The Plot Thickens

By Anna Von Reitz

It seems like every day more twists and turns surface, especially recent history looks like a stockpot full of spaghetti.
You will recall that the gold FDR illegally confiscated from Americans by pretending we were all magically transformed into “Citizens of the United States”, and which his Administration used to secure the bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Church’s Delaware corporation doing business as “the” United States of America, Inc. back in 1933 —- all that gold was eventually released when the bankruptcy was settled in November 1999.
We went looking for it, and found that a portion of it was released to the World Bank/IBRD as “abandoned assets”. Where was all the rest? Our gold and silver reserves and historical trust assets, our public property deeds, for example?
The United States Navy collected the property left over from the bankruptcy of “the” Territorial corporation dba “United States of America, Inc.”— but not the gold FDR put up as security for the bankruptcy— and they handed everything else over to Slick Willy Clinton, thinking that he was our President and that they were returning our property to us and to something they call “the Republic”.
Well, as we actual Americans know, there are fifty republican states and no Republic at all associated with us, so obviously, what the United States Navy did, was to hand over our stuff to the Municipal Civil Government of Washington, DC, by mistake.
Slick Willy accepted delivery, signed for it,  (except the portion of gold which the Navy claims it didn’t know about and didn’t recover) and the assets, together with the Navy contract delivering it, disappeared.  More magic.
So when we bore down on the Navy about the Rotten Patents scandal and about their failure to perform with respect to the 1933 Bankruptcy Settlement, they started digging in an effort to exonerate themselves, and they discovered that Clinton, just as we told them, had no authority related to us, and that they had been snookered into delivering our assets to a crook with no authority to receive our assets.
After all, the United States Navy didn’t know how to find us, and Clinton didn’t tell them the (severe) limits of his actual Office.
It would be like Fed Ex showing up with a thousand truckloads of gold addressed to your long-lost Landlord, Eddie Shumacher, and you just took the shipment ‘in his name” without telling anybody.
So now we know where Clinton got all the extra gold and other assets, deeds, and titles, that he was busy selling to every Tom, Dick, and Sheik Abdullah.  It was our property he was selling and using to buy votes, peddle political influence, invest in scaggy arms deals, poppy fields, all of it.  This is how he was able to sell our highways, bridges, dams, public buildings…. and this scam didn’t even have to involve the Clinton Foundation, though it probably did.
Nothing beats dumb luck they say, and Clinton’s luck has served him well.  At least, until now.
The United States Navy is in a fix and dither.  How is it that their good and honorable name was used to concoct a Municipal Corporation doing business as the US NAVY and used to apply for and receive patents to Weapons of Mass Destruction that they never even heard about?
How did innocent Anna Maria, a Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, wind up portrayed and misidentified by the IRS as ANNA MARIA, manager of a rum distillery in Barbados?  The same schtick was applied to the United States Navy.  Let that one sink in.
Believe me, the Admirals both Front and Rear are scrambling around.  No mistake that it was a Naval Operations audit team that got blown up at the Pentagon on 9/11.
It was our scumbag buddies at DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE again, pulling another little identity theft scheme just like they’ve been pulling on us clueless Americans, only this time, they pulled this same crappola on the [Territorial] United States Navy.
When the Navy started to investigate at the Pentagon, when they got too close to the truth, ah, yes, well, conveniently, it just happened to be their auditors who took the hit.   And of course, the whole project got scrapped in the aftermath of that.
This is all Municipal United States wrong-doing, the “plenary government” allowed to Congress under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, running wildly amok, as all oligarchies tend to do.
DOD is also the entity responsible for cashiering away our National Credit and failing to make it available to the American States and People for Mutual Offset Credit Exchange.  No American should be paying a mortgage, medical or dental bills, college loans, utility bills, federal income taxes — none of it.
That was supposed to be our remedy and payback for back-stopping the Church’s bankruptcy.
Instead, the Pontiff’s Flunkies operating the Municipal United States Government came in and “assigned” our assets — under color of law— to a giant Slush Fund, which the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE then used to fund war for profit, build military bases all over the planet, and carry on every flavor of Black Ops known to man.
There is absolutely no doubt now that we are dealing with criminality and hypocrisy on a scale that is all-but unimaginable.  About the time that Trump pulls Clinton’s toenails, we might get to the bottom of it at last.
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The Banking Game

By Anna Von Reitz

Pretend that you are ten again.  You and your little playmates are out on the playground or roaming the neighborhood after school and you decide to play a game.  It’s called “Banking”.
So you choose one of your friends to be “The Banker” and you all agree that he can cut up pieces of construction paper and stamp them with his “Special Stamp” and put spots on the pieces of paper — 1 Spot, 5 Spots, 10 Spots, 20 Spots, and so on…. and from then on, you will all have to use this “Money” and you will have to give pieces of this Money valued at  “20 Spots” to another playmate playing the role of “The Government” if you want to access the playground equipment in the school yard.
If you don’t have enough of The Banker’s Money to give to your pal playing The Government, you can’t swing on the swings or play on the monkey bars or slide down the slide anymore, because you are “too poor”.
It should be obvious that all that has really changed is that by your own agreement, you are now stuck paying for something that was always free before.
After a couple weeks, almost all the “Money” that The Banker created is gone. It is being hoarded by a few rich guys, so he has to make more “Money” to keep the game going.  This means buying more construction paper, getting another rubber stamp, and hiring a couple Law Enforcement Officers to help The Government restrict access to the playground and make sure that those who don’t pay don’t get to play.
Some of you are already too poor to ever get into the playground anymore, so you just hang around and kick cans.  Some of you earn enough Spots to go to the playground when you want, but it isn’t as much fun at 20 Spots an hour.  By the third week of this, everyone hates The Banker and The Government and a rebellion is brewing.
This is all really dumb, right?  Why should you need The Banker’s Money to play in your own playground?  And who needs The Government, except for the Banker, who is using The Government to force everyone else to use his Money?
Pretty soon, the Banker has hired four more Law Enforcement Officers, two Soldiers and a General.
Now, instead of just using his Money to gain access to the playground, they are charging you five Spots to get a drink at the water fountain, ten Spots to use the bathroom, and fifty Spots a week to rent a locker at school.
Soon, you are being charged to access anything and everything.  By Christmas, The Banker and The Government are insisting that you buy a License to enter the Lunch Room.
You are being run ragged, just trying to keep up and keep functioning.  Your Lunchroom License has to be renewed every three months, and if it isn’t, the Law Enforcement Officers sneak up on you, beat you up, and lock you in a closet.
Forget about ever being able to go the playground again.
You are struggling just to eat and buy yourself a little peace.
One day as you are locked up in the closet wondering what went wrong, and worried about the “Air Tax” that The Banker and The Government are discussing (yes, they want you to pay them for breathing the air) — you stop and you think — WT?
This “Money” is just construction paper with a stupid stamp on it.
You knew The Banker when he was just ugly little Joey Pilsnik.
You knew The Government when he was just Tom Tucker.
What went wrong?  You started playing a stupid game.  It got out of hand.  Now, as you look around, everyone is running in circles.  They all actually think that Joey’s “Money” has value.
They believe they need his Money to go to the bathroom and to buy licenses to brush their teeth and licenses to enter the Lunch Room and Rental Agreements to rent a Locker and User Fee Cards to drink water—- and if they don’t pay, what’s to keep the LEO’s from beating them up?  Some of the kids even think they have to pay the “Air Tax” so they can continue to breathe.
And if they can’t pay, then what?
You look around and the world looks dismal.  The playground is empty.  Nobody can afford to play anymore. You are all kept too busy scrounging for some of Joey’s Money.  And there is a pall of fear over everything, a sense of dread.  What happens if you can’t come up with another thousand Spots a month to pay the Air Tax?
Wake up, wake up, everybody.  Do you now recognize what this is?  What’s going on?  And who is doing it do you?  Maybe you should get a huge crowd of outraged kids together and go confront Joey Pilsnik.
You know what he’s going to say, don’t you?
“Hey, you all chose me to act as Banker.  You set up this game, not me!”
And you actually feel kinda sorry for him, because he is sweating like a dog, all ink-stained and miserable and scared looking, because he can’t keep up with demand for his “Money”, but the more he prints, the less it is worth, so the prices of everything go up, up, up…..
So you go to The Government, Tom Tucker, and he blinks in his bovine fashion and says, “It’s not my fault!  You elected me and told me we were playing this game….. You guys put me in office, and it’s not much fun.”
So next you and your crowd of Oppressed Pre-Teens take your tennis rackets and baseball bats and turn on the LEO’s and the Soldiers and the Generals that Joey hired as his Enforcers, and they do much the same thing.  They stare at you like you are crazy and they say,  “I dunno who is in charge of this madhouse.  I just work here.  I just follow orders….”
So there you are, standing around looking at each other.
You are all miserable, mad to the bone, you feel like the quality of your life has been sucked dry, yet the Ticker Tape is running and your “National Debt” is mounting by the hour and somewhere in the back of your mind someone is saying, “How are you ever going to pay this?”
Joey is miserable and Tom is unhappy and you can see that the LEOs and Soldiers and Generals don’t have a clue.  There doesn’t seem to be anyone in charge and nobody to blame. Nobody but you, and you’re a victim, too.
Lord in Heaven, what a mess!
Everyone is miserable or confused or both, with no end in sight, nothing making sense….. until…..unless…..we all just wake up and realize that it was our agreement to play this game that caused all this, that it isn’t a fun or fair game to play, and that nobody really benefits from it.
Even the Rich Guys are reduced to blithering idiocy, worried sleepless about all the digits flashing on all the screens everywhere.
No wonder Our Father has promised to hit the reset button.   Our puny little brains are overcome.  We’ve fallen and we can’t get up.  We rush around from Pillar to Post, thinking, well, if Joey’s Money won’t work, maybe Mikey’s Money will?  Mikey’s Money is made of metal instead of paper, so that has to be better, right?
No…. well, then what?  Oh, cyber currency to the rescue!  All we need is “Bits” instead of “Spots” and everything will be all right?
We’ve painted ourselves into a corner.  We’ve become dependent on a delusion and we simply can’t imagine a world without money and yet, when you step back, you realize that “Money” doesn’t exist.  And all this misery and all this striving and all this worry and all this work is about what?
Nothing but our agreement to play this game.
That, and our delusional belief that it is necessary.
We could just decide to stop playing The Banking Game.  Think about that.
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Counties, Names, and Government by Contract – Disclosure

Counties, Names, and Government by Contract

By Anna Von Reitz

All counties have to be “surveyed” — located and geographically “defined”— before there is any “thing” present that can be labeled and named.  Once this process is complete and a name has been attached to that parcel, the County is “corporate” but not “incorporated”.
When you, a man, come forth from your Mother and are a separate living being, you are defined by your body and located in space in much the same way.  Upon being named, “John” or “Bruce” or “Charles”— you, too, are “corporate”, but “unincorporated”.
So all counties are “corporate” entities, but not all counties in the country are “incorporated” — meaning that some of them didn’t take the bait of Federal Block Grants in order to maintain their independence.  We are compiling a list of those counties that (1) never bit the hook, and (2) those counties that have liquidated federal franchise counties and chosen to operate in unincorporated status, and (3) those counties that have merely been “presumed to be” incorporated, because they received Federal Block Grants or because they changed their doing-business-as names to conform with Federal Nomenclature.
We are finding that MOST counties fit in this later group and did not specifically or publicly adopt being incorporated.  Like the rest of us, they were apparently told “you have to do this” by Federal Agents, so they changed the Style or Ordering of their names and unwittingly created new corporate Persons that were assumed to be operating as Federal Franchises.
For example, you might start out as “Pearson County” and over the years the name on the shingle at the Courthouse would change to
“County of Pearson”  or “PEARSON COUNTY” and so on.  Just like the switch from “John Michael Doe” to “JOHN MICHAEL DOE” in the absence of actual public meetings and discussions and votes taken there can be no reliable evidence that such counties ever knowingly agreed to incorporated as franchises of the Federal Government.
There are at least 3100 counties in America and people living in all of them.  Those people need to do some research into their own county history to find out the actual status of their county government.  Most likely, State of State franchises simply “moved in” after the Civil War and have operated like cuckoo birds in a robin’s nest ever since.
The correct way to name the land and soil jurisdiction county for our purposes is always in Upper and Lower Case and in the form “Name County” — as in “Bear County” or “Pearson County” or “Black River County” or “Winnebago County” or “Ipshago County” and so on.
Please Note: When we use their notaries to do our work in public, we call them “Public Notaries” on the paperwork to nail down the capacity in which they are functioning and simply name the State — for example, Colorado — not the “State of Colorado” and not the “STATE OF COLORADO” and not “COLORADO”, either, and the county is named as above, for example, “Montrose County”.
We are also finding quite a number of “Diversified Counties” especially in large metro areas.  In these cases you will find a land and soil county overlain with layers of corporate entities from various jurisdictions eating out the population, each one charging for “services” and imposing regulations and codes and rules that are creating streams of revenue for these organizations without however having any actual and knowing consent from the local people.
In other words, these organizations are operating as commercial corporations under color of law.  They are booting up like any other commercial corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Officers and Boards of Directors and operating under deceptive names designed to make people assume that they are part of the actual government — when they aren’t.  Think of it as the local version of the “IRS” or “DOT”.
The IRS exists as a privately owned and operated bill collector for the “Internal Revenue Service” which is a foreign “Bureau” perched inside of the “US Department of the Treasury” which is run by the IMF.  This is why the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven T. Mnuchin, is an Interpol Agent and not functioning as an American nor even as a US Citizen.
These organizations like the “County of Pearson” typically stake out a turf for themselves and amass a list of subscribers, that is, people or even properties, that receive services from them.  They come in, they fill pot holes, they cut brush along utility corridors, or whatever function they have chosen for themselves, and then they send their purported subscribers a billing statement for these services whether the subscriber asked for these services or not.
Often these groups act in concert with the actual County and give the County a “cut” of the action.  They may even send their billings out from the County offices, making it appear legitimate, or they may bill the County as Subcontractors and the County then arbitrarily taxes you, and again, it all looks legitimate and isn’t.
These Undisclosed Subcontractors pad their billings to be able to give kickbacks to the less savory members of County Government and around and around it goes. In Oklahoma it got so bad that the County Clerks in the 1980’s kept “Kickback Books”…. literally.  They kept ledgers to keep the crooks honest.
Think of the Magazine Subscription Scams that plagued everyone back in the 1980’s.  First, they gave you a “free subscription” out of the blue. It just comes to your mailbox from some “Subscription Service”.  As part of that first “free” magazine they sent you a “subscription card” to receive up to six more magazines at “unbelievable prices”, and, if you didn’t bother to reply, they promise to send you complimentary copies of six more magazines to try!  After that, of course, they just kept sending magazines and if you were too busy to track down the fine print and cancel all these subscriptions, you were on the hook to pay for them all.  This went on for ten years before the Postal authorities finally cracked down on it.
Its the same thing with all the services that the County of Pearson offers you.  If you don’t contact them and say, “Whoa!  Who are you and what are you offering and how much is it going to cost me?”  — you are “presumed” to have subscribed to their service and are on the hook for paying for the services you received.   A wise person receiving a bill from something that looks like the County but not exactly, should question that billing, and should want to know exactly what they supposedly signed up to receive.  Who signed them up?  When? How? For what services?  — And they should object to paying for anything they didn’t order and ride herd on the cost of any services they agree to receive from the “County of Pearson”.
This is all “government by private contract” and doesn’t have a thing to do with the actual County, which rarely if ever does much beyond deciding which of these franchise operations are going to get the contracts next year.
I hope you continue to dig for any evidence that your county was ever incorporated or “presumed” to be incorporated.  If you can’t find any evidence of incorporation, you may be living in one of those counties that never did incorporate.  What a blessing for you and everyone else concerned, if that turns out to be true.  It’s one more thread that undermines claims that these foreign interlopers ever achieved “exclusive legislative jurisdiction”. Please let us know so we have a confirmed status for your county.
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