Come Out Of Babylon

Come out of Babylon


Through the resources provided by The Club, members will find a focus on the essential ingredients required for freedom to exist in an unfree world. We do this by properly positioning our personal and business assets and creating the proper relationships in the global arena.
We call our members ‘The Mastermind Group which consists of successful minded, informed and forward thinking individuals who seek to manage political, financial and economic risk to their best advantage. This involves asset holdings and management structures, entities to manage business finances and creating the proper relationships to enhance personal freedom wherever you are in the world.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: God created Man to be free, prosperous, creative and productive.
Everything we do in The Club points toward achieving that status.
As world governments expand their reach and control over humanity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve those standards of living with any level of privacy or prosperity.
History and current events show us that to keep all of your eggs in one basket and to roll the dice on that basket being the ‘best environment to develop your current and future interests, is a strategy for ill informed fools.
When corruption reaches the point that government represents little more than an ongoing criminal enterprise bent on eating out the substance of the most productive people, the good, hardworking, productive elements in society have no choice but to look outside their ‘fatherland’ to secure their best interests and future freedoms.
God gave man dominion over the earth. And it is in all corners of the earth that our Mastermind Group is able to achieve our objectives.
Listen to our founder in the short video below as he discusses our philosophy.
The Lighthouse Law Cub is a center for advanced learning, education and advancement in both the personal and business realms. It’s focus is the empowerment of its members with the tools of knowledge and access to contacts & opportunities so that we all may develop, preserve and enjoy the fruits of our labor to the maximum extent possible. Above all, we are about preserving; Life, Liberty and Prosperity as represented by the traditional American values of personal independence and self reliance.
We do this for all people around the globe.