Can Anyone Verify This Antifa/4th of July/FWD’d message


fire-drill-shutterstock-161498726-580x358I urge one and all to read/watch/listen,,,,,

Thank you Dave for sending this. WHEN EVIL PLANS ARE EXPOSED BEFORE THEY HAVE A CHANCE TO HAPPEN, THEY OFTEN FALL APART!!!! It really does not matter where such a plan is intended to “initiate” in order to signal a spread. Yes we have seen especially in NYC, CHICAGO, SEATTLE etc. over the past few days rioters setting off professional rocket type fireworks in the middle of downtown city areas with absolutely no regard to where they were aimed, what or who they might hit. One such female ignoramus lit a fuse on one and threw it and a “peaceful” protester threw it back in her car. They will not only kill and get people killed they will get themselves killed; either by armed citizens fighting  back since most law enforcement has been neutered in these cities or when they are identified, arrested, prosecuted and jailed if they are lucky or put to death eventually for the crime. Remember the Supreme Court has reinstated the Federal Death Sentence. Murder is a capital crime and when done as part of an organized/paid plan by an organization which has been formally federally identified as a “terrorist group” such as antifa murder becomes a federal capital crime which carries a death sentence when convicted. Someone needs to ask these young indoctrinated simpletons that will be aiding and participating in these plans “How much have you or are you being paid? Is it enough to die for? Because that’s where you’re heading.”

Many law enforcement members are either retiring early or just plain quitting in states like NY, GA, WA, CA, NJ, PA, etc. why? Because they see now that they are being used as CANNON FODDER by their mayors, city council, governors, state legislators and are being not just thrown under the bus but deliberately lined up in front of violent individuals who have nothing but murderous intent under the false guise of “peaceful protest and first amendment rights”. Like a wonderful rural sheriff in Washington state said to his constituents yesterday DON’T BE A SHEEP!! And I say WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU STAND, DEFEND, FIGHT BACK. We all have the GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND OUR OWN AND OUR FAMILIES LIVES AND PROPERTY AS WELL AS THOSE OF OUR NEIGHBORS. WE ARE AMERICANS and the only colors that matter are RED, WHITE AND BLUE!!!!!!!

For those of you who get this who live here in Cherokee County, NC I don’t think we are in much danger this 4th but if you are considering going to Georgia, like Blue Ridge or Blairsville even for the fireworks think hard first because Georgia law enforcement has already bowed down to the mob. With thousands of people in small areas with cars parked like sardines in cans, roads closed to traffic and literally no good route of escape you are sitting ducks. As for me I am not going this year. I already enjoyed the fireworks in Ducktown TN last Saturday. If I was going to go though I sure wouldn’t go without my gun. That’s just me. You shouldn’t let these people destroy your holiday but if you know where you are going is an area where you are totally on your own if violence breaks out why would you choose that area to go to?





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If you fail to copy or share this you are not a patriot you are part of the problem

I received this in a email – FYI
Tuesday, June 23, 2020 11:59 AM
PLEASE be aware this July 4…….

30,000 members per state…many trained by radical Islam they plan on killing as many Trump supporters and whites as possible!!

ANTIFA To Desecrate Gettysburg National Cemetery on July 4 – Then MURDER & BURN White Suburbs under cover of “Fireworks”

ANTIFA is planning to desecrate the Gettysburg National Cemetery by burning flags there on July 4; just before they begin MURDERING White people and BURNING DOWN Suburbs the same day. It will start at the desecration of Union Solder graves at Gettysburg, Pa.

According to the Controlled Unclassified Law Enforcement Bulletin issued as “Law Enforcement Sensitive – For Official Use Only” to Police and Fire Departments about ANTIFA already using fireworks to acclimate suburbia with sounds of explosions, so they can use those to cover for gun fire when they attack white, suburban, neighborhoods the same day.

According to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in a Bulletin issued to Police and Fire Departments, ANTIFA has been taking deliveries of very large shipments of professional-grade fireworks. They have been sending teams out to various areas throughout America to detonate those fireworks for the past two weeks, to achieve Three (3) specific objectives:

1) The first objective is to test the response of local law enforcement. If fireworks are going off around the clock and residents are filing complaints, will police respond? How long does it take them to respond? How many officers? Do they even respond at all? This data is being recorded by these groups, and will prove to be very valuable intel for what is to come. This is a very accurate barometer to test the waters.

2) The second objective is to get local residents (ie: white people in nearby neighborhoods) acclimated to the frequent sounds of explosions that often sound like gunfire.

3) The final objective: Knowing response times and manpower of police, and having acclimated the local population into explosion sounds that mimic gunfire, to then commit arson attacks with professional fireworks to set so many fires, local Emergency Services are immediately overwhelmed, and enter houses to actually fire guns and kill as many as possible in white suburbs.

Unless you have been living on different planet, you should be fully aware that America is currently under attack. While mass-media has portrayed this situation as “peaceful protests” those engaged have been rioting, smashing private property and businesses, looting on a scale which is un-paralleled, and beating, stabbing, shooting innocent people in the areas where these activities are taking place.

You have probably also read or overheard many reports of illegal fireworks and explosions that are currently taking place throughout many different US cities. If you do a Google search for “fireworks complaints” you will find countless articles posted just in the last week or so.

Most of these news reports are local, since local news is far more likely to have boots on the ground and residents reporting an accurate assessment as to what is actually going on. However, national media outlets are largely attempting to paint this “uptick” in fireworks activity as a sign of people being overly “celebratory” in preparation for the 4th of July.

Here are the facts, so please pay close attention.

As a result of major 4th of July events being shut down and cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an overwhelming surplus of fireworks have flooded the market. Several activist groups including ANTIFA, BLM and Weather-Undergound are exploiting this surplus and are bulk purchasing from suppliers in extremely high volumes.

In many cases, these are highly dangerous, professional-grade fireworks.

The number of people within these groups must not be underestimated. They operate like terrorists and use clandestine communication strategies. There are many members of these in groups in most major cities, and have been for several years. Yes, these are essentially domestic terror cells, and as you’ve likely guessed, this is indeed the year in which they have been instructed to carry out their master’s dystopian agenda.

What they are doing is delivering fireworks in bulk, via moving trucks and vans.

You may have remembered the pallets of bricks that were being dropped off at various locations so Rioters could use those bricks to destroy property? This is a similar strategy.

Once these fireworks are delivered, they are then distributing them to any black people who wish to set them off for their own entertainment, previously under the guise of the non-existent “Juneteenth” holiday, and to make sure these fireworks were set off almost continually all day and night in various cities.

This may not be a shock, as you’re likely aware that white, Marxist radicals are the ones who have been frequently arrested for burning buildings cars during these riots. Again, these are activists/terrorists who have covertly infiltrated these predominantly black areas. So, this answers the question of “who” is responsible for the huge number of fireworks complaints that have been circulating for a week or more.

You may remember a blip on Drudge and various other outlets not long ago about the riots reaching white neighborhoods, and this is indeed the objective.

The foundations of this great nation are in the process of being literally erased. This should be clear by now. Pray for America.


You’re being scammed by enemies of America who occupy powerful positions in government and the media. November 2020 is the way we, the people, can fight back. Know your enemy. Ditch the masks. Rise. #Covid911

To win we must remember what made us strong so that true justice can finally return to what is and always will be the most exceptional Republic ever to exist in all of human history. May God bless America.


URGENT!! The Next 24 Hours are Critical For Each of Us — Wake Up To The Truth


The Exalted Lamb 1 May 7, 2020 The Next 24 Hours are Critical For Each of Us Original first video: Original second video: “End Times Productions”… Original third video at via URGENT!! The Next 24 Hours are Critical For Each of Us – YouTube

via URGENT!! The Next 24 Hours are Critical For Each of Us — Wake Up To The Truth

Bill Gates Offered Reps $10 Million Bribe For Passage of Compulsory Vaccination Bill – CUPP

Your Government

Judge Anna 2peace-flag-w380-o

By Anna Von Reitz

Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you.
It’s decisions are supposed to be made by you.
It’s primary responsibility is to protect you and your property assets at all costs and all comers.
That’s why governments exist.
And that is the only reason for any government to exist, ever.
But what if your government doesn’t protect you?
What if, instead, your government preys upon you, threatens you, harasses you, and makes you miserable and fearful?
Then something is terribly wrong.
Six generations of Americans have been preyed upon, threatened, and harassed by something posing as “their” government.
It isn’t our government.
It’s a substitute government run by two Federal subcontractors.





Shifts in the supply chain demand attention

Ice Age Farmer

Crops rotting in fields. Dairy farmers incentivized to quit for good. Beef/pork processors shutting down. All by design.

Spread the word and make sure everyone starts growing food, no matter how small scale — every bit helps.

Links to video references at

Ship Crews Stuck in Lock down Strain Global Supply Chains

Port restrictions and canceled flights are straining the ability to replace seafarers on board ships, further weakening global supply chains already snarled by the coronavirus pandemic.

At risk is the flow of goods like food, medicine and energy via commercial shipping, which accounts for about 80% of global trade. While unseen by most consumers, restrictions on crews are among the unprecedented challenges wrought by the virus, which has ground major economies to a halt. Read more at

SARS-CoV-2 Virus could threaten global food supply, UN warns

Hong Kong (CNN)As the novel coronavirus pandemic shuts down businesses globally and sends countries into lock down, the disruptions are threatening to cut off supply chains and increase food insecurity.  Read more at

NO MORE MEAT: Plants Close Indefinitely

By Ice Age Farmer

Our food production is being systematically dismantled in a controlled demolition of the life support system of civilization. Smithfield warns of meat shortages after closing their Sioux Falls plant indefinitely, offlining 7+% of USA hog production capacity.

NOW is the time to start growing food for your family and community and spread the word — NOT cede total control of our food supply! ALIGN with local farmer/ranchers & producers (and become one!). Support community operations however you can. Start learning and growing now. Read more at

World Economic Forum Future Meal Plan For Man

In the future no food will be grown in the ground. They plan to offer individuals 1.2 ounces of a laboratory created or insect protein, no meat whatsoever, and 36 grams of carbohydrate with no sweetener. The 1.2 ounces of protein is a week and the 36 grams of carbohydrate is every 21 days. Read more at

25+ Plants That You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Plan ahead, learn to grow some of your own food. Act now and please share so others can do the same.

More Angry Ohioans at Statehouse Protest Coronavirus Shutdowns

Protestors returned to the Ohio Statehouse for a second time to rally during Gov. Mike DeWine, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, and Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton’s press conference.

The time is now to stand together

There is no reasoning with people locked in their emotional brain from fear and hunger. Now is the time to get the word out about food shortages, about a world coup masked as SARS-CoV-2 Virus flu, and to speak up BEFORE hard martial law is imposed because silence is tacit or implied consent to mass gen0c!de.

Please share widely and now. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

Exposed!The CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With Fake Flu Like Material That Has Been Labelled Covid 19. The Virus Doesn’t Exist!! — Truth To Power

Federal Agencies Confirm Chinese & CDC Test Kits Contaminated With Fake Genetic Flu Like Material That Has Been Labelled Covid 19. The Virus Doesn’t Exist!!

via Exposed!The CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With Fake Flu Like Material That Has Been Labelled Covid 19. The Virus Doesn’t Exist!! — Truth To Power

Listen: Explosive talk on the 5G-Coronavirus connection, by alleged former senior Vodafone executive


Listen: Explosive talk on the 5G-Coronavirus connection, by alleged former senior Vodafone executive

In it, the speaker disclosed a startling perspective on the Coronavirus-5G connection.

While it may very well be factual and true, this information does need to be corroborated. Some are finding issue the alleged Vodafone exec indicates he doesn’t know to pronounce “Huawei”; also he states that 100,000 satellites were in the Van Allen belt long ago, when we know that isn’t the case. However, it’s possible that these may be trivial items and examples of how we all can misspeak at times.

In any case, this material is very compelling and does indeed warrant a review:

“EMERGENCY ALERT” BREAKING: Are 5G / Biometric Systems Being Covertly Installed During the Lockdown, Where YOU Live?


As the world grapples with the fallout of the COVID-19 situation, we write to you with an important call to action. Use the COMMENTS section below to let us know the situation where you live.

On Monday, an apparently school board whistleblower detailed how school districts were intending to covertly install 5G equipment in schools during the lockdown. This was followed by additional footage. As the world grapples with the fallout of the COVID-19 situation, we write to you with an important call to action. Watch video & join discussion…

Following the Logic Before Authority video, On March 18 another video began circulating showing a fleet of white work vans behind an unknown school. Although we do not see the name or location of the school, the video clearly shows vans for two companies – Systems Plus Wisconsin and North American Mechanical, Inc. Both companies appear to be headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

While American Mechanical, Inc focuses on plumbing and mechanical services, Systems Plus Wisconsin clearly states they install biometric systems. The person filming the video called the school to ask whether the vans were involved with anything related to 5G. The person on the other end of the line then immediately hung up the phone.

Watch the second video here: CONTINUE

From Lt. General (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn


by Anna von Reitz

From Lt. General (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn

This came across my desk early this morning as part of an email with the subject line “Global Prayer Warrior Mobilization ALERT” and it contained a brief note from General Flynn. I have never seen a more succinct or accurate description of the situation and the nature of the conflict that he, and we, find ourselves in.

From General Flynn addressed to Scott, apparently a member of the organization supporting General Flynn:

“Thank you for the note. Receiving it, especially today means more than you can imagine. I am very thankful for having you and the many other prayer warriors in my family’s life.

It is vital that we keep God in front of everything we do. I could never imagine myself ever being in the situation that I find myself, but it is a clear sign that evil does exist in our lives.

We are fighting a spiritual war that will only be won by prayers and the wisdom of the Lord has given us through his kindness and generosity of spirit and compassion. We must resolve that it is He who places us on the path of life and it is through Him that we will succeed in winning this war. We must.

God Bless America and God Bless our legions of Digital Soldiers!”

This brilliant summation deserves our attention and this good man deserves our utmost support in the face of the continuing onslaught of lies and injustice pouring out of the “Department of Justice”.

This is a spiritual and mental war, a conflict between what we have been indoctrinated to believe and what is true, between illusion and fact, between assumption and logic.

In this fight, our minds and hearts are the battleground. We must all do our best to engage our logic circuits and discernment.

The “Department of Justice” was created in 1870 during the endlessly corrupt administration of Ulysses S. Grant as one of the first “federal executive departments”.

Please note that the “Department of Justice” is not an actual government department — it’s an “executive” department, meaning that it was created within the structure of the interloping Scottish Corporation merely doing business as “The United States of America, Inc.” at that time, for the use of the Executive Branch of their corporation as a legal department.

Under King Rat FDR, the proliferation of such “executive departments” and “government agencies” — basically more unauthorized subcontractors doing the work of our Subcontractors — skyrocketed. Last time I looked, the Democrats padded the “federal government” with at least 350 such “departments” and “agencies”.

This arrangement allows the Perpetrators to do none of their own work, pass the work and accountability off to their subcontractors, and then pass the expense of all this on to us —so long as we don’t object.

Do I hear any objection? Now that you have been told the facts?

The existence of the “DOJ” isn’t authorized anywhere in our agreements with either of the Territorial or Municipal Government entities, so it is entirely an “in-house” organization set up by the interloping European corporate managers as a convenience for them.

We, the actual government, by contrast, have a Judicial Branch that provides our services and the only members of the “U.S. Government” that also belong to our Judicial Branch are the Justices of The United States Supreme Court.

The actual job of The United States Supreme Court is to interpret the meaning of, and enforce the limitations imposed by, our Constitutional Agreements with the Federal Subcontractors—that is, the Justices are supposed to tell the Congress and the President what they can get away with and what they cannot get away with, with respect to our contracts with them.

Anything else that The United States Supreme Court does is an extracurricular activity.

So, the DOJ and the Federal Courts and the State of State Courts are all, and specifically, not part of our lawful court system.

These “Courts” and the DOJ are instead part of the internal workings of the Federal Subcontractors — and the nuts and bolts administration of their in-house activities as corporations. These various courts are all in-house corporate tribunals, and the DOJ is the “Legal Department” of the corporation.

The DOJ was set up to assist the President in his job — please note again that it is an “executive” department, as in Executive Branch of the Federal Government, but things have changed since the DOJ was set up in 1870.

Since then, the Territorial Government’s Military functions have been split off from the Municipal Government’s Civil functions via a process of internal compartmentalization within the corporations, while the two European Federal Subcontractors have increasingly merged their operations in unintended collusion under their unauthorized “Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States” (1937).

The end result has been that the DOJ has become the creature of “the” United States Municipal Government, aka, the “Civil” (but not civilian) Government, and since the early 1990s, the Whipping Boy of the Municipal Congress.

So, how did the Municipal Congress manage to get control of the DOJ and wrest it away from the Executive Branch, when it is, purportedly, an “executive department”?

They changed the Judicial Oath. They deleted the little phrase “agreeable to the Constitution” and left the Judicial Officers — the Bar Attorneys, Federal Judges, etc. — and the members of the DOJ free to do “their duties under the Constitution”, but that’s just a joke.

None of these Judicial Officers have any duties assigned to them under the Constitutions. Only the Justices of The United States Supreme Court have any duties of that nature assigned to them.

In effect, we are paying for the Legal Services Department of a foreign Roman-controlled Municipal Government corporation, that is engaged in an endless stream of frauds and criminal activities aimed against our actual government, our States, and our People.

The Legal Services Department, dba, “Department of Justice” is being utterly controlled and mis-directed by the Municipal Congress, against the President of the same corporation— because the President is attempting to abide by the Constitutions that the Municipal Congress, operating as the Board of Directors of the Municipal Corporation, is trying to evade.

And that is also why the Municipal Congress is trying to impeach Donald Trump.

He’s doing a great job for us, but as President of their Municipal Corporation, he sucks. They are losing money and getting disciplined in ways they don’t like, so the Board of Directors, aka, the Municipal Congress, is trying to get rid of him and using their in-house DOJ to do it.

Like all “executive departments” the paperwork still places the DOJ under the President’s control, even if the members of the DOJ think that they are not obligated and liable to support the Constitutions anymore.

So, Donald Trump could dismiss all of them. He could fire the entire DOJ and set up a new in-house Legal Department.

He could just get up one morning and say, “You know what? You guys just aren’t getting what your job is supposed to be about. You’re confused. You think that your job is to protect the Municipal Corporation and maximize its profits. You think that the Congress is your Boss, even though you are an executive department. I got news for you. You’re fired. I am hiring a whole new staff who will do their actual job — which is to protect this country and the people in it. The people of this country have suffered on your watch, because you and the members of the Municipal Congress didn’t pay attention to who your actual Employers are.”

Give them all pink slips, re-name the “Department of Justice” the “Department of Legal Services” and hire new blood.

None of this drama has a thing to do with us. It’s all internal squabbling among our Subcontractors.

We can certainly object to the unintended collusion of the two European Subcontractors that was established by their “Declaration of Interdependence”, and that may have some benefit, but generally speaking, the Subcontractors can organize their internal affairs as they see fit.

And as a point of fact, both these European Subcontractors — the British Territorial United States and the Roman Municipal Government — are both owned and operated ultimately by the Pope.

We should be taking our complaints about all this and about the mis-administration in general, directly to him, because he controls the Commonwealth through the Queen, and the Municipal Government through the City of Rome and the Roman Curia.

The actual Federal Employees and other Dual Citizens can wake up and clean the clocks of the Municipal Congress members at the ballot box, with the realization that even if we remove every present member of the Municipal Congress, the Municipal Government will still function in a corrupt way because the structure of the corporation itself is corrupt.

Our agreements with the Pope and the Curia limit their activities to the “one-mile square” apportioned to them in the District of Columbia. They do not allow for the proliferation of 185,000 Municipal Corporations on our shores, nor do they allow for the mis-characterization of our State Citizens and populace in general as “citizens of the United States”.

Their little oligarchy perched on our shores has run wild and is totally their responsibility and should not be our concern, though of course, this ongoing circumstance causes us trouble, too.

We are constantly having to slap the hands of the pickpockets and argue with their bureaucrats and debunk their lies and false assumptions regarding us, our political status, our government, and just about everything that they do “for” us has to be countermanded and objected to.

The Pope and his Minions are quite literally the “Employees from Hell” — yet at the end of the day, with respect to us, that is what they are: Employees.

Remember that, and we will be well on our way toward getting this battlefield of the mind secured and cleared. Better still, get your rumps in gear and go to:

—and take action in the material world to reclaim your identity as an American and not a “citizen” of their version of “United States” at all.

Patriot, Q, America, veteran, people, Anna Von Reitz, lawful government, political status, reconstruction, Continental Congress, DeJure Government, land and soil, Jural Assembly, State Assembly, Assembly, American State National
Patriot, Q, America, veteran, people, Anna Von Reitz, lawful government, political status, reconstruction, Continental Congress, DeJure Government, land and soil, Jural Assembly, State Assembly, Assembly, American State National
Patriot, Q, America, veteran, people, Anna Von Reitz, lawful government, political status, reconstruction, Continental Congress, DeJure Government, land and soil, Jural Assembly, State Assembly, Assembly, American State National


At this point, this is unverified information, not intelligence. We will not have to wait too long as the new Virginia legislation is sworn in on 1/20/20. The Democrats have overplayed their hand in Washington, D.C. and their overreach is spreading across the country. They will use disinformation and propaganda to marginalize and misdirect their…

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