The CAFR – Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – Why Most People Can’t Get Ahead

CAFR in Canada is CAnFR.

A confidential email to CAFR subscribers today, prompted me to share the following.


There is massive fraud on the public by institutions we thought we could trust. Virtually every public entity is involved in hoarding and diverting public resources from public service to insider crony benefit and misuse.

The message underlying this video is: demand an independent audit of the accounts (CAFR) of your city, county and state governments, school districts, courthouses, every public agency.

Government owns it ‘all’ through investment

Governments help corporations profit at ANY cost and with little to no law enforcement because undisclosed government investments profit when corporations profit.

We all need to think carefully about the following

By Walter Burien
Oct 2019

Government figures as long as the population is masterfully entertained into distraction and kept on an ever repeating loop, they can do whatever they want and in fact they have. The expansion factor of government exponentially each and every year in their takeover of the wealth generated by this country has been absolutely obscene, and if looked at over a 50-year period, a takeover that allowed government to grow in financial wealth terms by a factor of 35X. Read more at

When the dots are connected this can be seen. Study raw data tables in the Z.1. Report tables put out each year by the Federal Reserve will verify this. 2010 to 2015 raw data tables pdf file can be downloaded at

Know the facts

Globalists built into the manufactured corona virus pandemic, steps to further their new world order agenda, including a new financial system of ultimate power and control.

EVENT 201, a high-level coronavirus pandemic exercise held Oct 2019 in New York, prior to the actual corona virus outbreak in Wuhan, China Dec 2019, included censoring conspiracy theorists and information globalists deemed dangerous, which is code for facts that expose government fraud, manipulation, control, and subjugation of the people.

Government is rich, very, very rich. People need to know this, and facts about extreme assault on man, so individuals stand in their Power instead of fear, and stop empowering the globalist’s centralized one world government agenda. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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