Situation Update: 95 Theses — American Patriots Email Report

by Justice Anna von Reitz . Situation Update: 95 Theses . Remember that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people is not always in Session. Realize that it has now been called into Session. Now read the list: . 1. A State is not a State of State. And neither is […]

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Here You Go, Folks.

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz


Here You Go, Folks.

Still need “proof” that Covid 19 is a long-planned and deliberate action using our doctors as involuntarily conscripted Uniformed Officers (Federal Title 37) to perform False Flags and Acts of War?

Anyone who thinks about the Half-Life of Uranium knows that no atomic bombs were ever dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, Japan.  Just more Bushwah.  More Lies.   Looking at that Whopper and looking at this, what do you believe?

  1. Our military brass has lost its mind and gone utterly rogue and corrupt.
  2. Our Federal Subcontractors are nothing but rabid dogs.
  3. The Pope really is the Antichrist.
  4. All the above.

Explain to me how this was done in 1994 and placed in the Hell Gate known as Denver Airport, and nobody knew poop galore?

Tear off the masks and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

If Protesters can break down statues and ruin public buildings and shoot little kids, it’s time we showed the whole world the good sense of cockroaches and tore off the masks and nationalized the Arab-owned media promoting this crap.


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Discussion Regarding Kim “Possible” and The Trust — American Patriots Email Report

Judge Anna 2

by Justice Anna von Reitz

Discussion Regarding Kim “Possible” and The Trust There is no valid trust involved in any of this entire business, a fact that Herr XXXX knows and which Kim, obviously, does not. So he wisely keeps his mouth shut and let’s those who will be deceived, be deceived—-under the tenets […]

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Letter to the Joint Chiefs – 24 June 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

Letter to the Joint Chiefs — 24 June 2020
We are enclosing the substance of our letter sent to United Nations Secretary General Guterres and President Trump this morning.
If you value your power, your jobs, your pensions, your reputations or anything else in this world, you’d better get off your flat asses and shut down the Plan-demic “live exercise” and come to heel right about now.
And as for President Trump, you’d better take very good care of him. He is the only one of you that has a firm contract. The rest of you can be dismissed like so many farts in the wind.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]
Letter to United Nations Secretary-General, June 24, 2020
Dear Mr. Guterres and Mr. Trump:
It has come to our attention that our doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other respected health care professionals have been illegally conscripted as “Uniformed Officers” and also illegally licensed so as to coerce their compliance with political agendas and promote the use of these professionals to conduct “war” on our shores.
Our doctors have been forced for fear of not being able to make a living in their profession, to participate in the thoroughly illegal, immoral, and unlawful practice of presuming political statuses upon babies, which has resulted in a virtual genocide on paper against the civilian population in this country.
The doctors, though personally and morally culpable to the extent that they have known the result of their participation in issuing “Birth Certificates” are not to be held generally liable; that burden devolves upon the politicians who wrote and adopted the offending Federal Code and upon the Principals who allowed this without oversight.
We are suspending all Medical Doctor’s licenses in this country and the licenses of all other Health Care Professionals. All those affected will be able to continue with their work without regard to the American Medical Association (AMA) union, and without regard to any punishments or limitations offered under any Federal or Federal franchise State-of-State Code. Former Medical Doctors will henceforth function as Private Physicians on our shores, and any future oversight deemed necessary in the interests of public health will be done by the civilian government.
Similarly, all nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and other health care professionals are released from any conscription into Federal Service as Medical Officers licensed by the American Medical Association (AMA) or any other professional guild.
These persons may not be used for any obligatory military service against their will and may not be coerced by any “required” license or guild card issued by any labor union or professional association operating a closed shop. This goes for both the American Medical Association and its practices and both the American Bar Association and the United States Bar Association.
We have reason to believe that Medical Personnel are being used on a worldwide basis to conduct a form of proxy mercenary war against the civilian population of many countries and that these crimes are being purposefully predicated on deceit and abuse of Public Trust in the medical profession— a trust placed in these professionals without knowing that these professionals have been conscripted and coerced under involuntary military service obligations.
Thus, any Medical Doctor could be forced to lie under oath, to give false information to patients, to prescribe ineffective or even harmful medications and therapies, to sign false Birth Certificates, to recommend harmful practices such as giving untested and dangerous vaccinations, to present false test results, to falsify scientific research, and undertake other acts of “war” against reason and the Public Good.
We believe that our medical professionals have been pressed into service in exactly this kind of activity with regard not only to the issuance of falsified birth records, but also in the development and delivery of harmful vaccines and pharmaceuticals, the promotion of abortion and sale of fetal tissues and organs, and now, the staging of a False Flag in China, the development and release of an enhanced version of the Common Cold Virus to target the world’s elderly population, and forced participation in this quasi-military “operation” designed to fool and bilk and traumatize the public that these men and women are otherwise supposed to serve.
These activities are pre-planned and heinous in all regards, costing trillions of dollars and disruption of services and the uprooting and unemployment of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
We are therefore taking these actions and inviting all member nations of the United Nations to follow suit in the prompt removal of all military service conscription and military licensing of medical and legal professionals, and also in bringing prompt prosecution against those governmental services corporations and professional associations that are responsible for this gross betrayal of public trust and deplorable misuse of medical and legal professionals as “soldiers” in illegal mercenary wars.
We wish for the Plan-demic to be shut down and exposed as– and exactly as US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo called it, a “live exercise”, and also as the mean-spirited and self-interested Hoax that it is, criminal in intent and illegal for any national military force to engage in using “Uniformed Officers”.
The entire world has suffered as a result of, again, the venal duplicity and dishonesty of the Government of Westminster, Great Britain, the proxy government they have run in the United States, the egregious negligence and Bad Faith of the Roman Curia, and the actions of commercial corporations and corporate executives also serving as “Corporate Officers” conscripted into this scheme of Corporate Feudalism.
We call for the immediate arrest and execution of Bill Gates, for his crimes against humanity and especially against the elderly and the children of the world via his vaccination programs. We call for the confiscation of his personal and corporate assets in payment for these crimes.
We similarly call for the immediate arrest and execution of George Soros, for his crimes against humanity which include fomenting insurrection on a worldwide basis, harmful subliminal programming delivered via popular music and movies and television, human trafficking, and other crimes too numerous to mention. We call for the confiscation of his personal and corporate holdings in payment for these crimes.
These evil men and the evils they promote and foist upon others for the sake of political power and love of money must be brought to an end.
We also call for the immediate dissolution and liquidation of the American Medical Association as an unlawful labor union and closed union shop. We similarly call for the immediate dissolution and liquidation of the American Bar Association and the United States Bar Association for the same cause.
And we hereby publish the end of any municipal or military conscription of or licensing of medical professionals as “Uniformed Officers” anywhere the long arm of our government extends, on our shores or in our names. This madness and destruction and betrayal of the Public Trust must be brought to a swift and decisive end — and we, the American States and People, will not be blamed for it.
This entire heinous circumstance, the destruction that has been visited upon the world economy, upon the elderly and upon the babies and children, lies with the politicians, bankers, generals, admirals, and corporate executives who have sought their own self-interest and gross enrichment at the expense of their customers and employers.
These short-sighted criminals must be tracked down, prosecuted, and removed on a permanent basis from any position of public trust or benefit—including the benefit of being able to form corporations and enabled to seek bankruptcy protection for themselves and their enterprises. Any corporation or association or organization of any kind which promotes agendas contrary to the Public Good must be liquidated with prejudice and permanently disbanded.
If we discover any church or religious organization, any labor union or professional association, any club, any military organization or government subcontractor participating in medical or commercial crimes or acting as a storefront secluding criminal activity, they will be taken over, their property will be confiscated, and their employees will be out of work.
Most sincerely,
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]
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I Don’t Give a @#$$! What Color You Are

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

If you look, you will find lies and corruption nearly everywhere.

You will find it at Walmart and in Seattle and at Fort Bragg.  Wherever you look.  Just examine the things you are being told, and stack them up against the facts. Often the things that you take most for granted are the biggest lies.

America, land of the free?   Well, only if you are standing on the land.

Otherwise, it’s the land of the slaves.

This is a nice, clear clarion call for why you should be standing on the land and soil, declaring your political status as an American, and joining your State Assembly—–but there are plenty of other examples.

All the injustices, all the Big Fat Whoppers we are told, all the commercial frauds are Equal Opportunity.  The Shysters and the Mobsters and the Banksters don’t care what color you are, and neither do I.

All the people of color who assume that they are being singled out because of their color need to stop and look around.  Their white brethren are being railroaded and enslaved and harmed in exactly the same ways.  So it’s not a matter of color.  It’s a matter of perception.

Black Americans make up about 12-15% of our population, and thanks to their color, they are readily identifiable as a group.  That brings more attention to them, be it good attention or bad.  That’s why we hear about a black man being choked to death by police, but not the ten white guys that suffered the same fate.

However, don’t forget, that all the families and friends of all the Honkies who died, too, are just as much bereaved, just as much outraged, just as upset about police brutality that they have suffered and seen inflicted on their loved ones, too.

A knee is a knee and a neck is a neck.

Racism comes in all colors, including red, white, and blue.

I’ve been a victim of racism, and so have you.

Some of the worst parts of our culture, some of the most crippling lies, and most schmarmy betrayals are glued onto the issue of race as an afterthought, as a convenient excuse, when the actual issues have nothing to do with race at all.

The actual issues have to do with stealing assets and racketeering under color of law, with brutal misfits being recruited into police forces that aren’t under public control, with artificially controlled markets, funny money, corporate tribalism, and lack of pathways out of poverty and ignorance.

And all those issues are color blind.

Wall Street doesn’t care what color you are.

However, the Democrat Party cares what color you are.  They have cared since the 1850’s — but not in a good way.  Of all the Big Fat Lies we’ve been suckered into, this one comes near to taking the cake.

Please take three minutes out of your life to learn something of genuine value, a tip-off from a Sista, if you are a person of color, and a lesson for every bleeding-heart, oh-I-am-so-guilty Democrat who actually gives a rat’s rump about ending racial prejudice:

And thank you, once again, Dennis Prager at PragerU.


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The New Earth Union

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

Our country began with a union of States. This was, in turn, merely an “externalization” of a deeper Union— a union of people, who embraced the precious cause of freedom and the concept of unalienable individual rights.

The depth of this union of people was demonstrated by their unanimous Declaration of Independence. All the colonies moved forward together as one, and those making the Declaration put teeth into it with a “pledge” to these principles, backing their Declaration with “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”.

They pledged it all, not to any king who would reign over them, but instead, to their own natural sovereignty, their right to live as free men and to self-govern.

We must make that pledge again.

This is not a medieval pledge to serve a king, but a pledge made to oneself to honor the Universal Law of freewill and self-determination, and to mutually resist all despots and tyrannies with equal determination.

Our Forefathers were not only rebelling against the rule of George III, but were opposed to all monarchies and theocracies on principle.

Like the Norman Barons who had been elevated to the status of “sovereigns in the own right” in England gathering together to write the Magna Carta, our Forefathers realized that freedom and freedom of choice is the natural condition of mankind, and that any willing contract of servitude should honor eternal truths, not the persons of men or the dogmas of religion.

We are called to this devotion to eternal truth with our eyes wide-open and with a thousand years of past experience to guide us.

The principles upon which we stand are now well-established in the minds and hearts of people on a worldwide basis.

Just as we would not serve kings and their armed bands of thugs, we will not serve corporations intent on selling us “services” at gunpoint, with or without the aid of private hired mercenaries renamed as “law enforcement officers”.

We are in no way deceived about the purposes and intentions of these commercial organizations whether they style themselves as “service organizations” or produce products.

Their profit motives and will to conquer markets and enslave consumers are now, as ever, transparent and self-evident.

That we have sunk so low and become so gullible as to accept any infantile dependence on foreign commercial corporations acting as governmental services providers is a testament  to the utter and profound deficiency of our educational system, the corruption of our churches, synagogues and mosques, and the cupidity of our courts.

Surely, if any of our institutions of government, law, education, or religion, had stood firm against the seduction of commerce and kickbacks, we would not be facing the threat of demise and it would not be necessary to form a worldwide union of people opposed to corporate thuggery.

For whether it is the despotism of kings or the despotism of Monsanto, it is despotism just the same.

We are compelled by our nature, by our belief in justice, by our valuation of love, and by a canny sense of our own self-preservation, to take action against the corporate despots who would rule over us in the same or worse manner than King George.

We declare the formation of The New Earth Union and publish this copyright upon its name and patents and trademarks; we also declare its eternal mission to unite people in the cause of freeing our minds, bodies, and spirits, to discern and promote the truth, to protect life and individual property, to increase the abundance of love and health, to preserve the Earth, and to so educate ourselves and inform our institutions about the nature of money, that we never again fall into these same traps.

It has become apparent that the scourge of Corporate Feudalism has extended its grip worldwide, and that certain cartels of large corporate interests are literally threatening to take over the world and run it all like a giant plantation, complete with slaves and The Company Store.

We pledge ourselves to our own innate sovereignty, to restoring our national governments, and to liquidating all corporations that fail to serve the Public Good.

We call upon all people of goodwill and conscience to take action—-and as we Americans once created our union of States based upon a union of like-minded people to give rise to a new country,  let this new worldwide union of people give rise to a New Earth.

We leave you with this thought:

“Love is the Universal Currency, and we make ourselves Paupers for lack of it.”

How do we increase the abundance of love?


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The Secret to the LEO’s

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

The “secret” to the LEO’s is that they are working for private corporations as private security personnel and some of those corporations don’t like America. Some of them are run by men who want to rob and pillage this country or who work for other corporations who have similar nasty goals in mind.

The LEO’s working for such corporate managers know which side their bread is buttered on, so as corporate employees eager for advancement or at least job security, they turn a blind eye to their responsibilities under the Constitutions and to the Public.

So it isn’t the LEOs so much as it is the corporate managers directing them and letting them know “on the sly” what they need to do and the attitudes that they need to adopt to keep their jobs.

If you have bad men and thugs on a police force, you have bad mid-level bureaucrats and bad elected officials misdirecting and misinforming these men.

It’s really as simple as that.

Where we can exert the pressure is by doing what I have long advocated, declaring our proper political status and populating our State Assemblies, and, as Assemblies, pulling the charters of these organizations that have acted against the Public Good and in an unlawful manner.

The California State Assembly which is the actual owner of all these wrongheaded corporations can  liquidate, for example, the Santa Barbara Police Department and the Office of Santa Barbara Police Commissioner.

You then have your duly elected Assembly Sheriffs ready to go, so there is no lapse in protection and the incorporated entity is simply dissolved, allowing the constitutional and lawful Sheriff to walk in and take possession of the facilities and equipment that have been bought with the people’s money.

The bad politicians and bureaucrats and LEO’s who won’t do the job they were entrusted to do are SOL, left with a pink slip and a not for rehire recommendation on their records.

It’s easy as pie to put these incorporated entities into a bind where they (a) do their jobs and honor their obligations to the Public; or (b) are replaced—- once our Assemblies are fully populated and lawyered up.

Monsanto poisoning crops and people? Gone—either directly or via international complaint. Microsoft or Raytheon or “State of Rhode Island” misbehaving? —- gone, gone, gone.

Once the dog wakes up, it can wag its tail.

So again, the power is vested in the people of this country and once they get organized they can exercise it— peacefully, lawfully, with authority, and without question.

All it takes is to organize and grow and populate and most important— educate the members of the State Assembly. No need to fight anyone over anything.

Just demonstrate that these corporations have engaged in unlawful activities or failed to act responsibly for the Public Good— and they are outta here.

Lying media conglomerates?  Busted.  Big Pharma, AMA, CDC, NIH—- busted.  Telecom companies weaponizing civilian air waves and utilities as “defense” contractors— busted.

We can knock them down like Nine Pins, and it will take only a few examples to shove all the others back in line, because they won’t want to suffer the same fate.

Warren Buffet is no fool. Why do you think he pulled in his horns and got Bill Gates off his Board of Directors?  He is old enough to remember what a State Assembly— a real, properly populated State Assembly, can do.

He saw our warning and reminder to Larry Fink when Larry thought Black Rock, Inc., was going to play crack the whip.

He knew and he turned tail and cleaned his nose and circled the wagons at Berkshire Hathaway.

And as for their Running Dogs — the corporate courts?  The LEO’s? The District Attorneys?

They don’t have a thing to say to us once the Assemblies organize their courts, except to say “Yes, Ma’am, right away, Ma’am.” —- as good employees who are well-directed should.

So you see the “secret” to regaining control of this whole mess only requires knowing and declaring who we are, organizing our State Assemblies, staying in our lane, and applying our lawful authority.

And how do we do all that? —- today.


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BIG Happy News!

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

At a time when everything seems to be falling apart, we come together.

When “the world” seems to be zagging, we zig.

And while everyone else is eating dirt and hiding under rocks, going snake-eyed and doing stupid stuff, we smile, smile, smile!

Why not?  We are self-governing.  We call the shots.

Please study the message and the cartoon posted below that I got from Robert David Steele today and reflect on it.  All these Antifa mobsters are stealing the news headlines like spoiled brats on a rampage, but remember the good solid people you know, the salt-of-the-Earth men and women who are the true leaders in their communities nationwide who do not sanction rioting and looting as an answer.

Lift up your voice and sing, indeed.  This is America.  Not some Third World Hell Hole they think they are creating by calling it “the US”.

And when you are done contemplating that profound truth about the power of your choices versus the choices of madmen, anarchists, and would-be tyrants, knowing there are a hundred of us for every one of them– enjoy an hour and a half interview with me and Mark Emery, both, at once:

We are joining forces. The Living Law Firm and the Lighthouse Law Club will be working together. There will be more leading patriot organizations and constitutional lawyers joining with us soon.  Together, we are going to address the Public Interest and promote the Public Good.

Together, we are going to overcome the three obstacles that have thwarted the efforts of the people for decades — as Mark recently summed them up in his short video “It’s Game Time!” — (1) ignorance will be answered with education; (2) disorganization will be answered with lawful assembly; and (3) lack of funds will be answered by our pooling of resources and fundraising.

And let me add one more.

Many of you know that I was forced to leave my church because like so many of the others, unknown to me, it took part in the “commercialization of religion”.

When you incorporate a church you change its very nature, and promote the kind of corruption that has occurred with the black market trade in Baptismal Certificates.  These monsters have made money by claiming to own your soul, and have been trading upon your soul for money via the Baptismal Certificates.

This corruption makes the sale of “Indulgences” look small by comparison.

No, thank you.  That wasn’t the deal.  I opted out, and so should you.

Mark Emery has provided a solution for those who miss the comforts of  Fellowship: the unincorporated World Mission Church.  This is the kind of simple assembly that a church is meant to be, not interested in being a corporate conglomerate with billion dollar facilities, not bulking up its investments on Wall Street, but instead, working steadfastly to bring comfort, harmony, and compassion into the world.

Come all you outcasts from the Gaud and Glitter churches!  Come out of Babylon and say good-bye to the Deceivers.


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Regarding Civil Disobedience

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

The Politics of Obedience- A Discourse of Voluntary Slavery, by Etienne de la Boetie, was written in 1553; it is the Great-Great-Grandfather of the Civil Disobedience Movement that gave rise to both the French Revolution and The American War of Independence, was later espoused by Thoreau and Emerson, and most famously, by Gandhi, who wrote his own treatise based on his own more recent experience leading the largest peaceful civil disobedience movement in world history.

When you truly understand it, civil disobedience is a direct result of active self-governance.

When you govern yourself, you become immune to being governed externally.  You evaluate every demand being made upon you and quite consciously decide for yourself whether or not you will obey or should obey or what is gained or lost by obeying.

By gathering together with other people who have considered these questions over time, it is possible to arrive — as our Forefathers did – at a consensus that reasonable men and women can agree on, and those accepted principles then become a new standard for the self-governance of a State and ultimately, of a country.

We, Americans, have been asleep at the wheel and have not done our part — have not undertaken our self-governance for a very long time.  Now, it falls to us individually and as State Assemblies to engage in this process of self-government anew, evaluating our inheritance, keeping what is good, restoring what was lost, and forging ahead with humility to consider the great questions of our own times.

The question naturally arises: having established self-governance, do we embrace civil disobedience, too?

The answer is and must be, yes, to the extent that conventional practices are demonstrably wrong and that other redress is unavailable.  The Colonies did not rebel under the spur of an instant or arbitrary ill; they chose independence as the result of decades of failure by the British Monarch and the British Parliament to redress injustices. Thoreau spent time in jail for refusing to pay taxes on his own land.  Gandhi led a whole nation to oppose the foreign oppression of the British Raj.

Many of us have made sacrifices on the way here,  to uphold our rights and often enough, to defend the rights of others.  We became civilly disobedient out of necessity, because our sense of justice and reason demanded it of us as self-governing people, and because there was no ready means of redress.

That does not mean that we became violent, even in the face of the most awful repressions and injustices.  It means that we did not obey, and whatever prices were exacted for not obeying, we paid; be sure that civil disobedience has both its rewards and its penalties.

Long after the fines and the nights in jail are past, one can count the toll of civil disobedience in terms of friends and family members estranged because they feel that our civil disobedience endangered or embarrassed them; too often, we face the continued harassment of police and politicians who demand obedience without reason.  They are reduced to saying, “Because I say so!” or “Because fifty of us got together and we say so!”

In my experience, those who undertake peaceful civil disobedience are reasoning men, who have observed the principles of Nature and Justice, and who know what they are doing and why. They have taken up the mantle of self-governance, sought their remedies and been denied, and held their own court on the matter.

Today, we are embarked on the restoration, also known as “the reconstruction” of our Federal Government, and in order to do that, we must also declare and restore to ourselves to our native birthright political status as Americans, and then, we must assemble our States of the Union, because we and our States of the Union are the only Parties able to restore the “Missing Piece” of our Federal Government structure.

Our right to do this is not being contested by anyone, and so, we have our means of redress readily at hand, and our actions cannot be regarded as civil disobedience. Civil disobedience would be the Next Step, if our redress was not already provided for.

As it is, our redress, our ability and right to run and restore and manage our own government, has never been in question.  The only thing lacking was our self-awareness of the problem and our will to address it as self-governing people.

Now that we fully understand the history we were never told and its implications, it is fairly easy for us to develop the ways and means to complete the reconstruction and to exercise our exemptions and to fully settle and declare the peace that we and our country are owed.  The problems that we have, we can solve all by ourselves, and those of us involved in The American States Assembly are doing precisely that.  We are taking care of business, stepping up, and self-governing.

This circumstance, that we always had redress available ever since 1865, is precisely what gave rise to the “presumption” that we agreed with all the things that our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors were doing “in our names”.  What else was the rest of the world supposed to think?

Our Forefathers already fought all the issues and decided the ways and means of redress for us.  All we need to do is to grow up and learn to sail our own Ship of State according to those shining principles of dignity and freedom, and the supreme value of each one of us, and the right to self-govern, that they bequeathed to us.

There is, then, no reason for us practice (or be accused of practicing) civil disobedience.

Rather, there is a need for us to educate ourselves regarding our own empowerments and to learn how to exercise our powers in the honorable fashion intended.

This is, in fact, the greater part of civil obedience to the government we espouse, that we take up the burdens and responsibilities of self-governance — first, the responsibility to govern our own lives in a peaceful and honest way; second, to govern our families and to teach our children their heritage; third, to govern our communities and Counties, so that they are not lost or pillaged; fourth, to govern our States of the Union and so guide them that they may flourish; and fifth, to govern our country so that its place among the nations may be known for peace and not for war.

By our completely lawful, legal, and peaceful return to the land and soil jurisdiction of our country, and our re-population of our States of the Union, we have devoted ourselves to these responsibilities and principles.  We have exercised our option to self-govern, to assemble our States, to bring our State Governments into Session, to organize our courts, and to enforce our Public Law.  By doing so, we have also earned the rights that accrue to those who accept the burdens of self-governance.

In a very few days we will join the modern world and issue State Credentials.  These will be attached to a modern public database that can be used by our Federal and State of State Employees to instantly determine our political status and affirm the fact that we are owed all constitutional guarantees.  This, all by itself, will do a great deal toward correcting any misunderstanding about who we are and what law we stand upon and will put an end to most, if not all of the commercial fraud, that has been perniciously practiced against us.  The advent of our courts will also remove us from the foreign martial and commercial courts that have been used to pillage and oppress us.

This second result of self-governance, our removal from subjection to foreign courts is also already guaranteed to us and affirmed by Ex Parte Milligan, 71 US 2.  As our civilian government is assembled and our civilian court system is organized, we gain our redress against the abuses of the foreign maritime and martial courts by our own hands.

Indeed, friends, our destiny and our law was always in our own hands, and what we members of the States Assemblies are doing, is not civil disobedience; rather, by obeying our own principles and enlivening our own government, we are finally obeying our government by accepting the yoke of self-governance and in determining our future for ourselves.


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