Deep State Religion Exposed: Do You Realize You’re Being Initiated Into the Dark Occult?

How and Why They Recruit Us Into Their Dark Religion

by Justin Deschamps,

Are we being recruited into a dark occult religion? Are our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about life our own? According to several respected researchers, the powers that be who run the so-called Deep State, also known as the Illuminati, are recruiting the average person into their dark and twisted religion, completely unbeknownst to the people. For most, this sounds insane, just another wild conspiracy theory. But if one honestly investigates this question, a disturbing truth quickly presents itself. Why would the elite want to do this? And what methods are they using?

It should be understood that whether or not you believe in dark occultism doesn’t matter. You’re being exposed to it on a regular basis. Coming to terms with this fact and learning the truth about it is the only defense against the insidious effects of mind influence.