Repair Your Credit and Save Your Income

Anthony Gaalaas has won the praise and support of thousands of clients by maintaining honesty, openness, generosity, and going the extra mile to create satisfaction.
He shares some of the following statistics:
These days your credit is checked for everything – buying or leasing a home, a car, getting insurance for auto, home, health, and even life insurance, getting a job or promotion, opening a bank account, and the list goes on…!
If you have fair to bad credit it could be costing you THOUSANDS of dollars each year not to mention the lost opportunities to leverage your credit to build wealth!!!
Anthony Gaalaas is familiar with FES and the other credit repair companies out there and distinguishes himself with a more personal touch.
He has created one of the best credit repair services in America by delving more deeply than most of the others into the inner workings of what it takes to honestly fix credit reports by quickly and effectively removing negatives and using the most legal, ethical, respected, safe, reliable, proven, authentic, and lasting plans of action for raising one’s score and keeping it high.

Anthony’s company offers a two-tiered approach to Improving & Maintaining an EXCELLENT Credit Profile & Scores:

Part 1 – Credit Restoration:
The first part of his process involves helping to remove inaccurate & derogatory accounts from your credit report. You will have a professional who understands the 200+ laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Billing Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, etc., writing dispute letters on your behalf. He can LEGALLY challenge the validity of derogatory remarks and if not proven, PERMANENTLY REMOVE remarks, which will ultimately improve your credit!

Part 2 – Credit Education:
Second, he will teach you the rules of the “Credit Game” including a FREE Lifetime Coaching one-on-one with a certified Credit Coach. He wants to educate you on what a credit score really is, what factors raise and lower that score, how credit card use affects your score, and many others tips that you won’t find anywhere else. This will ensure that you are doing all you can do to help improve & maintain your overall credit profile to ensure the highest Credit Scores possible!

“Why wait for 7 to 10 years for the credit bureaus to remove derogatory items from your report when we can get them off now!“