5G ALERT – The $2 Trillion Stimulus: 5G Winners


Hot and heavy 5G Rollout and Investment Promotions


By Ian Wyatt | May 8, 2020

Congress recently passed a huge $2 trillion stimulus.

They’re already planning the next trillion-dollar stimulus. And this will focus on key infrastructure with 5G is at the top of the list.

Frankly, this 5G stock already secured contracts with the Pentagon. And it could hand you 562% gains in 2020.

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Senator Richard Shelby is getting ready for a new wave of stimulus.

The Republican senator leads the Appropriations Committee. And he says America desperately needs a major infrastructure upgrade.

“They probably need $1 trillion for infrastructure over a number of years. We’ve needed it a long time, but we have to figure out how to pay for it,” says the senator.

Democrats on Capitol Hill have been pushing for a $700 billion stimulus.

A new infrastructure bill would focus on digital infrastructure including broadband and new fifth-generation wireless known as 5G. It might also include clean water infrastructure upgrades and money for roads and highways.

President Trump is already asking for another $2 trillion stimulus.

This is considered Phase 4 of the stimulus package being delivered by Congress. And it’s designed to help America’s ailing economy recover after the current health crisis.

The new infrastructure bill wouldn’t be introduced until late April. That’s when Congress is expected to reconvene in Washington D.C.

President Trump has been a big proponent of 5G. And the FCC is pulling out all the stops to provide spectrum to wireless companies including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Now it looks like Congress is also jumping on the bandwagon.

Investing billions in new 5G technology and infrastructure will have two benefits.

First, it’ll encourage the wireless carriers to quickly roll out 5G nationwide. Instead of pulling back on spending, these companies will be able to build out new technology with government support. And this in turn will save existing jobs and create new ones.

Second, it’ll bring faster wireless connections to every American. The U.S. wireless networks have always been slower than in places like Japan and South Korea. This is our opportunity to upgrade to a world-class wireless network.

One thing is certain . . .

President Trump and Congress will make sure that it’s 100% American companies that get the cash. None of this money will be going to Chinese 5G stocks.

That’s why I’m getting ready to jump into these top 5G stocks.

Here’s the best part . . .

The overall stock market has pulled back. And that means you can secure shares of these 5G stocks at the cheapest price we’ve seen in a long time.

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