The Streets – Their Home — Dispatches from the Asylum

As there must be a war in the future somewhere far beyond America’s shores that Washington thinks it either needs to start or get involved in, the dickheads in Washington took a break from their vaudeville impeachment act and threw nearly a trillion greenbacks into the pockets of their buddies in the military industrial complex: […]

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I Am Her Caretaker — Dispatches from the Asylum

“I Am Her Caretaker” A Short Story *** I am considered her caretaker. She is my wife of the past 60 years. Bedridden, with various incurable ailments, I am there every hour of every day to do what I can to care for her. I am 80 years old, as she is as well. I […]

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When… — Dispatches from the Asylum

When the trite becomes significant… When the bullshit overwhelms… When you feel lost among the insane… A wonderful piece of music…an inspiring quote – the touch of one whom you love, the satisfying feeling of a drink in hand late at night, the image before your minds’ eye of one whom you love, or have […]

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Mind Meld — Dispatches from the Asylum


On the psychopath’s playground (earth), the demons frolic while the insouciant cast their gaze downward to check out the latest idiocy emitted from their hand-held radiation device. Ah…living in purgatory or some form of Gehenna (take your pick) has vast rewards for the apathetic. Illness from so many of the pyschopath’s offerings: genetically modified laced […]

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Oh, BeJesus! — Dispatches from the Asylum

Oh bejesus! One can’t rest, even on the weekends, unless one tosses their hand-held radiation device into the garbage disposal, takes a hammer to their big screen programming boxes and tunes their radio so that only commercial-free jazz and classical music stations are broadcast. It’s all lollipops and candy canes falling from the skies in […]

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The Dysfunctional’s — Dispatches from the Asylum

In the celestial city located somewhere, the ‘Heavenly’s’ meet every quarter to assess brain, heart and soul dysfunctions of the human kind. Grim as their assessment might be of what they call the ‘dysfunctionals’ here on Earth – those who have made the conscious choice to abandon their minds, their hearts and souls and opt […]

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BS Bravado — Dispatches from the Asylum

In the typical weekend dump of news that the psychopath’s in government would rather be given as much attention to as the attention they give to pressing needs of the country’s poor, homeless, uninsured, under-insured, insured who’ve had to declare bankruptcy due to the sham of most medical insurance plans and exorbitant costs heaped upon […]

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