Every news organization that claims “climate change” is caused by carbon dioxide is staffed by scientifically illiterate morons whose demands will get us all killed.

The war on carbon dioxide (CO2) would seem to be kicking up a notch with new research suggesting that this ubiquitous “pollutant” is somehow going to destroy humanity, proving once again that the sciences have been all but completely co-opted by scientific illiteracy and absolute stupidity.

Hilariously, media reports, including from The Guardian, are joining in on this utter dumbness by claiming that CO2 in bedrooms, classrooms, and offices “might” have harmful effects on people’s bodies – even though one of the study’s coauthors, presumably in an attempt to minimize how stupid such a claim makes him and his colleagues look, admits that there’s not enough evidence “to be alarmed” about the presence of CO2.

He does, however, insist that the world has “no time to waste” in addressing the CO2 “crisis,” which to climate fanatics means eliminating everything that emits CO2 – including humans. Doing this would, of course, kill all plant life, which requires CO2 in order to live, but it supposedly must be done in order to stop “global warming” and “climate change.”

“Unless we decarbonize heating and transport then these peaks will worsen as the global background increases,” says “air pollution scientist” Dr. Gary Fuller from King’s College London about the impending “threat” of CO2.

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