Climate Alarmist, PhD Physicist David Appell Fails Freshman Physics… Misunderstands Climate-Critical Evaporation — Iowa Climate Science Education

A comment by PhD physicist David Appell, a contributing writer to Scientific American and Nature, shows he does not understand the fundamental climate-driving mechanism of water evaporation in a recent comment. Amazon rain forest still exists despite very warm, year-round temperatures. Image cropped: NASA Many readers are familiar with climate alarm dogmatist David Appell. He […]

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EPA clarifies secret science proposal — Iowa Climate Science Education

EPA clarifies secret science proposal EPA has responded to the squealing from the junk science crowd about the science transparency proposal issued in 2018. The good news is that the rulemaking is on track to be finalized soon. The media release is below. […]

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State of the Polar Bear Report 2019: Are polar bear researchers hiding good news? — Iowa Climate Science Education

International Polar Bear Day is a good day to ask: Are polar bear researchers hiding good news? Extended lags in publishing polar bear counts and a failure to publish data on female polar bear body weights and cub survival in Western Hudson Bay for more than 25 years make it look like polar bear researchers […]

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Exchange Of Arctic Research Crew Gets Delayed As Supply Ice Breaker Blocked By Unexpected “Dense Sea Ice” — Iowa Climate Science Education

Lately we’ve been hearing reports of how Arctic sea ice has (unexpectedly) reached normal levels this winter. This is a bit of good news which the media avoid mentioning. But the resurgence of Arctic ice has hardly been good news for global warming alarmists, and especially for the 300 crew members of German high-tech research […]

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No raw data, no science: another possible source of the reproducibility crisis — Iowa Climate Science Education

From Molecular Brain, Biomedical Central Molecular Brain volume 13, Article number: 24 (2020) Cite this article Abstract A reproducibility crisis is a situation where many scientific studies cannot be reproduced. Inappropriate practices of science, such as HARKing, p-hacking, and selective reporting of positive results, have been suggested as causes of irreproducibility. In this editorial, I […]

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No Raw Data, No Science — Iowa Climate Science Education

Like it says. The media release is below. The paper is here. ### How a ‘no raw data, no science’ outlook can resolve the reproducibility crisis in science FUJITA HEALTH UNIVERSITY When we look for reliable sources of information, we turn to studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. But in some cases, researchers find […]

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An End to Paul Ehrlich — The Battle of Memes

By Anna Von Reitz

What is a meme?  It is a popular idea or belief expressed as a phrase or very simple idea, passed around from hand to hand and mouth to mouth like the Common Cold.
Some advertising slogans become memes, like the immortal “Where’s the beef?” ad the escaped the realm of fast food burger joint competitions and made the Big Leagues in national politics.
More commonly, memes take on the form of popular Old Wives’ Tales, Urban Myths, and Superstitions — some of which can be, and are, used for political and propaganda purposes.
Who is Paul Ehrlich?  Answer: a Stanford University Professor with bad math skills.
What is Paul Ehrlich famous for?  Writing a book called, “The Population Bomb” back in the late 1960’s, in which he used flawed mathematical models to prove — ahem! — that we were headed for an inescapable planetary crisis due to overpopulation of the planet, and predicting that if we didn’t reduce ourselves to voluntary celibacy, hair shirts, and eating wheat grass and dirt, all would be lost by the 1980’s.
Let me check my watch…. 2020….still here.
Nonetheless, these pernicious ideas and false claims remain and have not only attained the status of an Urban Myth, but have offered the planetary elites a ploy that they wish to parley into a brand new and ever-more oppressive regulatory and taxation system: The New Green Deal, complete with “Carbon Taxes”, and presumably a little Personal Smart Meter designed to tax you for every breath you take and every fart you dare pass.
So whether you are simply math-challenged and unobservant, or whether you are nasty and cynical and looking for a new scam to milk, the overpopulation hysteria continues long after it should have been pronounced dead and buried, together with collateral theories of the same ilk that continue to cause problems.
This recent round of “semi-plausible scientific bunk” all began with Paul Ehrlich and his thoroughly discredited “population bomb” hysteria back in the 1970’s.
This parallels another thoroughly discredited theory — I speak of the now (suddenly) “accepted” Green House Gas Theory, which appeared on the scene 196 years ago, was discredited even back then as nonsense flying in the face of The Second Law of Thermodynamics— and should have remained in the scrap heap of scientific speculations that didn’t pan out —- EXCEPT that certain parties revived it for political, not scientific, reasons.
I speak here of the Democratic Party, which made funding of “scientific” research subject to political pandering and objectives, and made University budgets the playground of “allied interests” —- defense contractors, Big Pharma, the AMA, and so on.
Does everyone reading this realize that carbon dioxide makes up exactly 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere?  
Can you repeat that fact after me, ad nauseum, so that even a pre-schooler can recite the Opposing Meme —? 
Carbon dioxide accounts for 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere.  
It can’t possibly cause “global warming” and human-caused increases in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide can’t do anything, either.  
So all this hysteria and all these proposed “carbon taxes” are just more Shinola that is being manipulated by certain elitists who are hoping to set up yet another long run for themselves as Masters of the Masses and Lords of the Manor, and all based on “popular” Bunk. 
Population bomb  — bunk.
Greenhouse Gas Theory — bunk since 1824, no less.
Carbon Taxes — grossly self-interested bunk.
Fact: Enzymes and poisons are the only things that are effective Change Agents at concentrations of one three-hundredth of one percent per volume of anything.
So unless carbon dioxide is an enzyme……
Which brings me to my final point.  Poisonous ideas and beliefs often cause more damage and misery far in excess of anything actual and factual in this world.
Fear, prejudice, falsehoods, greed, self-interest, and outright lies “pre-cause” the damage that is played out in real time, and false beliefs lead to wrong actions nearly a hundred percent of the time.
Faced with the enormity of the biologic and environmental catastrophe that the Vatican’s policy of supporting Chemtrail spraying programs has wrought in California, Alaska, and Australia, stumbling Apologists have told me, “We had no idea!  We were told by reputable scientists…..”
“Reputable scientists” who were working for manufacturing industries anxious to get rid of their wastes at a premium price, “reputable scientists” who were covertly working for violent political factions, “reputable scientists” who were threatened with loss of tenure or funding, or sopped with promises of same.
The days when we could regard science as a Second Religion and scientists as trustworthy priests, are long since gone.  The Democratic Party and the Military-Industrial Complex have done their work of corruption both inside and outside the realm of the Vatican Expense Accounts.
It’s high time we all woke up and elbowed our less educated neighbors in the ribs and clued them in — hey, this is just a con job.
This overpopulation hysteria and human-caused climate change bunk isn’t true.
It’s being used as an excuse to tax you for the “crime” of being alive and making a living.  It’s another form of “income tax” designed to tax your life, your time on earth, and your labor.  Carbon taxes are just another bid to enslave you and an excuse to rule the world, being offered by the same old charlatans who are responsible for the present Mess.
It’s time to shove it all back down the throats of the Democratic Party Hacks, the Archbishops and Cardinals, the Committee of Rome, Michael Bloomberg, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, various ill-informed Scandinavian teenagers, the United Nations, Paul Ehrlich, Prince Philip, the Holy See, the Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors, and all the Closet Nazis worldwide.
I want to see them weeping green goo and staring at each other in horror and saying things like, “My Lucifer, I don’t believe it…. the horses are talking and the sheep are waking up! Demons preserve us!”   I want to notice their conspicuous absence from public forums and podiums and news cycles.  I want them caught-out, shamed, recognized as the self-interested liars that they are.  I want to see them all scattering like cockroaches before a very bright light —- and off the academic gravy train, too.
Can you picture all the thick-carpet people in the world wide-eyed, deflated, and in a huff?  All the outrageous lies that have driven the Mainstream Media for years now, nailed to the barn door with only six words?
You, too, can do your part in the Battle of Memes. Spread the actual scientific truth and let it fly and land upon darkened, fearful minds, like so many embers and sparks of an engrossing fire:
“One three-hundredth of one percent.”
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Net zero: The whole policy is based on a massive lie, says Professor — Iowa Climate Science Education



Needless to say, this won’t please either the real or fake climate obsessives. – – – In his recent presentation to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Professor Gautam Kalghatgi answers the question: ‘Is it really the end of internal combustion engines and petroleum in transport?’ Gautam Kalghatgi is currently a Visiting Professor at Imperial College […]

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The Ever Changing Climate — Iowa Climate Science Education

Update: January 31, 2020 This is an update to a post Simple Science 2: World of Climate Change with two new slides and a revised sequence. Context below is from the previous with the new content. Raymond of RiC-Communications studio commented on a recent post and made an offer to share here some graphics on […]

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Corrupting Climate and Weather — Iowa Climate Science Education

An article at The Spectator raises the question Do alarmists know the difference between weather and climate? The author Charles Moore seems to also be a man for all seasons like Sir Thomas More. Excerpts in italics with my bolds and images. A lot of clever people are putting the ‘green’ into ‘greenbacks’ Until recently, […]

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