Jettison WHO, NATO, and the PENTAGON

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By Anna Von Reitz

Now that it is firmly known that the World Health Organization has engineered the deaths and intended the enslavement of millions of people—- why not liquidate the WHO crime syndicate and make a clean job of it?

Whatever good purpose the World Health Organization once had, it is no longer serving. It’s assets need to be confiscated and redirected to organizations that actually care about health and science, not profits for Board Members and Employees of WHO, not politics.

The same with NATO. It turns out that our purported Allies have been undermining us, pillaging us, and sending us the bill for their “defense” — ever since the Second World War. Where’s the sense in that? Again, whatever good purpose NATO may have once served, it no longer serves.

And the same is true of the illegal Municipal PENTAGON organization. They never really had a right or reason to exist on our shores, just another case of double-dipping the Dumb Americans and siphoning, siphoning, siphoning.

We are dealing this week with all sorts of “Octagons” and “–gons” of various sorts, the Octagon of Wuhan, for example, and the Octopus of George Soros, and the eight-sided umbrella organizations and all their trust directorate sub-units. And the PENTAGON is just another “GON”, too.

Soon the Pentagon Grid will be no more. They inverted the Star, to the Anti-Human Emblem of the Satanic Corporatists. Like the Nazis before them who unlawfully converted the power of man to the power of the beast, the same fate awaits the PENTAGON.

There are firefights beginning as the misdirected and misinformed NATO and UN “Peacekeeping” Forces begin their activities on our soil. These activities are premised on the totally false idea that America owes the rest of the world money and assets, when in fact, the debts are all owed by the Pope, the Queen, and Westminster —- not Americans at all.

Their puppet “the US” is what begged, borrowed, stole, and war-mongered all of us, misleading and misrepresenting “the Americans” on one hand to the rest of the world, and while the Perps stood in the middle, siphoning off money and assets belonging to the Americans and their trading partners, like China.

The Black Ops mercenary units known as Black Hats are guns for hire, being paid for by Westminster to come in here and kill Americans. Westminster is the problem and has been since Day One.

They owe us peace and Perpetual Amity, as the Treaties of Westminster prove, but instead they have done the dirty with the Mossad and are intent on making Americans pay for their debts — all their debts and the debts of the Israeli government, too, when we have already paid all we ever owed and a great deal more.

They are criminals and so is the UN Corp in back of all this. Filthy dirty criminals. Nazi sympathizers all.

In the days to come the Angels of the True God will be seen in broad daylight. In a single night, the Spirit of the True God will pass over them and blot these THINGS out forever. The men who have turned against their own countries for the sake of corporate greed will see their demise and know their fate.

The True God will withdraw his life from them and will not remember them, for they have forgotten His Name.

He will forget their names in return.

NATO will be no more, as the member nations will learn what their “leaders” planned for them. The PENTAGON will be destroyed, because the symbol of man has been turned against man. When the energy reversal is reversed again, their power will be shut off like a light switch being flipped. And they will be no more.

They, the Black Hats, will be recognized as mercenaries and criminals and the bankers paying them for murder will also be identified and brought to ruin; indeed, they already stand naked before the throne of justice, condemned by their own thoughts and deeds and acts.

These Municipal Corporations have no business being on our soil. The Pope knows this and they are his responsibility. Everyone around the world, make him own it!

NATO and the PENTAGON and all the other Alphabet Soups are being bankrupted one by one; their assets should be returned to the American States and People who paid for all that glitz and corruption at the same time they paid for the Department of Defense and The Department of Defense and the DOD, too.


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