Crypto Currency FRAUD

Crypto Currency FRAUD

Fed Exposed On Crypto & Why It Will Be Taken Down – Episode 1754a

What makes Crypto Currency good for Banksters (Counterfeiters / Criminals)?

1. No more Federal Reserve Central Bank target of ridicule / audit
2. No more tangible instruments paper or coin (purely electronic)
3. No more PRIVATE transactions (Lemonade Stands, Bake Sales, Homeless Donations)
4. No more printing or minting costs
5. No more Banks to redeem, store, or exchange physical currency
6. No more Transportation costs of physical instruments
7. No more costs for Real Estate, maintenance, or employees
8. No more paper-trail of evidence to file criminal charges
9. Blockchain methodology can be replaced with the press of a button!
10. Nothing can be done with a computer that can not be undone “Blockchain”

I’m a computer programmer; I know what I m talking about!

We have been deceived, we are deceived; we are deceiving each other!

Have you noticed how “they” have minted a physical “B” coin as a means of DECEPTION! (Bitcoin has no physicality) and it’s gold color too – are you deceived?

WHO DOES THAT KIND OF SHIT? (Central Bank Criminals)

Of course people are making money with it today, but what will happen after it replaces Paper and Gold? (Are “they” appealing to your GREED? Are you being DECEIVED?)

Are you out of your F___ing mind!

Peace, love, and blessings,