Awake Self Care – 5G EMF Protection with Authentic Shungite Energy.

About Real Shungite
Shungite can be found in the Republic of Karelia, Kamchatka, Kazakhstan and other places with different types of Shungite. The highest quality Shungite is only in the Zazhoginsky mine located in Republic of Karelia Russia.
Zazhoginsky Shungite contains over 30% of carbon, many minerals and fullness and high energy potential. The lowest quality Shungite is Shungite slate. It looks like real Shungite but it doesn’t have the unique properties and benefits of real Shungle. It is used for siding of buildings, as paving stone etc.
Zazhoginsky Shungite is the most expensive, Shungite from other mines is cheaper, Shungite slate is very cheap. That is why the price of shungite products differs greatly. The problem is that in the Internet Zazhoginsky Shungite and useless slate are named Shungite.So what should you know to buy real true useful Shungite?1.Don’t look for a cheap price. The real Shungite is more expensive.
2.Look where the Shungite is from. The true Shungite should be from Zazhoginsky mine located in Republic of Karelia Russia.

3.Look where the seller is from. The company should be in Republic of Karelia.
After you receive your product please ensure that it is real Shungite.
1. The real Shungite is black. Unpolished products make your hands dirty. You may see the silver or gold streaks on surface of polished products.
2. The true Shungute conducts electricity, which is a very rare quality for stones. Conduction is an important property that can distinguish true Shungite from similar looking minerals and with a battery, two wires and bulb it is easy to detect forgery.

3. Feel its energy. Just place your hands above the big pyramid or sphere and you’ll feel the authentic Shungite energy.