So the Democrats Got What They Wanted… — Wake Up To The Truth

So the Democrats Got What They Wanted… 10 hours ago Add comment Cinema Mode David Harris Jr’s laughter is infectious! He talks about how House Democrats know they don’t have a case and they’re saying they may withhold their articles of impeachment for a rainy day. He bursts out laughing, “What the Hell is […]

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The most complex, convoluted, communist, multi-nation, overthrow ever in the West — OUR GREATER DESTINY

Justin Trudeau: A Soros Puppet Hellbent on Destroying Canada By TMR Very few understand the degree of scheming and level of conspiratorial subversion that several Western countries have been victimized by over the past 10 to 15 years. We’re talking about the most complex and convoluted communist multi-nation overthrow plot ever to be carried in […]

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To Democrat True Believers


By Anna Von Reitz

Why do you continue to believe the tripe your Party is feeding you?
After decades of mostly Democrat controlled Congresses, how can you even imagine that these bare-faced liars are your champions?
If they ever were, don’t you think you’d have jobs?  A future?  Decent wages?
Would they be creeping around stealing your DNA and claiming to own you?
They have made your lives so miserable that you are murdering your own babies by the busloads, and still, you vote for them.
Most of you can’t imagine having a real home and a family and yard to call your own.
For the sake of the Living God, wake up.
These people aren’t your friends any more than the British Government and the Popes have been friends of our country.
They are Liars. Satanists. They pretend one thing and do another.
It was the Southern Democrats that brought in this whole system of enslavement from Europe.
If you have a brain in your head, you should be asking yourselves — if these politicians were ever sincere, why are we still standing here after decades of Democrat-controlled Congresses?
They’ve spent trillions of dollars on wars and buying baubles oversees while you have struggled to buy coffee and beans.  Why not give you some of that largess, if they are so committed to you, their loyal voting block?
Think, people.
Obama gave $150 billion in small bills, just to Iran. Oh, happy birthday.
Do the math. Look at what they are giving away to other countries, while starving us and ours?  7 million children go to sleep hungry in America every night of the year.  Only God knows how many old people needlessly suffer.
I’ve told you why.  These cretins aren’t even taking seats in our actual Congress.  They are usurping against the actual government we are owed to benefit foreign powers — the British Monarchy and the Popes.
They are stealing us all blind, and still, there you are, loyally voting for your own destruction because you are looking at their words and not their deeds, at their rhetoric and not their fruits.
And it is not a matter of “Democrat” or “Republican” — there is a Third Option.
You can leave them all sitting in the dust twiddling their thumbs, and come home like Prodigal Sons. You can be an American again. You can be free again. You can spend your own money. You don’t need them to do it “for” you.
Record your actual political status and reclaim your Name and Estate and join your State Jural Assembly.
It’s like Lily Tomlin said — “The problem with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”  The problem with the Democratic Party is that even if it wins, it doesn’t deliver.
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