EXCLUSIVE: Patriots REACT After Trump Declares BORDER CRISIS – The OPERATION is Underway!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Patriots REACT After Trump Declares BORDER CRISIS – The OPERATION is Underway!!!

Found Here: https://youtu.be/9AjI6idl2aY

This is stark reality on the border. We are being invaded, and Trump needs to do his job right, instead of half way.

This is from Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers.
President Trump, please declare a national emergency and deploy the full weight of the U.S. military to secure the entire 2,000 mile border with Mexico, with military boots on the ground, and to also order the U.S. military (the Army Corps of Engineers and military combat engineer units) to build the necessary layered system of wall/steel fencing, patrol roads, and surveillance systems – all backed up by ongoing military, National Guard, and militia boots on the ground that are needed to finally and fully secure the entire 2,000 mile border with Mexico.
Call the White House at: 202-456-1111
Email the White House here
And also contact President Trump’s Twitter account.

Walking the Walk

By Anna Von Reitz

I was in a queer kind of agony last night, listening to President Trump’s speech about Border Security.
Agony for him and for this country, too.
Here he was, stating it all so simply and clearly that a rock could understand the issues, yet having to deal with the Liars and the Hypocrites accusing him of “manufacturing a crisis” — one that has been building since the First World War and which they were themselves decrying less than a year ago — and urging us to put the needs of 800,000 federal workers ahead of the security and needs of 350 million Americans.
I told you that the Enemies of Mankind are Liars. Did I also mention that they are hypocrites?
Both Nancy and Chuck and all their ilk have repeatedly ranted and raved — but all for show — about the lack of border security. I am old enough to know that their hypocrisy stretches back decades and that if not for them and their “talk and do nothing” program, this problem would not exist now.
It wouldn’t even be a problem, if generations of Democratic Presidents and Congresses had done their job.
With the Liars, it’s always this way —- always a matter of “talking the talk” — but God forbid that they ever “walk the walk”.
I am totally fed up with it. I listen to Pelosi and Company with the patience of Job and pray to be delivered from the hypocrisy dripping from every word on every topic:
Racial equality? What have they done to promote racial equality? Nothing. But they have done a great deal of self-interested promotion of racism and polarity and injustice.
The Democrats— Southern Democrats — are the ones who “re-enslaved” black Americans as “public property” after the Civil War, but you will never know that unless you read the history for yourself.
The Democrats are also the ones responsible for bringing in European Central Banks and promoting the evils of the Federal Reserve System and “deficit spending”.
It’s their deficit spending system and false claims in commerce that have led to the inflation of the currency and widespread unemployment and racketeering by government agencies.
All down the line, they preach one thing and do another— often exactly the opposite of what they are saying. Just like their sudden reversal on the issue of a Border Wall.
Six months ago or so, Chuckie Baby was all for a Border Wall.
Nothing has changed, in fact, the problem which he and Nasty Nancy left unattended except for “talk” of support, has only gotten worse. Much worse.
And there is Donald Trump, one man standing up for what has needed to be done for a hundred years at a minimum, being accused of manufacturing this problem.
I have news for them. This is an old, festering problem that they have left unresolved.
It was a problem following the First World War, when General “Black Jack” Pershing unleashed the military to sweep through California and the Southwestern States to pick up and deport scads of Mexicans who were here illegally.
It was a problem after the Second World War, when Eisenhower had to do the same thing.
If Donald Trump has to unleash the military to take care of the problem that the gutless, useless Democrats have handed him, it will not be at all “unprecedented”.
It will be the same answer and choice that other Presidents have had to make to secure our Southern Border.

Time for all the children who have bought into the Liar’s Sop to grow up and time for the Media Conglomerates to be busted up.\

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