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So the Democrats Got What They Wanted… 10 hours ago Add comment Cinema Mode David Harris Jr’s laughter is infectious! He talks about how House Democrats know they don’t have a case and they’re saying they may withhold their articles of impeachment for a rainy day. He bursts out laughing, “What the Hell is […]

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They Confessed What!? Last 48 Hours Proves Deep State to Democrats ‘Conspiracies’ 100% Factual!

I am shocked that America is not screaming in the streets calling for justice and answers relating to everything that has been revealed over the last few days.  Conspiracies laughed at by mainstream media confirmed by those they have supported for so many years…yet not a word about the disclosures.  Interviews exposing everything; even the existence of a Deep State finally confirmed…but yet we were called Conspiracy Theorists for believing it and calling attention to its existence.

If the last 48 hours does not give proof positive to all ‘non-believers’ in the globalist agenda there may be nothing that will.  The AGENDA is real, the AGENDA is deadly, the AGENDA is trying to take EVERYTHING you value as an American.  The AGENDA has been exposed and now it is time for everyone to wake up and call for justice and the righting of our Nation’s direction before everything that has happened is forgotten and once again call Conspiracy Theory!

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