the issues.
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